WoS Goes Archival

May 14, 2010

Given the sparsity of posts around here lately, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to any lingering readers that the time has come for WoS to close its doors. We had a good run, and would like to thank everyone who read, commented, inspired, educated, linked back, guest posted, tweeted and/or snarked with us. The site will remain up for now, as there is still some useful information in the archives, but our guides and such will not be updated as new content is released.

May your mandolins be chubby, your acheesements tasty and your adventures legendary.

Stay frosty, friends, and may the Snark be with you.

Jov & Seri


  1. So long! Thanks for the stay in the blogosphere!

  2. Aw, that’s a shame. I’ve enjoyed your blog, a lot. The best to both of you.

  3. /sad bird

  4. Aw. 😦 Thanks for the great blog, guys. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep in touch! Good luck out there. β™₯

  5. AW /sadface. I’m sad to see you guys go, you were the first blog I ever read and you guys had awesome posts! Well I hope to see you floating around in the blogger community! Good Luck πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the snark, and good luck with whatever the future brings you πŸ˜‰

  6. All the best – you were one of the best πŸ™‚ Good luck with wherever life takes you.

  7. How are there no lolcats in this farewell post? Inconceivable!

    I will miss you Seri and Jov. Thanks for all the great articles. Be well.


  8. /salute

  9. Not surprising since one of you went rogue (hehe) and then the posts got more spaced out but its still so sad 😦 I found this blog late in the game, but I still loved it and have read most of the back posts as well 😦

    will miss you guys and your snarking, especially with the cataclysm on the horizon!

  10. Definitely not a surprise, but still sad. I will miss you guys! I still have your blog in my favorites and still visit it daily just to check and see. Anyhow I wish you both the best and hope you have fun in whatever you do! *hugs*

  11. *hat tip* You ladies will be missed.

  12. /cry. I only recently found you blog and was so enjoying the back catalogue!

    Good luck in your endeavours!

  13. Thanks a lot for all the entertaining and insightful posts here.

    Best wishes with what you do next but don’t stop writing!

  14. You were the only WOW blog I really followed–clever writing. I hope you carry it on into your other careers. So long, and thanks for all the snarks.

  15. Love y’all! It was promocalypse, wasn’t it? You were prepping for the end times, I just know it!

    Well, much <3, and fight off some zombies-vampire-werewolves for me!

  16. Good luck for the future, I loved reading your blog, especially when I rolled my baby priest and was looking for some resources. Actually, it wasn’t exactly the “priest stuff” that kept me around, but rather the fun and clever posts.

    Thanks a lot for the reading you gave me, best of luck and wishes.

  17. Thanks for everything guys, and best of luck in the future!

  18. Man. I hate it when people quit. Always so depressing :/

    But of course, thank you, and good luck!

  19. I’ve enjoyed reading you, from way back when I found a link to you on w_l to now.

    Good luck to you both!

  20. You ladies inspired me to start my own blog, and while I sometimes disagreed with what you said, your posts always evoked some reaction in me. You will be missed, Jov and Seri – best of luck to you both!

  21. it’s not a surprise, but it’s still a shame. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts – how to be a priest and *proud* of it. How to snark back instead of being crushed by the guilt of not having kept everyone alive.

    I’m secretly hoping that Cata will tempt you back…

  22. Bleh, I still don’t want to accept this.
    Without a doubt my single most favorite Blog. Humor, good writing, good class knowledge, fun interaction between Jov & Seri.. you had it all.
    Ahh well… 😦
    Thank you very much for the effort put into this. It was fun reading your posts. I ejoyed the snarks so much I found myself going back and reading long outdated blog posts just for the fun of it πŸ™‚

    If you decide to get back to writing, please.. let us know πŸ˜€

  23. Am I imagining things or has the artwork at the top of the blog changed? Will y’all be coming back to snark us through Cata? (please, please, please)

  24. Our custom css subscription ran out, so the site reverted to the static template. Sorry, no planned return for Cata. If this changes, we’ll let you know!

    • Well that sucks 😦 but I hope you are both doing well!!

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