Jov sez: Placeholder (maybe)

December 1, 2009

Maybe it’s continuing turkey coma, maybe it’s just pure lack of inspiration, but I have no idea what to do for a post today.

I could do a rant directed at some certain specific people, but it’s likely to get me in trouble for saying what I shouldn’t (and really, true snark requires some level of humor with the bitterness, which I don’t know that I’m ready to do), when really bygones should be bygones.

I could comment on the humor of MMO Champion having 2 blue posts, one saying 3.3 is next week, one saying they’re not telling us when 3.3 is gonna hit, in the same meta post.

I could comment that I totally want the pug pet, and don’t care how many pugs I have to do to get him.

Or I could just leave it like this for now, and try and turn my attention to getting an actual post up for next week.



  1. That pet will certainly have meant you earned your “the Patient” title from the previous level of the achievement 😀

    Sadly since the counter only includes “random” group members, or I’d offer to let you use my horde dk on your server to at least cover one of ’em, since she finally hit 80 a few weeks back (although really that’s only replacing “random terribad dps” with “non-random terribad dps” ^_~).

    • Friend and poke Joveta sometime then, dorkfase!!

      • I’ve actually had you friended since the character was rolled, but I don’t think we’ve even once been online at the same time >.<

        Granted this is probably mostly because she was leveled at bizarre and random times (when I had both free time and a desire to goof around with dw spec).

    • The random system tries to balance the group so it will find stronger dps to team up with. Hence you shouldn’t see your dps as ‘bad’, but rather as ‘you are strengthening the dps of others’.. a bit like a shaman with his totems.

      I do wonder what creative solution the random system will come up with to balance out a group with Jov 🙂
      Ohh.. too many fun images coming to mind.. haha

  2. *hugs Jov*

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