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Seri sez: Hi, I’m Seri and I play a Rogue.

July 23, 2009

I’m surprised that this conversation doesn’t happen more often:

“So, Seri.”
“You write for World of Snarkcraft.”
“It’s a Priest blog…”
“…and you play a Rogue.”

Ok, actually, I’m more surprised that this conversation has never happened. *snicker*

Jov and I have made little mystery of the fact that we have both changed classes in the time since we started this little blogging adventure. You may wonder why it is that we continue to research and write about Priests when we don’t spend as much time playing them these days. Or maybe you don’t. Nonetheless, I’m going to tell you today!

The reasons why we kept World of Snarkcraft as it is are numerous, and I’m sure that Jov’s are different from mine. My thoughts are as follows:

1. Our readership is comprised mostly (I assume) of Priests, and they expect Priestly info here.

I’ve watched numerous blogs go through content shifts in the time I’ve been following them and, sad to say, I don’t follow most of them anymore. If I add a blog to my reader, it’s because its focus is something of interest to me. When that focus shifts, unless it is to something else that interests me, it loses me as a reader. We are happy members of the WoW Priest community, and certainly don’t want to drive readers off. (Especially the ones we’ve developed a rapport with.) What’s more, we’re lazy and cultivating a reader base is hard–especially when you’re as shrewish as we are.

2. Who the hell would want to read “The Raiding Rogue & Resto Shammy Blog”?

Talk about an odd couple. I mean… I could understand maybe something like a tank & healer pair trying to cater to both sides of the equation. DPS +  healer is about as random as you get, and you’re going to basically have two ‘camps’ of readers, each reading half your content. Doesn’t seem very productive.

3. We ❤ Priests.

Hey, don’t get me wrong… I ❤ my Rogue. I also ❤ my Priest, I just am retired from 25-man Healing. I enjoy healing 10-mans & Heroics quite a bit, and Priesting will always have a special place in my heart. Or, at least what is left of it since I turned into a cold-blooded stabbing/slashing machine. (*stabstab*)

4. I am a diverse individual, dammit!

Man cannot live on beer alone, or something like that. My interests, much like Jov’s shoe collection, are copious and varied (if less prone to wedge heels). This used to mean that I had a billion alts. These days… well… I still have a billion alts, but I really specialize in Priest and Rogue. After all, they’re the only two to make it to 80 (so far).

5. Who knows, there’s always next expansion.

Hey, you never know… one or both of us might go back to full-time Priest(ess)hood at some point. Stranger things have happened. I mean, they put a man on the moon for pete’s sake. Granted, we’re no Armstrong & Aldrin… more like the space chimps from back in the day. After all, I can usually be coerced into a game of  whack-a-mole heal-botting for a banana (split) like any other monkey (and Jov never stopped).

That’s basically it. It’s not terribly complicated, but I feel better now that I’ve actually had the conversation somewhere other than inside my head. 😉