Jov sez: Dear Blizz, wtf are you thinking?

November 10, 2009

I was going to make an actual post, but instead, I’ll leave you all to wonder what I wonder:  WTF was Blizz thinking when they drew up the T10 armor?


Yeah, me too.  At least Seri’s not the only one developing a twitch.



  1. IDK, BB. I think half the problem is that they put it on the single most unattractive character model in the game. Gnomes at least have the cute-in-a-chibi-way factor; male humans are just ugly with a side of fug and fugly sauce on top and make everything they wear look like shit (except plate, sometimes). I can see several of them that will actually look quite nice on other races, and they all definitely fit in with the Scourge theme they were apparently going for.

    My biggest question is the color choices. What colorblind circus costume designer came up with the colors for the Druid, Mage, and Hunter sets!?

  2. Actually, let me amend that. The mage set is just beyond help in every way imaginable. I’m just glad I never finished levelling mine… >_>;;;

  3. I find the hunter set particularly awful because it looks like it was carved out of wood. They wear mail not trees for armor. As usual the shoulders are all universally awful and over the top.

  4. actually I love the shaman tier. One – kilt! I get to wear kilt again! Two – it looks so deliciously “snow queen” Eskimo to me, I might even end up leaving the helm on show, something I almost never do.

    Now druid set is horrifying, especially helmet.

    I agree with Worldmage about using human male model /shudder. almost nothing ever looks good on them.

  5. Why did everyone get a cool….ok druid is ‘different’ but still new…except priests. Ours always looks that same fire and a hood….raar

  6. I love the shaman and rogue sets!

  7. >_> Because there is no more terrifying beast on all the world of Azeroth than the shoveltusk. And for kicks and giggles, we’ll have decapitated, spectral shoveltusk heads follow you around. For that extra measure of terror.

  8. Out of all of them, I didn’t think the shaman was half bad! (I agree with the stupid human model. Why not put it on a race that can actually wear it??)

  9. Oh human male model . . . is there ANYTHING you don’t ruin?

    I actually kinda like the look of the shammy outfit; seems in theme.

  10. yeah I agree – the human male doesn’t do much for these outfits.

    Usually the pattern for me goes like this: OMG those complete sets look terrible on that human male datamined model!

    Then you look at it in game on your toon, and it’s not half bad, really. I mean, T8 looked okay on my Priest.

    Of course, this rule doesn’t apply to helmets. t8 helmets were bad and t9 were just underwhelming. They need the fire the guy who draws helmets. And put the shoulder guy on notice.

    Put them on a model that looks good, turn off the helmet, and these sets won’t scream disgusting. Well, except for the Druid set, you’re liable to get eaten by the shoulders.

  11. Eh, it’s much better than T8. And the helm isn’t a tin can with spikes! Of course, on a tauren it’s probably going to look much sillier.

    I’m not fond of random-animation shoulders though–the former warlock ones and the current rogue (druid? the ones with the tentacles) ones are kind of distracting.

  12. I love the shaman t10.

    The priest, however, not only follows the same general theme as EVERY OTHER TIER we’ve had, it is easily the most visually boring of the bunch.

    I will say I prefer being visually bland to looking like the poor warlocks and druids.

  13. The rogue set… doesn’t look roguish. At all.

    Out of all the sets, I must have to say I quite like the Shaman T10.

    I feel sorry for druids.

    All the other sets… they look more or less the same. I remember back before WotLK, often times I could recognize a player’s class AND season/tier based on their armor design. Not so much now.

  14. The shamans finally get their hug from bliz though. I mean seriously at least THEIR set is worth the wait.

  15. I soooooo am not going to be leaving form on my Druid once I’m forced to wear that particular clown suit. Fishing in Boomkin form and shifting in the middle of a tree of shame, here I come! And just forget about Dal, Imma set my hearth to K3. *cry*

  16. I quite like the shaman set. Too bad paladins didn’t get the same treatment – kilts AGAIN. Ugh.

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