Guest Post: Warcry!

November 25, 2009

It’s another Turkey-week guest post, this time a super-Wednesday edition.  This time from Juzuba, a frequent commenter both here and on PlusHeal.

Warcraft?  Warcryft?  War cry craft?  Ah, so it’s build your own war cry.  I can deal, I can deal.  It’s a worthwhile endeavor, you know.  Obviously our homemade chants and shouts cannot possibly eclipse the Classic.  But our lesser brethren (read: the Alliance) have been struggling for fifteen years without an original quip to fall back on after being invariably gunned down before the gates of Orgrimmar.  “For the Alliance” is the equivalent of “Cocoa and peanut butter FUSION” or “Vampires twinkle in direct sunlight”.  It’s a cheap knockoff, and everybody knows it.

I hereby offer a few variants for your situational rage-filled trumpeting needs.

Classic Era

“Defend the Crossroads/Southshore!”

“Remember Mr. Bigglesworth!”

“More Dots!  More Dots!  -50 DKP!”

“Leeeeeroooooyyyyyy Jenkins!”

“Fuck dishonorable kills, I’m getting on my main!”

“Loot the hounds!”

“Sheep the adds!”


“No, YOU are not prepared!”

“______ was merely a setback!”

“Please don’t let it be Warrior/Druid again!”

“Leeeeeroooooyyyyyy Jenkins!”  (still a classic)

“Actually, I think that’s a hunter weapon.”

“Don’t move on Flame Wreath!”

“Kill order is skull, then X.  Sheep moon, banish purple, trap blue square, sap triangle.”

“Don’t nerf me, Bro!”

WotLK Era

“For Saurfang!”

“Death to the Scourge!”  (“And death to the living!” is optional)

“Suffer well, brethren!”

“Kill order is Death and Decay, Consecrate, Blizzard, Bladestorm, wheeeee!”

“Remember Mr. Bigglesworth (redux)!”

“In the mountains…”

“Get out of the Brain Room befo- Yes, master…”

“Battle on, heroes?  It’s my sixth run-through this week!  Screw you, DJ Fordring!”

“Leeeeeroooooyyyyyy Jenkins!”  (always a classic)

“More Dots!  More Dots!  -50 DKP!”

“Remember to loot the Daily Quest Item!”

“Death to the raiding guild!”

If The Alliance Had Huevos

“Remember Lordaeron!”

“Honor to the fallen, and honor to Stormwind!”

“My King Is A Douche!”

“Avenge Gnomergon (One Day, Maybe)!”

“We got Worgen, haha, bitches!”


So, fellow war-bards – inspire us with your tales of bravery and courage in the face of oncoming slaughter!

Look, as a D&D player, you have no idea how much effort it took to say that with a straight face…

Jov sez: And now I’m going to be picturing that whenever I’m playing my Aasimar Bard in our Saturday D&D game.  Gee thanks.  >.<



  1. I’m quite partial to:

    “I’ve got 99 problems, but a Lich ain’t one!”

    Gotta save that one for 3.3, though.

  2. Ours is “Face Pull!” which is kinda a tribute to the always-classic Leeeeroy Jenkins.
    Our tank /yells that sometimes against bosses as he charges in.

  3. What, no “Remember to Loot the Quest Item!”?

  4. “Its not over until the tank goes ‘Uh oh…’!”

  5. Actually…the official battlecry for the alliance is: “Glory to the Alliance!”.
    But nobody ever uses it which is frustrating. (instead they come up with that unoriginal battlecry: “For the Alliance”. which just sounds stupid -_-)

  6. I miss my Aasimar Bard…anyway.

    The official BoO Battlecry is “ATTAAAAAAAAACK!”

    • Must you always copy me, boobles?!

  7. For Gnomeregan still does it for me, even on the Squid…

    Still, I think the overwhelming on in WoLK has to be…


    Although I think OOMegan has a couple of good ones…



    Warlocks > Mages, kk

    Dont necessarily agree with the last one, but it makes me chuckle every time I see he write it.

  8. I always smiled at the dramatic “You are not repaired!” shout on vent when someone asks for a repair bot.

    My guild doesn’t really use warcry’s but we do spam songs to blame one random person (regardless whether that person is in the raid or not) for wipes. For example, one of my favorites (Zorkolak being the current GM):
    ‘Blame Zorkolak’, what a wonderfull phrase!
    ‘Blame Zorkolak’, ain’t no passing craze!
    It means no worries, for the rest of our raids.
    It’s our problem free, philosophy
    To blame Zorkolak

  9. I think memes are guild and server-specific. Hunter weapon was a vanilla meme on my server. Illidan wasn’t the only boss encounter quoted, Aran and Kael’thas were also very popular. Doomfire supplemented flame wreath after Archimonde. And flame darts, after Kil’jaeden.

    “Skin the hounds” made a comeback during TOGC, whenever someone forgot to skin Icehowl. As well as “more dots” but most people have stopped doing Ony since 3.3. “In the mountains” is still very popular and has been the Wrath version of “You are not prepared!” The vanilla version of that was “Too soon, Executus!”

    There really are no Alliance-specific memes that have been immensely popular, other than “Lagforge” and variants of such.

    Though I suspect “A lone orc!?!?!?!” will become popular once heroic Saurfang is unlocked. I imagine that will be said whenever someone comes across an orc in PvP in the future.

  10. Our king is sexy honey!
    But you, as a bloodelf shouldn’t know much about masculine magnetism being overwhelmed by feminine blond baby pallys 😉

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