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Jov sez: I’m such a bad role lead.

July 7, 2009

ooooooooops.  This one was supposed to still be in the drafts pile as it was deemed too random and not polished enough to go live.  It was essentially me going off before I was fully awake trying to get back in the blogging groove.  But!  Since it’s already sparked some discussion/disagreement on my /mouseover healing macro, I’m gonna leave it up.

Y’all might be surprised, but I’m actually in a Position of Authority ™ in my guild.  I oversee half the healing roster (in theory) and only occasionally go mad with power.

I mean, I’m totally full of useful information.  Especially on fora.

I’m gonna useful information y’all now, too.  Because after nearly a month since actually writing a post of my own, I’m kinda rusty.  (Yes, I’m copy/pasting.  Shut up, I wrote it originally.)

I’ve given a breakdown of my mouseover macro (as well as the warnings, when I admitted to accidentally spam-healing one of our mages instead of my intended (tank) target while getting used to healing with mouseover):

/cast [target=mouseover, help][help][target=targettarget, help][target=player] Spellname

The conditionals pick the following possibilities, in order:
1. Mouseover target. Enables hover-casting, best used when you use raid frames (though also works for just mousing-over units). Bind the macro to a key, move your mouse over the unit you wish to heal’s frame, press your hotkey and your spell will start casting.
2. Your selected target, provided it’s a friendly unit.
3. Your target’s target, if your target is hostile and it’s target is friendly. Particularly recommended for healers acting in a DPS or CC role, follow that stun / fear / earth shock up with a heal on whatever your foe had been pounding on before.
4. If no suitable target is selected or hovered over, heal yourself.

I’ve also given the “use this or else” Guardian Spirit macro for Sarth 3D (Spell name can be switched, making this useful for PS or Fear Ward if you need to ensure it goes off on a specific person (and not your mouseover target, see above)):

#show Guardian Spirit
/cast [target=<tank name>] Guardian Spirit
/# Guardian Spirit Used!
/ra Guardian Spirit up!
/s Guardian Spirit up!
/t <next in line> GS up!  You’re next!

1) This prevents it from casting on anyone other than the tank. If the tank isn’t in range, it doesn’t go off, you’ll know you need to move closer.
2) Announce it in heal chat (and priest as well if you want)
3) Announce it in raid and say
4) Send a tell to the next person in line, letting them know they’re next.

I’ve given my opinion on the current state of blue gems:

If I see any of you with blue gems, I’ll cry. Seriously. And then I’ll take a crowbar to your gears and pry them out.

(Seriously, if you want a socket bonus/meta requirement, go green (seer’s) or purple (purified))

But I can’t be good advice all the time:

So we can ensure <DPS’er> gets the love he deserves:

*cough cough*

(and then our co-GM totally trumped me.  Lesson learned: don’t piss off the trees.)GridIgnored