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Jov sez: Consolidated list of 3.0.8 Priest Changes

January 20, 2009

Test Realm Patch Notes can be found here.  If these changes are from other blue posts, I’ve tried to include links.


Silent Resolve has been changed to protect only beneficial spells and damage over time effects (10, 20, 30%). (Um, so I guess it means Shield and ProM no longer are protected?  Whee, even more a useless-in-PVE-talent!)

Improved Holy Concentration: The tooltip has been rewritten to indicate that this talent reduces cast time rather than providing haste.  (Spell haste increased when casting certain specified spells (as opposed to any) per the tooltip = reduced cast time.  I really fail to see where this was confusing…)

Rapture: This talent will now correctly return mana for Power Word: Shield based on the caster’s mana poll instead of the target’s mana pool. (Whoops!  Good news for our Discipline friends!)

Surge of Light: Prayer of Mending will no longer sometimes cause Surge of Light to trigger on Priests who do not have that talent. (Whoops!  Followed by bummer news for our Discipline friends.  Sorry guys!  But at least it was fun while it lasted.)


The bugs with Guardian Spirit, Divine Aegis, and Power Word: Shield not working on certain classes in certain conditions is fixed. (source) (Thank you.  Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.  Seriously, this… yeah.)

Guardian Spirit is no longer attached to the GCD.  (Also very handy for an oh-shit button.  Nothing like “oh shit in 1.5 seconds, I can do something!”)

Circle of Healing has a 6 second cooldown.  (I’m…  not happy about this.  CoH was OP, but I think a 6 second cooldown is not the way to go about fixing it.  But it doesn’t make us broken, either.)

Levitate can now be cast on others.  (Um, yay?  I mean I guess it could be handy if you and your trusty tanky questing buddy end up falling off  the elevator…  More reason to get the Levitate glyph, I guess.)

Guardian Spirit: It is no longer possible for simultaneous killing blows to trigger the heal from this ability multiple times.  (Alas…  Not that I ever benefited from this bug, but alas all the same.)

Prayer of Mending: Will now only benefit from the healing talents of the priest who cast the original spell.  (Which is usually a good thing.)


Glyph of Spirit of Redemption— Now increases duration of effect 6 seconds (was 20% chance to increase duration 4 sec on crit, potentially infinite)  (This change makes one of my guildies very sad, though I admit it doesn’t really bother me much one way or the other.  I can see this being HORRIBLY abused in arenas, however.  And the infinite SoR is definitely something I agree needed adjusting…)

Glyph of Dispel Magic— Heals your target for 3% of their maximum health on each dispel (was 6%).  (6% was too much.  Period.  Of course, in most of my runs, pallies tend to be quicker on the dispel key than priests, so it’s not anything that’s really affected me much, either.)


Soul Preserver: This item will now interact correctly with Desperate Prayer.