Seri sez: WTB Holy Paladin, Tree & DPS!

November 12, 2009

It’s been one of “those” weeks for me, so I didn’t have a post prepped for today. Instead of throwing something lackluster together, I’ve instead decided to use/abuse this space as a recruitment platform. Why? Because Wowlemmings.com is starting to invade my dreams…

What we’re looking for:

  • 2x Holy Paladin
  • 1x Resto Druid
  • 2x DPS

We’d be particularly interested in an Elemental Shaman. Other than that, anything is fair game. (However, any Rogue/Warlock applications would have to be exceptional.)

These are core raid team spots! Our raid nights are: Wed/Thu/Mon 6-10pm CST (7-11pm EST).

Note: We are currently running from 6:30-10pm on a trial basis. This may become our schedule on a more permanent basis, but we won’t know until we get a better idea of how it works out.

<Axiom> has been raiding on Scarlet Crusade since 2007. Throughout that time we’ve been something of an enigma on our server… we’ve never participated in realm progression threads, just quietly rose through the ranks to compete with the top guilds on the server over time. We cleared all 25-man TBC content prior to WotLK and have cleared most of the 25-man WotLK content as well. We’re 13/14 Ulduar, have crafted Val’anyr, and have completed a couple of Ulduar Hard Modes. We clear Trial of the Crusader weekly, and have been making steady progress chipping away at Heroic Beasts when possible. (Unfortunately, we don’t always have 25 raiders available on raid nights… that’s why we’re recruiting!)

We’re a friendly, if rowdy, bunch. We cuss (a lot) and poke fun at each other constantly, but we’re pretty good at pulling focus when needed. We have raiders ranging in age from 17 to 40-something, with a quirky blend of students, slackers, professionals and homemakers. We also have a pretty high ratio of ladies to gents… a running joke on our server is, “Where are all the women? Oh right, they’re in Axiom!”

Axiom is a great place for someone that takes raiding seriously but doesn’t consider themselves a hardcore raider. (I’ve commented before to applicants and friends that we aren’t a hardcore guild, but we are a successful guild.) We do monthly reviews of all raiders and like for our raiders to be constantly looking for ways to improve. At the same time, we recognize that RL is important and encourage all of our raiders to lead healthy and fulfilling lives outside of the game.

What are we looking for? The ideal candidates will be right at our level of progression, available all three of our raid nights, skilled/experienced with their class/spec/role and geared in ToC/Ulduar 25-man gear with epic gems, best in slot enchants, a solid raid spec, good glyphs and a can-do attitude. We’ll consider exceptional applications from candidates that aren’t quite at our gear level… entry level Ulduar is about the minimum we’ll consider. Come to us with a positive attitude, enthusiasm for raiding, appreciation for off-color jokes and a snarky sense of humor and you should fit right in.

Self-centered narcissistic cockweasels need not apply. 😉

Visit http://www.axiom-sc.com and apply today!


  1. Needs moar priest. ❤

    GL in your recruiting! Y'all sound like you'd be a fun bunch to run around with. 🙂

  2. Agree with previous poster. Snarky Raiding would certainly be entertaining.

  3. “Self-centered narcissistic cockweasels need not apply.”

    That narrows your options considerably…

    • Two out of three works fine. >.> You need 2/3 to survive the guild.


      I MEAN HAI!

  4. And you invited me… ;_; What are you trying to say, Jov?

    • It means I think you probably rock and are totally capable of holding your own against the (2/3 self-centered, narcissistic, cokweasels) in our guild.


      • 2/3 is generous imo.

        No really, we’re good people.

        Love, ßob

  5. You know, if my raid officers don’t stop being such utter idiots, I may actually consider this. Though I’m a moonkin with a holy paladin alt.

  6. Good luck on your recruiting. I’d fit right in but happy where I am, but if I ever move “over there” who knows

  7. aw, i would totally consider transferring nimmers over if i played regularly enough to count on anymore, missies! then again, how to do you feel about trees knitting during the trash pulls? :-/

  8. hmmm. want a shadow?

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