Jov sez: That’s not my job!

February 2, 2010

As I mentioned very briefly in my last post (two weeks ago– oops!  RL continues to interfere with my posting time) I have computer issues making raiding a difficult prospect at best.  Specifically, as soon as I step into a raid instance, my framerate plummets to below single-digits.  I turn into a bad raider.  I stand in stuff.  I run INTO aoe.  I can’t actually do very much reactive OR proactive healing since sometimes when I hit a button, it’s registering 2 seconds after I start frantically pounding the keyboard.  So, I’ve stepped down to our part-time raider rank and am only reading when I can steal Tars’ computer for the night.

Needless to say, the majority of my wow-time has been taken up with 5-mans and alts lately, since 5s seem to avoid all my raid problems.  And I have to say, as a healer and as a DPS, I’ve had remarkably good luck (nothing for Ava‘s Scrub Pub) but there are a few key misconceptions that some people seem to suffer from when it comes to their expectations of me.

As a DPS, it IS my job to:

DPS. That’s my job.  Do damage.  Specifically, it’s my job to do as much damage as I can (without pulling threat) on as many targets as the tank’s threat allows.

CC if needed/requested.  Not that anyone CCs anymore…  Mostly this applies to slowing/stopping runners and not much else.

As a DPS, it’s NOT my job to:

Tank. I’ve been as guilty as the next person of signing my baby ret pally up for lfd as DPS/Tank just to queue faster.  When I sign up for it, I’m aware I will take the consequences.  I carry a one-hander and shield for that purpose.  That’s fine.  But the number of people who expect my hunter (or her pet) to tank 3 elites when the healer and tank have died and the only people standing are a couple DPS who are doing the damage (and therefore pulling the threat) of a wet noodle and save the party from a wipe?  No, wipe recovery is what feign death + Jumper Cables is for.  I’m not gonna suck up a repair bill on a lost cause.  I will try on my DPS characters to pull stuff off the healer, but that’s intended as temporary tanking at best.

Pull threat. If I’m pulling threat, it’s usually my fault.  Just because I can pull threat off any tank doesn’t mean I should.  In fact, the minigame of “climb the threat meter but don’t climb over” is part of the fun part of being a DPS.

As a Healer, it IS my job to:

Heal. Cast healing spells.  Not tank, and I shouldn’t be doing a lot of DPS.

Manage my mana. So I can heal.  Pretty self explanatory, there…

As a Healer, it’s NOT my job to:

Keep you at 100%. You’re alive?  Good.  You’re lower than you want to be?  Meh.  The only person a healer has a responsibility to keep high in health is the tank.  If you’re low due to unavoidable stuff and we’re still in combat?  You’re definitely on my list of people to heal.  If you’re low in health because you ran a room ahead of the tank, pulled a buncha mobs, and the tank got ’em off you?  Not my problem.  Especially if we’re out of combat and I’m eating/drinking.  Use your own bandages/food/healing spells, don’t whine that I’m a crappy healer after I ignore your “HEALPLS”

So, yeah.  That’s my minor rant of the week.  Specifically that last bit.  Suck it up and deal, stupid.


  1. Hear hear. Also not a healer’s job is to watch a lock tap to nothing in between pulls and heal them back to full. Tap mid-combat and use those healing dots to heal you up. If you need to tap down while I’m drinking, bandage up after.

    • I hate warlocks who do that, but I’m not usually sure what to do about it.

  2. I used to have major framerate issues. It helps to turn down all the video options (obviously). It also helps to better manage the heat on your system and your video card. We’ve actually had a few raiders melt their video cards in raids 😛

    If you’ve been getting fine framerates in wrath before, but now are getting terrible fps, there is definitely something wrong.

    I think I would add to the DPS jobs: it is the DPS’ job to stay alive and take as little damage as possible. A lot of people seem to just pay attention to the meters. However, the mark of a good DPS is not if they can pull 4k+ in heroics (though that helps, especially in Halls of Reflection), its if they know where their defensive cooldowns and interrupts are, and know how and when to use them.

    This is a skill a lot of people try to leave to healers, but especially when you get into raid content, abilities are designed to make it nearly impossible to heal a player who does something stupid. There are a lot of players in our raids who die way too often and otherwise take way too much damage. They’re always the first person on every fight to start eating dirt. Don’t be that guy.

  3. I had been having huge lag issues. So we finally gave up on my wireless (our furnace is between my comp and the router) and strung up cable to my comp. Bye bye lag! 🙂

    As for the responsibilities of a healer…

    A hunter the other day told me to heal. My response was, “Heals for the tank not huntards”. The guy really pissed me off so he deserved it. Started out in Occiulus with tank leaving. Got a new one. Before he got up to us hunter asks if people are ready and without a word from the tank MD’s to him. Ummmm…NO! Bad Hunter! Then we are on drakes and he tells me to heal him…ummm….stupid head I can’t yet….and when I do get that ability I’ll likely be rotating between myself and the tank. We get to the end and Huntard stays in when we all fly away and he dies…then laughs and starts berating me for not healing him. UGH!

    • We had wireless for a while, and once we realized how much interfers with it while dealing with 1 FPS on raids, we ditched wireless.

      Everything seemed to be on our wireless frequency – our phones, our security system….

      So go go ghetto cable across the house.

  4. I just started healing WotLK instances with my new 71 baby priest alt. I’m shocked that people don’t appear to be using food or bandages between pulls.

    They get to “hands free” and drink a beer and I’ve got to frantically heal everyone and then worry about mana?

    People. Healing is not free, it takes time and energy for me to do it between pulls. In four randoms so far, there were 3 wipes, and 6 people expecting a rez.

    And one wipe I know was caused because I was healing the DPS before the boss pull, and ended up accidentally tank-healing a mage in the first 30 seconds of the fight.

    Should I be setting limits at the get-go, or just appreciate that I can get a random in 4 minutes?

  5. One of the things that’s just killing me about the idiocy in LFG is the people that will do stupid things (like run ahead and pull) then come back crying ’cause their health is stupidly low, but even more than that, a particular pet peeve that falls under the category of “Not My Job” is to heal you up after I have to rez you from your stupidity. If I have time to drink after rezzing you, you have time to sit and eat too. It is NOT my job to heal you back to full just because I have mana. It is not there because you are cheap and/or lazy.

    Now, don’t get me wrong – under normal circumstances, I will throw you a renew after the res before I eat, as long as you haven’t been an ass clown. But if you have? Gods help you.

  6. I used to play healer and hence feel much like you do. If I’m sitting down to drink and someone loiters next to me at half health/lifetaps to nothing and just waits, all they’re doing is saving themselves a spot at the bottom of my healing priority list.

    The thing is, now that I’m a rogue I’ve actually had healers whine at me for eating and bandaging. “Let me do my job” and similar. It’s baffling.

    Similarly, I love making use of my rogue’s various skills to avoid pulling aggro… but I’ve had tanks complaining about me using Tricks (to the point at which one kicked me when I used it at the start of a boss fight). Apparently it’s a sign of no-faith in the tank… Uuuuh, yeah. No. It’s more a sign of faith in the simple fact that my rushing in to hit BF and KS straight off the bat will cause splatty rogue nine times out of ten regardless of the tank’s skill.

    People suck.

  7. Thank you so much for your insite on a healer, I have recently started playing and the demands are so high it’s hard to know what your actual role is. This helps so much… I can’t believe how much mana I’ve wasted doing what everyone else wants when really those requests aren’t my role in the instance.

  8. As a healer and lock, I’ve never understood the ‘lifetap to nothing. Now Heal me.’ Mentality, Locks are built with abilities to regain that health and I never see them use it. My lock keeps a full stack of bandages, Drain Life hotkeyed and ample food and water. Standard practice since raiding back in Karazhan.

    As a healer my general rule is that if you are getting hit (and my addons will tell me if you have the attention of a baddie), you will get a heal. Anything else? You deal with it. If the Warlock is behaving, then their Fel Armor should heal up their tap if nothing else.

  9. This is my first priest char, I ever played. Not only am I trying to learn how to manage my mana to keep myself alive my buddy is constantly wanting me to heal him to full, and he runs off b4 i can get my mana back up. SO thanks to this blog I will only keep his pet at full- because it acts like a tank. and keep buddy at least half if able. this is going to change my whole experience. Thank you

  10. Im agreeing with all of you new healers. I started playing WoW a few weeks ago and have a lvl 38 priest now. Being new to the game and to healing(which does have a certain responsibility) its hard to know what you are expected to do and what you should do.
    I have made some mistakes (my BF has a druid and plays healer sometimes too, so he’s given some input..)but you just dont know any better. This is definetly going to give me some new confidence as a healer 😀 Now I know that I can draw a line.

    Now, this leads to another request. It might be here, I havent read that many posts yet, but why not have some tips for newbies? Thats my reason for finding this forum 😀 I dont even understand the half of what is said.. so many shortened words and internal talk going on. I dont know anything! So that would defintely be helpful.. 🙂 One of the things im struggling with is if I should go holy or disc.. so far ive gone holy, but thats just random. How do you know what you want, when you dont really know enything yet..?

    Yes indeed, a bit philosophical today. But thanks for a great blog 😀 The parts I do understand are really good 😛

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