Jov sez: ToC makes me want to not-WoW

September 29, 2009

Though I’ve made no real secret of it, I can’t actually remember if I’ve stated here, on the record, that I hate ToC.  So I’m going to do so:  I hate ToC.  I hate it’s mother.  I hate it’s babies.  I hate it’s cute little pet kitten named Mittens.  Nothing about ToC isn’t boring at best, cringe-inducingly obnoxious at worst.  I know it is the source of all that is good and ilvl 245+ but if I never went back there again, it would be too soon.

I also tend to be a somewhat cyclical raider.  Each expansion, Blizzard releases that ONE INSTANCE that just makes me want to punch babies.  Back in Vanilla, it was AQ (Bugs, why did it have to be bugs…?).  TBC had Hyjal (and it’s waves and waves of dynamic trash encounters.)  Wrath has ToC.

I’m also surrounded by people who enjoy it, or at least enjoy the ilvls enough to farm the shit out of every available version as often as possible every week.  I’m stuck in the position of being a bad raider, and occasionally preventing groups from going just because I’m unwilling to burn myself out faster by spending 5 days a week in there.  I do the guild-progression 25s, but no, I’m under zero obligation to run it for “fun” on 10s as well.

I’m also kinda tired of people trying to convince me I’m a bad person, or wrong or mistaken for not enjoying the encounters, wanting my PVP kept separate (read: not present entirely) from my PVE, or the constant assurances that “It’s really not that bad.”

No, I’m sorry.  You’re not in my head, you don’t know what I feel.  ToC really is that bad, and I’m not going to go there any more than I have to.

Now, I fully admit that these are my issues.  I found ToC boring but bearable until we hit Faction Champions for the first time.  Jov doesn’t pvp.  Specifically I do not pvp.  It’s somewhat the guild joke, but…  I don’t.  Get me in a pvp situation, and my brain turns off and I turn into a ball of super-anxiety.  I’m totally useless on that fight.  I hate the fight, I know (and hate) that I’m useless, it’s a nice happy ball of feeding on itself.

Telling me “it’s not that bad” doesn’t actually do anything but make me feel worse, but thanks for playing.

I’m looking at the finish line.  In Vanilla, Naxx 40 was my salve to AQ.  Hell, even in it’s nerfed version, I still enjoy Naxx.  TBC had me squealing in joy at the thought of Sunwell enounters; it was just enough to get me through the Hyjal grind.  My eye is on the prize; and that prize is Icecrown.  I just hope Blizzard continues their tradition of ending an expansion with a bang.



  1. People should instead yell at you in pvp. Something akin to what my significant other yells during BG’s. “You know I could really use a heal? NVM I’m dead thanks.”

    Nicoran<——–spriest pvp

    I don't like healing pvp either. Poor jov *pats her on the back*

  2. I think ToC is alright. Not super excited of it but not overly bothered by it either. But! It’s too much ToC lately. You do it on 25man normal, 10man normal.. then practice both 10 and 25 heroic ones. It’s just driving me crazy. I know nobody’s forcing me to sign.. but I feel bad if I won’t make myself available to help. Not to mention as a guild officer I should be showing good example by signing. :p Bleh. I wish they would not have made normal and heroic modes have separate lockdowns. Then it would have been just max 2x ToC / week. Not freaking 4. And all the hassle in trying to organise groups for all of them? I’m gonnna jump off a cliff.

  3. I resigned as regular raider in my guild for naught more than faction champions fight. I hate it to that extent. I’ll sign back up when the content is according to my wishes.

  4. Completely and utterly agree. To go from organised, efficient, motivated healer, who is actually quite good at what she does to jibbering wreck bag of neves – put me in front of the Faction Champions. “Hey Seph – you just run in and fear them all”. OK – job done – but these buggers remember who is was that feared them. I’m not a very good tank for more than 2 split seconds once they all come round and want a piece for someone. “Mass Dipsel – the Pala’s bubbled”… scrabbles for button, tries to find target after being feared / running away, then guildies forget that it actually has a cast time …. healed Mob …. silence on vent…. uncomfortable, sulking Seph. My guild gets round me not signing by putting up “Ulduar or Coliseum” raids knowing that I will sign…. Roll on Icecrown and never going back to Coliseum. Hard mode Coliseum – NO THANKS. NO WAY – NEVER!

  5. I love the faction champion fight, just because it allows me to use tools and skills that are normally pushed to the side. I do however hate ToC. I don’t hate any particular fight (p3 anub actually… I hate not being able to heal the people that are low, but that’s just the long time healer in me.) What bothers me is that I do the same five bosses, three times a week and make attempts on a fourth. To be a good raider, and get myself and my group geared, I have to farm all the fun out of a simple instance.
    I like the idea of hard modes being a seperate raid id, so we don’t have to stop our gear farming to work on progression. I think hard modes were a stroke of genius on Blizzards part, but I can see myself getting worn out quickly playing like this. I don’t know of a solution aside from going casual and playing Aion a bit more.

  6. The things I hear ’bout that make me glad I don’t raid, sometimes. D:

  7. Sorry Jov, I actually like Faction Champions. I’m not an avid PvPer, but I like to dabble in it sometimes, so I don’t mind the variety. However, I detest ToC in general. From the whole not one, but TWO Jormungars, to the recycling of a lame mid-70 dungeon boss into a lame mid-progression boss.
    In other news, Blizzard may have actually accomplished something: they may have made the instance everyone (well, or most people) hate – for one reason or another

  8. I don’t think we have 1 regularly running Arena team in my guild. Yes, Faction Champions is a scary thing for us.

  9. To this day any sight of the AQ 40 bugs makes me cringe and whimper. For that matter the Anub fight in Naxx makes me hiss due to remembered attempts on him on 40 man.

    I don’t mind ToC, though.

    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… the day they re-tune AQ and expect us to run it as progression… I’m done raiding. Seriously.

  10. I am starting to hate ToC, because ToC is preventing me from running ToC! Our (allegedly) 25-man guild has not run normal 25 ToC the past two weeks because the officers and top raiders are too busy working on heroic ToC 10. (It doesn’t help that we are stuck on the FCs in 25-man, but we’ll never get past it if we don’t run it.)

    We can’t even get a decent second guild group together for normal 10 ToC either, since the officers loot our group to plug open spots on their team. And have you tried a ToC 10-man pug lately? yikes!


  11. I PvP a little, but still I hate faction champions. Here is my role in the fight….Mass dispel, shield, shield, Mass Dispel….Run Like a little Girl…Mass Dispel. Really not that fun for me.

    I did simplify it a bit, but mostly my role in the fight is to spam mass dispel until at least a couple of them die and it eases up a bit. Not horrible exciting role and the fight is stressful. Just too easy for things to go wrong.

    As for the burn out from raiding ToC too much. I think I’m lucky there in being in a 10 man guild. We run ToC on Wednesday. Once we clear it on reg we use any time left before people need to go to bed to work on hard mode. So one day a week in ToC is not going to burn me out on it.

  12. I’ll admit that I feel less bad about the fact that I’m off raiding for the semester due to scheduling conflicts due to the fact that all I’m missing is ToC. It isn’t that I don’t like the actual instance (it’s mediocre, to be sure, but at least it’s short), and more that I think the entire idea is horribly retarded. If it had instead been “infiltrate the Vrykul tournament and kill the champions of the Lich King before they can become super-awesome,” I would have enjoyed it a lot more (although the content would still be fairly pedestrian, at least the very idea of it wouldn’t make me want to throttle someone).

    Still, at least it’s not Hyjal or Molten Bore.

    *still thinks AQ-40 is one of the best instances ever* ^_^

    • Doesn’t the entire Argent Tournament make no sense to begin with? It’s like some designer came up with the (admittedly interesting) idea of jousting, and then they had to figure out how to cram it in.

      • That’s basically my objection, yes.

        “Hey guys, I know you’re fightin’ the Lich King, but we’ve got this big party going on here right in the heart of his domain which for some reason is not wiped off the map even though the two greatest military powers in the world can’t get so much as a ground base there. Also one of our heroes is dying of plague about 10 feet away, but we’re not, like, going to talk about him or anything. But hey, check out our cool ponies!”

  13. Ugh, yes. For me, Faction Champions is basically me switching between the following states more or less randomly:
    – Aieeee! Earthbind!
    – Aieeee! Frost Shock!
    – Hm, I should really Wind Shear, but nothing’s in range…
    – Aieeee! LHW LHW!
    – Running in circles, whoo
    – Gd%@#$it why is Hex’s cooldown so long?!
    – I really hope the rest of the group manages to kill these guys because I’m certainly not helping at all…

  14. I can’t say I like the FC fight – but to quit raiding simply because there’s something different is poor form in my opinion. I can see getting burned out – but we just run a 10 man guild – Tuesday night we kill Ony, ToC, and ToGC. Boom. Thursday we zerg Ulduar and play with Algalon. Two nights a week – not a big deal.

    I suppose that’s the difference between progression minded and casual minded though.

    I will agree that if I had to do it 4 times a week – with a 25 man guild – that my opinion would probably be a lot darker.

  15. Preach it, Jov. They’ve nerfed Faction Champions down into Faction Declawed Kittens in 3.2.2 (on normal anyway) and I STILL hate it. The whole idea makes no sense, and the poop icing on the crap sandwich is Wrynn and Garrosh up there screaming “u” “no u” “ur mom” “no ur mom lol” at each other while Thrall and Jaina make eyes at each other–DON’T YOU MORONS HAVE FACTIONS TO RUN?

    The only fight I actually like is Anub’arak, and that’s because it’s the only one that’s actually challenging (and not stupid like FC)…on normal, at least. (That, and it gets us away from the Wrynn/Garrosh weenie-waving.) I don’t even want to think about that place on 25-man heroic. The gap between normal and heroic is, at least from what my wife’s told me on 10-man, massive.

  16. I happen to like FC but, whatever, there are other fights I don’t like (I’m looking at you Vezax). But people would really quit raiding over one fight? Assuming that raiding is an activity you otherwise enjoy, that’s really cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    ToC isn’t Blizz’s finest moment, but Ulduar might be. How many of you have defeated Algalon? There’s still plenty for all the but the most elite to complete in Ulduar.

  17. faction champions is annoying. First time we tried it, I was ready to quit raiding. just for that one fight. but I deal with it becasue for whatever reason (or who am I kidding – for the empowered darkness! ) I love twin valkyrs. so I do like 19th century woman, and run around like a headless chicken, purging and wind shearing our current target …. thinking of England :/

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