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Interview: Jov on Gems

October 8, 2008

Today we feature a special treat: An exclusive interview with World of Snarkcraft’s own illustrious Jov.

Guest Interviewer: Wow, thanks so much for taking the time to sit down with me. I’ve been following World of Snarkcraft since day one and I’m really excited to have this opportunity. Let’s get to it, shall we?

G: So, let’s say I just got a new pair of healing pants with blue sockets. What gems should I put in them?
Jov: Well, that kinda depends. I like Sparkling spirit gems in blue sockets, but if you need a boost to healing, the purple Purified heal/spirit are also good.

G: What about Mp5? Those Lustrous gems sure are… lustrous.
Jov: Lustrous… do you even know what that means? It means “without sparkle.” (It does, trust me, look it up) If Sparkling is good, why would a gem without sparkle be good? Besides, why would you want no sparkle? Purified, on the other hand, means pure and free from undesirable elements. MUCH better.

G: Fair enough. What about Royal gems? Healing + Mp5?
Jov: You know what happens with Royalty, right? So much crap in the middle ages happened because of inbreeding between royals. Going crazy, genetic diseases… Seriously. Besides, these are US servers. We don’t have a King or Queen. And we like it that way.

G: I see what you did there. Clever. What about green gems? I picked up this Dazzling beauty in the Caverns of Time the other day. Intellect + Mp5?
Jov: Alas, green gems are on the whole worthless. Period. It really all comes down to the fact that you really want gems to boost your healing. Spirit does, if you’re specced correctly, so does straight Heal. Green gems have neither of those things.

G: You’re blowing my mind here. If I can’t use green gems, and Lustrous/Royal gems are out… surely you don’t want me to socket Defense or Attack Power for Mp5?
Jov: Of course! But only on your tanking and melee sets. Healing sets need healing gems.. See how that works? The MP5 stat should always be a spirit based gem.

G: Do you have tanking and/or melee sets?
Jov: I can neither confirm nor deny that I have or have had or will have in the future tanking or melee sets. Next question.

G: Uh, right. Okay. So, let’s get back to this Mp5 thing. What do you mean by, “The Mp5 stat should always be a spirit based gem.”
Jov: I mean “the MP5 stat should always be a spirit-based gem.” Spirit is a priest’s MP5. Take a look at our talent trees. The average healing-specced priest will always have a few key talents: Meditation, Spirit of Redemption, Spiritual Guidance, and at least starting out Improved Divine Spirit. What do all those talents have in common?

G: Swanky Icons?
Jov: No! Spirit! Meditation gives us 30% of our out-of-combat mana regen in-combat. Improved Divine Spirit boosts our Spirit by 50 and gives 10% of our Spirit back as spell damage/healing. Spirit of Redemption gives us an extra 5% Spirit. And Spiritual Guidance gives us 25% of our spirit as free healing. See how all those things work together?

G: I think so. But have you given any consideration at all to how stacking all that Spirit affects your regen?


G: Oh! I get it! Haha…


G: Ok, enough about gems. Let’s talk about Seri… what’s it like to raid with her?
Jov: Eh, it’s okay I guess. I mean, I’ve been doing it for three years now, so it’s not like anything new or special or anything.

G: … Heehee, you’re a funny lady Miss Jov!
Jov: Why thank you.

G: But don’t you think she’s a good class lead? Maybe deserves more respect than she’s getting in priest chat?
Jov: Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for her doing the hard work. But she doesn’t pay me enough for respect in priest chat. Wait a sec… How do you know what goes on in priest chat?

G: Uh… research, you know. Every good reporter does research.
Jov: Really. And what other research have you been doing?

G: Aren’t I supposed to be the one asking the questions?
Jov: You’re not really a reporter, are you? You’re Seri, in a twill vest and brewfest hat!

G: I can neither confirm nor deny that I am or have been or will be in the future…