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Jov sez: Why I’m looking forward to faction-transfers.

July 28, 2009

realmlistWhile I don’t  have as strong a case of alt-itis as Seri, I have been known to…  dabble… in character creation.  Okay, I’m addicted to it, and stubbornly roll healing class after healing class after healing class.  And don’t get me wrong, I don’t play most of the characters I roll.  Nothing against them, but a lot of them were either to take advantage of free realm transfers to clear up space on my home server and they were essentially retired and unplayed anyway, or they’re characters I’ve rolled to play with friends on other servers, who have flaked or had difficult to match schedules or the like.  Some…  I don’t really remember why I rolled, probably to peek around at the RP (since they’re almost always RP realms unless I’m rolling for a friend) and still there because I’m not at character cap.charlist

My home server…  is full.  Specifically, it’s full of horde goodness.  The only lingering traces of Alliance on Scarlet Crusade are my first priest, who I am still admittedly suffering from major sentimental attachment to, and my druid.  My druid is a lv 70 druid, and damnit, I don’t want to level another from scratch.  I played her off and on from about the time I rolled my priest.  An was a paired character, Vie was the character I rolled to see if I could do this game all by myself.  An had strong ties to RP and other members of her guild.  Vie was played as being in-character as needed, but never really strongly caught as a character for me.  An will always be alliance, and may be played eventually, but primarily is used to keep up with my friends on that side of the fence.  Vie…  I miss playing, but I miss the system of support I have hordeside more.  Not to mention, hordeside she’s pretty much guaranteed epic flight, which is SO not happening if she stays alliance.

In short, I want faction transfers to happen NOW, primarily because I really really want to play my druid again.  I miss her.  I miss the boom, I miss the zoomrawr, I miss the tree-dance.  My name is Jov, and I’ve got an alt-problem.Vie