Seri sez: Double Ewe Tee Eff

April 2, 2010

Despite the silence here at WoS and on Twitter, I haven’t completely fallen off the face of the WoW-verse. I’m still puttering about, doing my thing as a raider and a GM. It’s been a busy few months, as I have added school on top of raiding 3-4 nights per week and working full time.

As a result, I’ve not been following WoW news (or, sadly, blogs) very closely, but things have seemed surprisingly quiet on the expansion front considering what’s been going on with the game lately. From cooldown reductions to high end gear & crafting mats becoming more accessible to steadily lowering the bar in ICC… it’s like all signs are pointing to an expansion launch coming Real Soon Now™ since this is the sort of thing we saw toward the end of TBC. I joked to a buddy of mine recently that I was half expecting them to just spring it on us one day out of the blue, having hired ex-CIA operatives to organize and run the most ambitiously covert beta test phase ever. Surprise, Cataclysm!

Still, the game industry being what it is… it’s not gonna happen. Of course they’re going to announce it in advance. They want pre-orders. They want hype. They want midnight launch parties and geeks like me having enough advance warning to take time off work to spend the first 48-72 hours in a highly caffeinated orgiastic frenzy of leveling, exploring, and profession grinding in between world server crashes.

So, until that release date is announced we can pretty much assume that the time between whatever day today is and Cataclysm’s launch is going to be measured in multi-month increments. (My current prediction: September-ish.) Why, then, are they in such a hurry to rush us through ICC with this rapidly scaling buff after purposefully slowing our progress via gating and attempt limits?

I’m so confused with all these mixed signals… it’s like prom night all over again. *rimshot*



  1. So nice to see a post here! I have missed you guys! Seriously I have tried added several other priest blogs to my favorites, but they just cannot compare with you guys.

    Anyhow I too am guessing September…or even October. I am looking forward to Cata, but I still have yet to beat ICC so I still have stuff to do. 🙂

  2. I completely agree with you! I’ve been venting to my friends about “what the heck are they doing??” because it’s been boggling my mind as well.

    The announcement of Blizzcon dates also threw me off, will it be released around the same time? usually Blizzcon promotes/hypes up stuff, so… what will they be hyping if the Expac is out? Maybe it’ll be more SC/Diablo hyping this year, but a majority go there for WoW news so… I dunno! just a thought.

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