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Jov sez: How2Priest (part 3)

April 21, 2009

Alrighty, to recap…  You’ve picked your race, you’ve picked your spec, and you’ve got a good idea of what spells are useful when.  This is probably going to be the last post of this series (unless y’all poke me in comments with something blindingly obvious that I’ve missed.  Cause, hey, contrary to popular belief, I’m not perfect) and I’m just going to take a few minutes to quickly go over Glyphs.

First off, the ones that really don’t matter:

Minor Glyphs

There are currently 6 minor glyphs in the game, and 3 minor glyph slots.  Which glyphs you choose is almost entirely personal preference.  4 have debatably more “raid utility” than the other two (Fading, Fortitude, and Shadow Protection reducing the mana cost of raid buffs, and Shadow Fiend giving you mana back anyway if your puppy does something stupid), one is purely to cater to the lazy (Levitate, which you’ll pry out of my cold, dead spellbook), and one was useful once, but is kinda meh with current content (Shackle Undead).  Pick three that aren’t Shackle and have fun.

And here’s where things start getting a wee bit more complicated, since Disc and Holy don’t really care about the same things, and don’t necessarily want the same glyphs.  But moving on to a shortlist:

Major Glyphs: Discipline

Penance : The reason every Disc priest should be humping the leg of your guild inscriptors.  This is the first choice for any bubblepriest worth their salt.

Flash Heal : The number two choice, and should be in every healing priest’s arsenal.

Shield : You do everything else to boost your shield, why not add a healing component as well.

Major Glyphs: Holy

Flash Heal : What I said above is true; there are no glyphs good enough to prevent this from being used regardless of (healing) spec.

Circle of Healing : A strong glyph, one extra hit on a instant-cast smart group heal is nothing to sneeze at; roughly equal to…

Prayer of Healing : This is an either/or.  Prayer of Healing is going to be a better choice now that it’s targetable in any situation you don’t need the instant.

Glyph of Guardian Spirit : Personally, this is the one I’m most excited about; I just don’t know anyone yet who can make it.   Sadness.


Holy Nova : My issue with this isn’t so much the lawlnova aspect as it is the fact that it’s STILL party-limited.  Useful for 5-mans, however, especially as Discipline (as they have no other instant aoe heal).

Spirit of Redemption : After the (justifiably needed) nerf, this glyph lost most of it’s oomph.  Not bad, but there are better choices out there.

Renew : I know I’m gonna attract a lot of disagreement here, but I don’t like it.  I don’t want to be forced to sacrifice a glyph slot and 8 talent points to Renew to make it a useful heal.
So there ya have it.  Quick and dirty, certainly, but I only promised a quick overview for this one.  Renew argument opening in the comments in 3, 2…