Jov sez: Listen to me, I’m totally e-famous

February 10, 2010

Or at least I will be.  Please direct any questions (except where’s Seri– Seri’s shy) to raidwarningpodcast@gmail.com.


  1. o//* Jov *\\o Jov *\o/* She’s the (wo)man

    *\o/* Nobody can *\o/*
    (pon pon emotes are trademarks owned by Zusterke)

    Knock em dead!

    Now.. questions… hmm.. I’ll come back to that later 😉

    • It seems half my pompon emotes didn’t work well with the submit form 😦 Oh well.. they ruled. But the text was:
      Jov, Jov, she’s the (wo)man
      If she can’t do it
      Nobody can!

      • I totally got your pom pom reference. Your rhyme on the other hand confused the heck out of me. Thanks for clearing it up.

        Nice cheer emotes btw!

  2. I still like the ones that did work Zusterke, and yay Jov!

  3. I’m really excited about this event, Jov! It’ll be fun.

  4. “Power Word: Fail” wtf?

    I hope it’s not just some big rant about the class. I will check it out because I like Jov, and this blog inspired me to start blogging, but whomever picked that phrase should keep their day job.


    • Why so serious? Lol

      Raid Warning is a hilarious show. They provide good information while being entertaining. Their Hunter Rountable was full of great information without putting you to sleep. The name just represents how they present things. Great guests and content mixed in with drunken banter.

    • Listen to raidwarning before you judge the title… its perfect. Even moreso when you know that they both play healers (druid/pally). Don’t worry with Ava and myself on board as well, we’ll keep it entertaining. Afterall, we provide Jov with plenty of opportunities to eat popcorn, right hon? I’m totally looking forward to recording with Seven and Brian, Jov and Ava and the rest of the guests! 😀

  5. This is going to be great. I can combine my love of drinking with my love of gaming. A perfect format for a circus clown like myself.

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