Jov sez: My Armor Sucks (redux) and Final Goodbyes

October 13, 2009

My posts lately have been so multi-faceted  and stream of consiousnessy lately, haven’t they?  Well, have some more!

Priest T10 Bonuses and Why They Suck

  • 2 piece bonus – Your Flash Heal critical strikes cause the target to heal for 25% of the healed amount over 9 sec.
  • 4 piece bonus – Your Circle of Healing and Penance spells have a 20% chance to cause your next Flash Heal cast within 6 sec to reset the cooldown on your Circle of Healing and Penance spells.

(They’ve been updated since they were first announced)

I know some people are pretty enthusiastic about the bonuses.  But this is my blog, and I think they suck.  So nyeh.

The 2-piece: Per WoL, my average Flash Heal hits for approx 2600.  The HoT would heal another 650, broken up into however many pieces, over the next 9 seconds.  That total heal is 1/3 of my average Renew tick.  Let me repeat 1/3 of my average Renew tick.   But wait!  What about a Discipline Priest?  Well ours is geared to the hilt and her average flash is approx 2200.  Her total healing from the 2-piece would be 550.  Also, it’s somewhat unlikely the HoT would self-stack, meaning the Discipline Priest would only get ticks if their Penance is off cooldown and they take the time to Penance/re-shield.  Otherwise, it would exist in the no-man’s land of constant overwriting.

Also, the above numbers are best-case.  If you get a crit on overheal, the phrasing seems to state that only the amount healed gets the HoT value.  Double plus-plus useless.

People have also been commenting that the 2-piece is the old FoL HoT v 2.0.  I counter that the pally FoL hot was a copy of the Priest 8-piece T2 bonus (yes, 8-piece, I’m going back to the golden age of raiding before tier tokens when you had to WORK for your set bonuses).  Back in my day, that was the only stacking-hot in the game.  And it still kinda sucked.

The 4-piece: I’ll be the first to admit I kinda miss the days of no-cooldown CoH.  (You miss them too, you know it!)  I also have no qualms with admitting that the spell was totally OP at its height.  Smart, not party-limited…  no cooldown.  mmm…  Tasty, tasty OP’ness.  The problem with messing with the cooldown length on cooldown-based spells is always going to be rhythm and muscle memory.

Muscle memory may be something you can train yourself out of pretty easily, but only if the changes made are consistent.  The 4-piece is not a consistent change, it’s a chance on proc.

1.  Jov hates procs.  Murphy’s Law of Procs = shit never procs when you need it, only when you don’t.

2.  Jov hates procs.

3.  Did I mention Jov hates procs?

Best definition I’ve heard of the 4-piece bonus was “Has 20% chance of screwing up your rotation.”  Yes, it has a strong potential for burst healing, but at the same time, most people have a feeling for when they can hit their Penance or CoH, and missing this proc is MUCH worse than missing out on a SoL.

Final Goodbyes

It was great knowing you all, but I’m leaving…

HA!  Fooled you!  Y’all are stuck with me for the next while at least.

The past few weeks have seen the official closings of two of the best and brightest lights in the Priest Blogging community.  While Ego’s final goodbye was expected, as her departure had been announced quite a bit earlier, the finality of the doors closing did drive the point home.  Seri and I are still friends with the player behind the horns, and have a promise from Hannelore that we’re her first stop if she ever feels the urge to post in the future, but it’s always difficult to see something important to you move on.

And speaking of important and moving on, Dwarf Priest has also closed her doors.  While Ego’s departure was expected, Dwarf’s was a sudden blog silence, leading many to have concerns about her health (and even some rumors of her death).  While quick to dispel rumors of her death (vastly overrated), the health concerns proved to be true, and she has moved on, both from the responsibilities of the game and of the blog.

To you both, whether or not you see this:  Goodbye and Good Luck.




  1. I’ll dearly miss ego. You always got a laugh out of me while learning me out of my ignorance. (or something that makes sense)

    As for dwarf priest stay healthy! I never made it over to your blog but I know it must be horrible to have to drop, even worse, suddenly.

  2. With 2500 spellpower my non crit flash heals are hitting me for 4800-5k.

    This is simply logging into my Priest, sitting in Dalaran, casting flash on myself.

    Perhaps you don’t have empowered healing?

    Anyway with that math, my Flash would leave a hot that heals for 1250 over 9 seconds, which is about 200 health less than one renew tick, with no talents on it.

    still not great I guess.

  3. As Holy my average flash heal(taken from last night’s WoL) is 5390. That’d be a two set bonus that gives me well over 1K extra healing on a bread and butter spell.

    I want to see in practice how good the four piece set bonus will be, but I’m loving the two.

  4. Don’t ever leave. Ever.

    I love you. I want to be with you forever.

    If you leave me, I will find you.

    >.> Kidding, but really, don’t scare me like that.

  5. *HUGS*

  6. I agree do not scare me like that!

    I had already said my goodbyes to Ego…I did not want to think about it anymore. I knew she as leaving, but you had to go and make me cry again….yes I’m a baby! 😛

  7. Oddly, on my priest, I would have an easy time reacting to the cooldown proc for CoH but a really easy time getting it for Penance. Whenever he’s disc I find myself constantly waiting on Penance to come off of cooldown, and I haven’t even played him since the Penance CD got nerfed. T10 disc priests are going to be pretty nuts.

    When I’m playing holy, though, I do a lot less cooldown and proc-watching. I keep an eye on my stacks of serendipity, I insta-flash people when I can, and try to be very zen about the health bars. In that frame of mind, it would be way more difficult to spot and react to the cooldown reset for CoH.

  8. D’awwwww.

    I’m poking at the game.

    PuGs still suck. 😦

  9. At least we don’t look like ninjas anymore?

  10. I’m at about 5K heals on FHeal, which, if critical, heal for 7.5K, giving nearly a 2K hot. I can think of worse things TBH. Imagine having that on an OT healing job: your crit gives you HC, inspiration on the tank, (normally) a full healthbar, possibly an SoL proc and a hot to work it off. I think it’s easy to say that’s when you sit back and enjoy the scenery for a few seconds. A very nifty tankhealing tool if you ask me.

    Only the final changes changed the proc mechanic to 33%. It’s sad that they did. Now the HoT won’t be calculated on your crit, which means it won’t stack so strongly with all the other crit based procs. The amount it heals might go up tho.

  11. Well, seeing as set bonuses are just supposed to be a bonus, not something you AMG NEED, I’m actually okay with the 2-piece bonus. It’s not fantastic or anything, but meh. And I really, REALLY like the 4-piece bonus. I already am watching for Surge procs (or Val’anyr procs on the paladin), so it’s just another little something to work into my Poweraura. 😀

  12. […] was gratifying to read over at Snarkcraft that Jov shares my disdain for the set bonuses even in their updated forms. Take a stroll on over […]

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