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January 5, 2010

So, I’m pretty certain everyone is aware of that feeling on Monday when you go back to work after having a long weekend filled with friends, massive cleaning to prepare and recover from said friends, and nursing the hangover you got from time spent with more of the hair of the dog that bit you…

It’s kinda like that, returning to blogging after a period of vacation.  Sure, it was only a couple weeks…  And sure, it’s just a blog post!  These things really just write themselves, right?

HA!  Wrong!

I’m not one of those talented people who can churn a post out like so much senseless drivel, with nary a thought or care.  No, though I am talented, my talent is the kind you must WORK for.  Each post, carefully crafted from blood, sweat, and tears.  Each a tiny piece of perfection, lovingly wrought from the very essence of my SOUL.

(Too overblown?  Nah…)

To state things more simply, blog posts are something I’ve really gotta work for.  And after my vacation, Monday returned with all the subtlety of a mack truck.  First I was in denial that it was actually here.  Anger that it DARED happen again…  Then I just kinda gave up, put my head down, and prayed it wouldn’t notice me too much.

But!  To make it up for you all, I’m currently (finally!) transferring over Zusterke’s latest masterpiece, which will make it’s appearance next week.  (Sorry for the delay, you caught me right at the start of winter craziness!)



  1. No worries at all. I think we’ve all been hit with the post holidays slump. I dreaded going into work yesterday and the whole day seemed dismal. I love the holiday season, but the period after is a big jolt back to reality. A nice long dry spell (with NO holidays for months to come. Seriously, who planned that??) after about a month of festivities.

    Ok… there is Valentine’s Day, but I don’t get out of work for that, so it doesn’t count.

  2. I always look forward to reading your blog entries! Christmas has all been a bit of a blur for me – all my free time was spent chaining heroics and I finally have my full T9/Triumph set (though it took me over a week of running PoS in both normal & heroic to get a half-decent pair of shoes). Now I just need to get it through to my guild master that I don’t care how much healing recount says his tree does when he spams Wild Growth / how little my disco priest does when I shield everyone, that this doesn’t make him a better healer, and that he should stick to tanking 😉

  3. I missed you!

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