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Jov sez: On Trinkets

February 17, 2009

A couple weeks ago now, Seri passed an emailed topic request to me, with the request that I look into it.  It went something like this:

If I may suggest a topic, I would be interested on a trinket review, with things accessible on raids and outside of raids. I usually make use of the “” values to rate items, and can use it to calculate values of some trinkets (especially those with “on use” effect), but what annoys me always is when I’m faced with a “chance to proc” trinket since the chances to proc and sometimes hidden cooldowns on effects can drastically alter the value of some items. I don’t know if you know of resources somewhere on the net to find info for these values.

Trinket review.  Trinket review.  I understand why Seri tossed this one at me; I actually have access to some of these trinkets, whereas she’s happily face-stabbing away.  But the mathcraft of procs really makes me nervous.  (I also shy away from “Best in Slot” discussions.  I totally don’t want to get involved in the Crit vs Haste war currently going on in the holy priest community, as I love them both like bunnies.)

But for you, my EU friend, I’m going to try.  I’m including trinkets with a minimum equip level of 78, simply as a just in case there’s some diamonds in the rough (or it’s what you have easiest access to.)

Passive Equip

Majestic Dragon Figurine: This is a spell-triggered spirit trinket.  Each time you cast a spell, you get a stacking buff of 18 spirit for 10 seconds, granting up to 180 spirit if you keep it at full.  It drops off Sarth in OS-10.  I have it, I play with it, it’s not bad on boss fights where I can guarantee the 180 spirit (go go regen and spellpower!), but it’s not a terribly strong trinket for trash or anytime you might face downtime.

Illustration of the Dragon Soul:  Also from Sarth (this time OS-25), it’s a distant cousin of the Dragon Figurine.  Instead of a stacking spirit effect, it grants spellpower, 20 spellpower stacking to 200 if you keep it at full.  This falls somewhat victim to the same things as the Figurine, though personally I feel that the spellpower loss is less of an issue if it falls off and needs to be restacked.


Tome of Arcane Phenomena:  This drops in Regular Oculus, and gives a base 68 spellpower, with an on-use increase in haste by 256 for 20 seconds (2 min cooldown).  At lv 80, it grants approx 7.8% haste.  (In laymans terms, it would drop your cast time of Flash Heal to 1.3 seconds.)  Personally, I don’t like this much, simply because the times I need temporary haste are so situational, it’s impossible to plan for.  I want 256 haste all the time, not for 20 seconds.  It’s probably much more useful for a DPS caster.

Darkmoon Card: Illusion:  This comes from collecting the Prisms deck.  It offers a base 100 spellpower, with an on-use small damage shield (absorbs 400 for 6 seconds) and gives back 1200 mana when the shield is removed or expires (5 min cooldown).  Ignoring the shield (because 400 damage absorb is pretty ignorable), if you keep the use effect on cooldown, it nets you 1200 mana every 300 seconds, which equals out to being less than 1 mp5.  Yes, it can be a little boost when you need it, but it’s effectively one free spell every 5 minutes.  For that, Inner Focus is more useful.

Spirit World Glass: This drops off Gothik in Naxx 10, and grants a base 84 spirit, with an on-use of 336 Spirit for 20 seconds (2 min cooldown).  This is an extremely strong trinket.  It doesn’t have at base the potential of the Dragon Figurine, but is much friendlier for trash, any fight which has downtime, or the chance you get an innervate.

Talisman of Troll Divinity:  Also a snackily strong trinket.  This drops off the final boss in Heroic Drak’Tharon, and grants 73 spirit, with an on-use of a stackable increased healing to target of 58, stacking 5 times and lasting 10 seconds (2 minute cooldown.)  Keep this baby’s use effect on cooldown.

Winged Talisman:  This drops from Ionar in Heroic HoL.  It grants 29 mp5 with an on-use of 346 for 20 seconds (2 minute cooldown).  Color me unenthused.

Living Ice Crystals:  This drops off Malygos in EoE-25.  It grants 43 mp5, with an on-use heal of your target for 2710 (1 minute cooldown).  It’s pretty darned snacky.

Chance of Proc

(Note:  All Proc Chance trinkets have a 45 second internal cooldown (Excepting the DPS trinket off Illidari Council in TBC), so keep in mind, the uptime of the proc won’t hit more than every 45 seconds, ever.)

Soul Preserver:  This drops in Regular Strat, and gives a base 75 spellpower, with a proc chance which decreases the mana cost of your next heal by 800.  It’s a 2% chance to proc (approximately 1 proc per 50 casts), meaning we’d likely only see the effect once every couple minutes at best.  While it could be useful for some long, mana-intensive fights, there are better options out there.

Darkmoon Card: Greatness:  This comes from collecting the Nobles deck, and has a +90 spirit and a +90 int version.  The proc chance gives you +300 to your highest stat for 15 seconds, with a 35% chance to proc.  The proc rate seems high, but keep in mind it falls victim to the 45 second cooldown rule.

Embrace of the Spider:  This drops of Maex in Naxx 10.  It gives 98 spellpower, base, and has a proc chance to increase your haste rating by 505 for 10 seconds (about 15% haste at lv 80) with a 10% chance to proc.  Like the Tome of Arcane Phenomena mentioned above, I don’t really like it, especially since it’s a proc chance haste effect instead of an on-use, meaning I have zero control over when I could potentially need the boost.  Also like the Tome, likely more appealing for DPS casters.

Je’Tze’s Bell:  The true diamond in the rough, and arguably a best in slot trinket.  This is a world drop, and the direct upgrade of the Memento of Tyrande.  It grants 106 spellpower at base, and a 10% proc of 100 mp5 for 15 seconds (which is the same proc as the Memento, but offers more regen.  I still use the Memento, it’s sexy).  I would personally sell my soul for one of these babies.

The Egg of Mortal Essence:  This is a Emblem of Heroism purchase, and is identical to Embrace of the Spider except it will only proc off heals or HoTs.  My thoughts on it also echo my thoughts on the Embrace: I don’t particularly like it.

Forge Ember:  This drops off the final boss in Heroic HoS, and grants 73 crit rating (~1.6% at lv 80) and has a chance proc of 510 spellpower for 10 seconds (10% chance to proc).  I actually like this more than the Egg-like trinkets, as I feel a situational boost of spellpower, even from proc, to be more useful at base than a boost to haste.  However, as with the haste trinkets, “on use” is more important to me than chance on proc, especially 10% with the 45 second cooldown.

Spark of Life:  This is the equal opposite of the Forge Ember.  It also drops off the final boss in Heroic HoS, but instead of crit/spellpower, it gives 73 haste rating (~2.25% at lv 80) and has a chance to proc 176 mp5 for 15 seconds (also with a 10% proc chance).  My feelings for this are roughly equivalent to my feelings for the Forge Ember as well, as a chance to proc of mp5 is still quite useful.

Forethought Talisman:  This is a shared drop in Heroic Naxx, and grants 111 spellpower with a chance to proc a HoT on your target that heals 3572 over 12 seconds (~298/second).  It’s a 20% proc chance (again, subject to the cooldown).  I personally consider this best for the spellpower.  The proc doesn’t heal that much (it’s kinda meh, actually).

Soul of the Dead: Pallies will try to convince you that this is THEIR trinket.  Don’t let them.  It drops off Sapphiron in Naxx-25, and grants 95 crit rating (~2% at lv 80) with a 25% chance to proc 900 mana return.  Even with the 45 second cooldown, you’re looking at 900 mana back roughly each minute (or a fairly static 15 mp5).  If you’re wanting crit, this is your strongest option.

The Bottom Line

Many of the trinkets listed above are very situational, but a few stand out above the rest.  If you’re looking for your best options for trinkets, I’d suggest Spirit World Glass, Talisman of Troll Divinity, Living Ice Crystals, and Je’Tze’s Bell.