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Jov sez: It’s Tuesday?

September 8, 2009

So, yeah.  I’m a complete noob, holidays throwing me off, thinking I had one more day to get my post out.  Well, yeah, I don’t.  Curse you three-day weekends and your screwing with my internal calendar!

So, because I spent most of last week baking (getting bread+1 achievements IRL) and this weekend…  kinda not thinking about anything, you all are getting a recycled PM.

Yes, the P in PM stands for private.  I ain’t telling you who it’s to, or giving any specifics or the like.  Let’s just say that a couple weeks ago, I was asked in-game for some advice on prepping and cleaning up in hopes of apping to a raiding guild in the future as a holy priest.  And we’ve not had one of those for a while, so you’re getting MY take.

First off– Hai!  And welcome to Jov’s Guide to Getting Ready to App to a Raid Guild 101.  You might want to take a peek at Seri/Qiani’s guide here, too.  I hope I don’t make your eyes glaze over with my tl;dr.

Secondly– What I mentioned earlier still applies: this applies to 25-mans, so keep in mind the stuff I’m saying is in regards to that.  If what you have works for 5/10s, that’s awesome and totally not what this is about. 😉

Third– Where do you usually go for information?  Elitist Jerks?  WoW forums?  Other healers?  I’m just gonna toss something into the mix, in case you’ve not seen it before:  PlusHeal is a all-healer forum full of good information for people at all levels of progression and all classes.  Caveat: I am a mod there.  But the Priest section is particularly active, and there’s a lot of good information to be had.

Okay, on to the nitty gritty.  Based on what you told me earlier (you like AOE healing) I’m going to first point you at (armory link redacted) (a/n: I don’t want to send everyone over to oogle someone else’s armory without warning).  She’s a good bit ahead of you on the gear curve, but she’s someone who’s got the same “job” you would have as a holy priest.  I’m not asking you to mimic her exactly, by any means, I’m only using her as an example of things like stat priorities and talents/glyphs.

So, what’s important to a holy priest?  Essentially, your job as a holy priest is going to get as much strong AOE healing out as quick as possible, and have the mana pool/regen to support it. What does that mean specifically?  You want to boost your PoH, CoH, and ProM as much as possible, since you’ll essentially be using CoH and ProM every cooldown.  You’ll use a good bit of Flash, both as a filler spell, and as a way to boost your PoH, and avoid using too much renew and shields.

This is considered the cookie cutter Holy Raid Healing build/glyphing.  There’s definitely some room for wiggle room, but a lot of the talents are simply too good to pass up.

Must-have talents in the Discipline tree:
Twin Disciplines, Improved Inner Fire, Improved Fortitude, Meditation
Optional talents for the Discipline tree:
Inner Focus
Must-have talents in the Holy tree:
Holy Specialization, Divine Fury, Inspiration, Holy Reach, Healing Prayers, Spirit of Redemption, Spiritual Guidance, Surge of Light, Spiritual Healing, Holy Concentration, Serendipity, Circle of Healing, Divine Providence, Guardian Spirit
Optional talents for the Holy tree:
Healing Focus, Improved Renew, Improved Healing, Blessed Resilience, Empowered Healing, Empowered Renew (1/3), Test of Faith

So, I’m telling you to avoid too much renew, but I’m including renew talents in the cookie-cutter spec… What’s up with that?  Well, Improved Renew is really filler, just as a way to get down a tier.  1/3 Empowered Renew, however…  *grin*  Empowered Renew…  doesn’t really do much.  But what it DOES is allow you to take advantage of another talent (there’s a lot of that in the holy tree).  The tiny little boost you get from Empowered Renew is tiny, but it’s a tiny instant heal.  This means it can crit, and in critting, can proc Surge of Light, giving you a free Flash or Smite.  What’s so great about that?  Even if it’s free, that Flash triggers your first hit of Serendipity.  What’s Serendipity good for?  PoH! (Or Greater, I suppose, but you’ll likely not be using that much)  A 3-stack (so 3 casts of Flash, be they free from Surge of Light, or regular casts) gives you 12% off the cast time of PoH, which is a reduction of 1/3 second.  May not sound like much, but it’s that much faster you can be doing something else.

So moving on from there, what should you be aiming for as far as stats go?  There are only four things you care about as a holy priest:  Spellpower, Crit, Haste, and Regen.

Spellpower is your most direct and obvious throughput stat. Want to heal more? add more spellpower.  Hitting 2k is really your first priority as a holy priest. Spellpower is affected by your spirit using the talent Spiritual Guidance, giving you 25% of your spirit as spellpower (which is itself modified by Spirit of Redemption, which gives you a flat 5% increase to spirit)

Next up, Regen, specifically the in-combat kind.  Your next priority should be getting that up to the 250-300 mark.  Holy in general is a mana-hog spec, so more regen is never a bad thing.  How do you get there?  The talent Meditation gives you 50% of your OOC regen (based on spirit) as in-combat regen.  Spirit cannot be ignored (also, see Spellpower note above) however, in a 25-man raid environment, your primary regen stat is going to be Intellect. (Wait, what?!)  If you’re a numbers cruncher and enjoy that sort of thing, there’s a thread devoted to it on PlusHeal (Priest Regen for Dummies), which was written prior to 3.2 and the replenishment changes, but the final word is still on page 2:

Updated. As an optimal ‘balance’ between spirit and intellect, I now promote 1000 spirit + 1300 intellect raidbuffed for lower levels or 1300 spirit + 1500 intellect raidbuffed for higher levels. As before, this is not ‘exact’. One can easily take more intellect or less, depending on flavor, without feeling a big hit in the regen.

It must be noted, however, that stacking more intellect is fine but requires better use of manaregen cooldowns such as the fiend and hymn of hope. Spirit is a little less demanding but requires a tid bit of crit to work. MP5 is now a strong regen stat and even outperforms spirit up to high gear levels! However, the SP bonus from spirit may make spirit a more favorable stat. Spirit still gives more bang for your buck but not in regen only. For disc priests, intellect > mp5 reigns supreme for all reasonable gear levels. Spirit isn’t bad for high end Disc raiders but weaker than mp5.

Finally, there’s the balancing act between crit and hasteCrit nets you free heals through Surge of Light (which can proc off any of your heals if you use 1/3 Empowered Renew) and spirit-based Regen through Holy Concentration.  Haste lets you pump out more heals faster.  For the most part, which you favor is a matter of personal preference.  Generally speaking, you’ll want to aim for 10% haste, 18-20% holy crit as unbuffed minimums before you start focusing on either one.

And before I close this here, a general note on gemming practices.  You’ll want to use gems which deal with the stats mentioned above for the most part.  Your (only) options are:

Red: Runed (red, spellpower), Purified (purple, spellpower/spirit), Luminous (orange, spellpower/int), Potent (orange, spellpower/crit), Reckless (orange, spellpower/haste)
Yellow: Brilliant (yellow, intellect), Quick (yellow, haste), Smooth (yellow, crit),  Luminous (orange, spellpower/int), Potent (orange, spellpower/crit), Reckless (orange, spellpower/haste), Intricate (green, haste/spirit), Misty (crit/spirit), Seer’s (int/spirit)
Blue: Purified (purple, spellpower/spirit), Intricate (green, haste/spirit), Misty (crit/spirit), Seer’s (int/spirit)
Meta: Insightful Earthsiege

My personal preference is Red : Runed or Luminous, Yellow : Brilliant, Blue : Seer’s.  Again, however, that’s personal preference, since gems are the quickest way to make up any stats that you may be missing.

Also, I didn’t touch much on your current gear/spec specifically, since I wanted this to be more of a general guide than me picking you apart.  If you would like me to go over where you are currently with a fine-toothed comb and give you specific gear lists, etc, I’d be happy to do that as well.  Just let me know.


Jov sez: I’m such a bad role lead.

July 7, 2009

ooooooooops.  This one was supposed to still be in the drafts pile as it was deemed too random and not polished enough to go live.  It was essentially me going off before I was fully awake trying to get back in the blogging groove.  But!  Since it’s already sparked some discussion/disagreement on my /mouseover healing macro, I’m gonna leave it up.

Y’all might be surprised, but I’m actually in a Position of Authority ™ in my guild.  I oversee half the healing roster (in theory) and only occasionally go mad with power.

I mean, I’m totally full of useful information.  Especially on fora.

I’m gonna useful information y’all now, too.  Because after nearly a month since actually writing a post of my own, I’m kinda rusty.  (Yes, I’m copy/pasting.  Shut up, I wrote it originally.)

I’ve given a breakdown of my mouseover macro (as well as the warnings, when I admitted to accidentally spam-healing one of our mages instead of my intended (tank) target while getting used to healing with mouseover):

/cast [target=mouseover, help][help][target=targettarget, help][target=player] Spellname

The conditionals pick the following possibilities, in order:
1. Mouseover target. Enables hover-casting, best used when you use raid frames (though also works for just mousing-over units). Bind the macro to a key, move your mouse over the unit you wish to heal’s frame, press your hotkey and your spell will start casting.
2. Your selected target, provided it’s a friendly unit.
3. Your target’s target, if your target is hostile and it’s target is friendly. Particularly recommended for healers acting in a DPS or CC role, follow that stun / fear / earth shock up with a heal on whatever your foe had been pounding on before.
4. If no suitable target is selected or hovered over, heal yourself.

I’ve also given the “use this or else” Guardian Spirit macro for Sarth 3D (Spell name can be switched, making this useful for PS or Fear Ward if you need to ensure it goes off on a specific person (and not your mouseover target, see above)):

#show Guardian Spirit
/cast [target=<tank name>] Guardian Spirit
/# Guardian Spirit Used!
/ra Guardian Spirit up!
/s Guardian Spirit up!
/t <next in line> GS up!  You’re next!

1) This prevents it from casting on anyone other than the tank. If the tank isn’t in range, it doesn’t go off, you’ll know you need to move closer.
2) Announce it in heal chat (and priest as well if you want)
3) Announce it in raid and say
4) Send a tell to the next person in line, letting them know they’re next.

I’ve given my opinion on the current state of blue gems:

If I see any of you with blue gems, I’ll cry. Seriously. And then I’ll take a crowbar to your gears and pry them out.

(Seriously, if you want a socket bonus/meta requirement, go green (seer’s) or purple (purified))

But I can’t be good advice all the time:

So we can ensure <DPS’er> gets the love he deserves:

*cough cough*

(and then our co-GM totally trumped me.  Lesson learned: don’t piss off the trees.)GridIgnored


Jov sez: You’ve got the gear– Now what?

December 16, 2008

First of all, Ding!  I made it early Saturday afternoon turning in HoL quests.  Tars followed a quest or two later.


Last week we covered the consumeables you could look at to give you temporary boosts and aid.  This week, we’re going to start on the more permanent side of the equation: gems, enchants, and other item enhancements. This week, we start with gems.


Gems are very much a balancing act of stats.  A lot goes into determining what gem you should choose:  what you’re needing to increase, the socket bonuses, and meta requirements.  There’s a lot more we’re needing to keep our eye on in Wrath, so there’s no simple rules for gemming like there was in TBC.  As always, you need enough regen to last the fight, and enough spellpower to keep people up.  Beyond that, you need to also work on haste, crit, and balancing to maintain that 1:1 int to spirit ratio.  Aim for 10% haste and 20-25% crit unbuffed.  After that, your ilevels are better used back on spellpower and regen.

redRed — Runed: Teardrop has been discontinued, but that old caster-friend Runed’s straight spellpower makes this a good choice.  Available as Runed Bloodstone (14 spellpower), Perfect Runed Bloodstone (16 spellpower), and Runed Scarlet Ruby (19 spellpower).

orangeOrange — Luminous: That old favorite is back and better than ever. This time available as Luminous Huge Citrine (7  spellpower, 6 int), Perfect Luminous Huge Citrine (8 spellpower, 7 int), and Luminous Monarch Topaz (9 spellpower, 8 int).

orangeOrange — Potent: This is a new choice for priests.  We used to consider crit to be a pally stat, but with the current changes, a spellpower/crit gem is now an interesting option.  Available as Potent Huge Citrine (7 spellpower, 6 crit), Perfect Potent Huge Citrine (8 spellpower, 7 crit), and Potent Monarch Topaz (9 spellpower, 8 crit).

orangeOrange — Reckless: Another gem we’re stealing from DPS, Crit/Haste is also a new option.  Available as Reckless Huge Citrine (7 spellpower, 6 haste), Perfect Reckless Huge Citrine (8 spellpower, 7 haste), and Reckless Monarch Topaz (9 spellpower, 8 haste).

yellowYellow — Brilliant: I’m socketing int.  I am.  Being a spirit-junkie, even with AI, my spirit is higher.  These are good gems for me.  Available as Brilliant Sun Crystal (12 int), Perfect Brilliant Sun Crystal (14 int) and Brilliant Autumn’s Glow (16 int).

yellowYellow — Quick: If you’re needing haste, this gem has it and nothing else.  Available as Quick Sun Crystal (12 haste), Perfect Quick Sun Crystal (14 haste) and Quick Autumn’s Glow (16 haste).

yellowYellow — Smooth: Likewise, this gem is pure crit.  Available as Smooth Sun Crystal (12 crit), Perfect Smooth Sun Crystal (14 crit), and Smooth Autumn’s Glow (16 crit).

blueBlue — Sparkling: There is still only one blue cut really worth mentioning.  Available as Sparkling Chalcedony (12 spirit), Perfect Sparkling Chalcedony (14 spirit) and Sparkling Sky Sapphire (16 spirit).

greenGreen — Intricate: A balance of haste and spirit.  Very interesting gem overall.  Available as Intricate Dark Jade (6 haste, 6 spirit), Perfect Intricate Dark Jade (7 haste, 7 spirit) and Intricate Forest Emerald (8 haste, 8 spirit).

greenGreen — Misty: Crit and spirit.  I’m curious about this one as well.  Available as Misty Dark Jade (6 crit, 6 spirit), Perfect Misty Dark Jade (7 crit, 7 spirit) and Misty Forest Emerald (8 crit, 8 spirit).

greenGreen — Seer’s: My favorite of the green gems, this gem is perfect if your int and spirit are in balance, you’re just needing more of both.  Available as Seer’s Dark Jade (6 int, 6 spirit), Perfect Seer’s Dark Jade (7 int, 7 spirit), and Seer’s Forest Emerald (8 int, 8 spirit).

purplePurple — Purified: Another old favorite reappearing as a better self.  This is available as Purified Shadow Crystal (7 spellpower, 6 spirit), Perfect Purified Shadow Crystal (8 spellpower, 7 spirit) and Purified Twilight Opal (9 spellpower, 8 spirit).

purplePurple — Royal: I know, I know, mp5.  But as has already been covered, it’s not necessarily bad, especially for Disc spec.  I wouldn’t (and didn’t) recommend the straight Lusterous mp5 gems, but these aren’t so bad.  This time available in Royal Shadow Crystal (7 spellpower, 2 mp5), Perfect Royal Shadow Crystal (8 spellpower, 3 mp5) and Royal Twilight Opal (9 spellpower, 3 mp5).


Metas are, quite frankly, a headache and a half.  So I’m gonna say get Insightful Earthseige and be done.

Okay, I’ll do a review, but really, Insightful is all you need.  Seriously.  Really.  Okay, fine.

There are two meta gems which have a number of cuts available.

earthsiege Earthsiege

Beaming Earthsiege Diamond: 21 crit rating, +2% mana.  Requires 2 red, 1 yellow.  At lv 80, with 15000 mana, that’s another 300.  Kinda meh.

Bracing Earthsiege Diamond: 25 spellpower, 2% reduced threat.  Requires 2 red, 1 blue.  I don’t know about your tanks, but…  I don’t need reduced threat.  And 25 spellpower is roughly equivalent to a bracer enchant.  Also fairly meh.

Insightful Earthsiege Diamond: 21 int, chance to restore mana on spellcast.  Requires 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue.  This is the best option. The proc is 5% chance to restore 600 mana with no cooldown, so the chances are high of chaining procs.  It’s very snacky.  Even if you’re having problems with too much int, shed it from somewhere and snag this one. [edit: corrected values– thanks Crutch!]

skyflare Skyflare

Ember Skyflare Diamond: +25 spellpower, +2% intellect.  Requires 3 red gems.  This one, quite frankly, is better for a paladin or shaman.  We need to balance int to spirit, and a percentage increase makes that difficult.  And as mentioned above, 25 spellpower is kinda meh.

Revitalizing Skyflare Diamond: 8 mp5 and 3% increased critical healing effect.  Requires 2 red gems.  Okay, I’ll admit it, this one is kinda interesting.  The mp5 is nothing terribly special, but the 3% bigger crits could be interesting.  Or they could just be 3% more overheal.  Your mileage may vary, I’d advise against.

To sum up:

  • Gems aren’t so easy anymore.  While you can still use the old rules of thumb for gemming, you’ll be potentially ignoring the stuff you need.  This doesn’t mean every gem is good, but all of the gems I listed at least make sense.  Pick and choose between them to get the mix of stats that works best for you.
  • Except for Metas.  Get the IED.  Seriously.

Interview: Jov on Gems

October 8, 2008

Today we feature a special treat: An exclusive interview with World of Snarkcraft’s own illustrious Jov.

Guest Interviewer: Wow, thanks so much for taking the time to sit down with me. I’ve been following World of Snarkcraft since day one and I’m really excited to have this opportunity. Let’s get to it, shall we?

G: So, let’s say I just got a new pair of healing pants with blue sockets. What gems should I put in them?
Jov: Well, that kinda depends. I like Sparkling spirit gems in blue sockets, but if you need a boost to healing, the purple Purified heal/spirit are also good.

G: What about Mp5? Those Lustrous gems sure are… lustrous.
Jov: Lustrous… do you even know what that means? It means “without sparkle.” (It does, trust me, look it up) If Sparkling is good, why would a gem without sparkle be good? Besides, why would you want no sparkle? Purified, on the other hand, means pure and free from undesirable elements. MUCH better.

G: Fair enough. What about Royal gems? Healing + Mp5?
Jov: You know what happens with Royalty, right? So much crap in the middle ages happened because of inbreeding between royals. Going crazy, genetic diseases… Seriously. Besides, these are US servers. We don’t have a King or Queen. And we like it that way.

G: I see what you did there. Clever. What about green gems? I picked up this Dazzling beauty in the Caverns of Time the other day. Intellect + Mp5?
Jov: Alas, green gems are on the whole worthless. Period. It really all comes down to the fact that you really want gems to boost your healing. Spirit does, if you’re specced correctly, so does straight Heal. Green gems have neither of those things.

G: You’re blowing my mind here. If I can’t use green gems, and Lustrous/Royal gems are out… surely you don’t want me to socket Defense or Attack Power for Mp5?
Jov: Of course! But only on your tanking and melee sets. Healing sets need healing gems.. See how that works? The MP5 stat should always be a spirit based gem.

G: Do you have tanking and/or melee sets?
Jov: I can neither confirm nor deny that I have or have had or will have in the future tanking or melee sets. Next question.

G: Uh, right. Okay. So, let’s get back to this Mp5 thing. What do you mean by, “The Mp5 stat should always be a spirit based gem.”
Jov: I mean “the MP5 stat should always be a spirit-based gem.” Spirit is a priest’s MP5. Take a look at our talent trees. The average healing-specced priest will always have a few key talents: Meditation, Spirit of Redemption, Spiritual Guidance, and at least starting out Improved Divine Spirit. What do all those talents have in common?

G: Swanky Icons?
Jov: No! Spirit! Meditation gives us 30% of our out-of-combat mana regen in-combat. Improved Divine Spirit boosts our Spirit by 50 and gives 10% of our Spirit back as spell damage/healing. Spirit of Redemption gives us an extra 5% Spirit. And Spiritual Guidance gives us 25% of our spirit as free healing. See how all those things work together?

G: I think so. But have you given any consideration at all to how stacking all that Spirit affects your regen?


G: Oh! I get it! Haha…


G: Ok, enough about gems. Let’s talk about Seri… what’s it like to raid with her?
Jov: Eh, it’s okay I guess. I mean, I’ve been doing it for three years now, so it’s not like anything new or special or anything.

G: … Heehee, you’re a funny lady Miss Jov!
Jov: Why thank you.

G: But don’t you think she’s a good class lead? Maybe deserves more respect than she’s getting in priest chat?
Jov: Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for her doing the hard work. But she doesn’t pay me enough for respect in priest chat. Wait a sec… How do you know what goes on in priest chat?

G: Uh… research, you know. Every good reporter does research.
Jov: Really. And what other research have you been doing?

G: Aren’t I supposed to be the one asking the questions?
Jov: You’re not really a reporter, are you? You’re Seri, in a twill vest and brewfest hat!

G: I can neither confirm nor deny that I am or have been or will be in the future…


Seri snarks: What’s a robe like you doing with a gem like this?

October 6, 2008

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

I’ll give you a moment.

All set? Ok, moving on!

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a failure to accessorize. I mean, who wears gems that color with that robe? Ok, I know… sometimes function supersedes fashion, but this is fail on even that level. Why, why, why would you put Spell Penetration gems in Healing gear?

I mean, I’m just as concerned as anyone about the level of Holy Resistance tanks are stacking these days, and plate can be tricky to heal through. I’ve been trying to convince our MT to go with something more organic; I mean not only will it just soak up Healing but it’ll breathe a lot better and provide some much-needed ventilation (if you know what I mean).

Sarcasm aside, folks, Spell Penetration is for PVP. Even then, it could be argued to be useless for PVP Priests of the non-Shadow variety because there is no such thing as Holy Resistance. 

Putting Spell Penetration gems in Healing gear just shows that you are a noob–which is convenient, I suppose, because it means I don’t have to put effort into getting to know you only to discover it later.