Jov sez: Dear Father Winter

December 8, 2009

Dear Father Winter,

As I’m certain you know, I’ve been a very good girl this year.  First of all, I haven’t killed any rogues…  DPS has been basking in the glow of my heals, in fact!  Seri has shown me the error of my earlier ways, thinking that DPS aren’t actually people…  How wrong I was!  I’ve also done a good deal of work toward feeding the hungry of Dalaran, each day providing meals to one poor soul or another.  I’ve run errands for giants, I’ve performed tasks for knights, and I’ve made peace with those adorable primitives in Sholozar Basin.

I have done all of these things with nary a thought for myself…  You might say even out of the kindness of my heart.

And because I have done such a good job this year, I only ask that you overlook that…  thing… in Brewfest.  I can hardly be blamed for what I can barely remember, right?  And all those times I accidentally yelled “I WILL PUNCH YOU THROUGH THE INTERNETS…”  Well, of course that makes no sense at all, so it obviously was just a joke.

I’ve spent the past year attempting to be a shining example of all that is good and Holy…  I’ve even been leaving those poor, unfortunate Discipline Priests alone!

I only have one request…  ONE present I want for Winter’s Veil…

This Argent Tournament thing?  Please let it all end.  I don’t care if another stupid space goat ship crashes into it or it pulls a Dalaran and vanishes with a large chunk of the surrounding landscape or what…

I just want to go somewhere I’m actually making a difference.  I want to go to Icecrown.

Love,  Jov

PS — We won’t discuss that time I saw you and the goblin having a sausage party last Winter’s Veil…  We’ll just keep that between you and me.  Kisses.



  1. I got comments that prove you harassed at least this Disc priest….

    • It doesn’t count if I don’t remember it! >.>

  2. And the new patch rolls in… My guess is that your post scriptum did the trick! Gratz!

    • Huzzah, Father Winter listened!

    • Ditto.

  3. New favourite phrase? Sausage party. Thanks! 😀

    • It is pretty awesome 🙂

  4. I’m just impressed that you can stomach sending kisses to someone who you know was involved in a goblin sausage party. Seems pretty unsanitary.

    However, I’ll be looking for opportunities to accuse my RL of partaking in Goblin Sausage Parties during the next week. If I get gkicked, this is my proof that it was Jov’s fault!

  5. Lately I have barely paid attention to WoW. Dragon Age kinda took over. I’ve beaten it once and immediately started a new game. Now that Ice Crown is here maybe I’ll find WoW more interesting again. 🙂

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  7. =O Argent Tournament is over. Post nao! =^*

  8. […] one of the best moment’s of World of Snarkcraft this year (in my not so humble opinion) was Jov’s letter to Father Winter. I’m pleased to report that she did, in fact, get her heart’s […]

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