Jov sez: Why Jov will ALWAYS be holy

September 22, 2009

So, after being the bastion of all that is good and Holy here in the blogosphere (turning my guns on Bubbles and even my partner in crime, Seri), I feel a bit of an explanation is in order.

1.  Holy is awesome.  I lurvs me some AOE healing, and raid healing is the shiznit.

2.  Disc is kinda meh.  It’s fine for 5-mans, and yes, Penance is an awesome spell…  But tank healing puts me to sleep.  Seriously, it’s like zzzzzzzzz.

3.  My mostly-retired Alliance Priest Former Main thingie is Discipline.  She’s also lv 71.

4.  I’ve been stuck as the IDS bitch in raids.  I didn’t like it.  I want AOE healings.

5.  MONTHS OF MOLTEN CORE OF-LEVEL.  I’ve raided as a Discipline Priest.  It was back when Molten Core was the shiznit, BWL wasn’t open yet, and Divine Spirit was the top-tier Discipline Talent (and a single-target buff to boot.)  My raid leader insisted every member of our 40-man with a mana bar got hit with DS.  You do the math.

6.  Did I mention that I’m not a pullerdin?  Cause I’m not.

7. Turning off scrolling combat text mods in favor of the default blizzard lets me see shiny yellow numbers scattered all over my screen, and makes me giggle like a little schoolgirl.

8. I’m immature and stubborn.  Where have all the holies gone?  Everyone wants to go bubble-priest.  Everywhere I turn, it’s bad holy and (more often) bad Disc specs surrounding me.   (My server seriously needs an intervention.)

9.  You’ll pry SoR and CoH out of my COLD DEAD FINGERS.



  1. Thanks! I can now point people to this post when they ask me why I don’t play disc! I know how it works, I can theoretically play it, but I’m holy to the tips of my fingers (when not playing shadow). Except that I love watching the MBSCT running all over my screen… it makes me happy. 🙂

    • EXACTLY!

  2. Oh good – a reason to be holy 🙂 My priestlet has just hit 80 and wants to heal differently from my healadin – finding it relatively hard to find uptodate resources for holy priests. It seems disc is so sexy and the holy priests have burned out or retired.

    Looking forward to more holy goodness 🙂

    [goodness has nothing to do with it etc]

    • Disc has a place — If you’re undergeared or running 5-mans, it’s great. You don’t need raid healins.

      But in a raid, it’s snore-city. Snoozetown. zzzzzzzzzzz

      What was I saying?

      Oh yeah, HOLY4LYFE, YO

  3. Holy for life!!!

    • Preach it!

  4. Been holy for 3 years now, tried disc and found it too limiting. I like having a large menu of heals to play with 🙂

    Currently running Ulduar 25/ToC 10 with what i call my “ninja heals spec”


    Forget gheal. I’m al about PoM, CoH, and Renew. With that spec and glyphs, I can raid and/or tank heal till the cows come home – without going oom AND while running around. Lots of the boss fights nowadays have lots of movement (hodir, for example) and it’s nice to be able to run and heal.

    Renew doesn’t get much love, but fully talented and glyphed its a very powerful raid heal now.

    Oh, and I don’t talent for SoR – which makes it so I can cast GS on myself. That has been FAR more useful!

    • Your spec makes me a sad panda.

      • i know, other priests look at my spec and think i’ve spent to much time in taverns. till they raid with me.

        cheer up emo panda!

  5. I’m liking Holy more as I play with it more. You’re right, raid healing is MUCH more interesting than tank healing. I still like tank healing, but I feel like I’m much more responsive to the environment when I have to watch 9 or 24 health bars instead of one. Also, Holy has the advantage of being able to put out larger raw numbers than Disc, making your abilities more readily understood by raid leaders. There’s no “Well, if you take how much healing I did with the glyph and multiply by 5, then add that to my other numbers, *that* is how much effective healing I really did.” The thing that really decides my spec of choice though, is the fact that you can glyph GS to only be 1 min cooldown. I love me some GS.

    I still enjoy Disc healing quite a bit just because it’s something slightly different from what I’ve been doing since BC, and I love the idea that you’re stopping a majority of the damage before it even gets there, therefore you don’t really need that raw power.

    TL;DR Both are fun and both are good. Glyph of GS is the cherry on my sundae of life.

    • Holy > Disc.


  6. I can’t help it…I live with the tank. I have a vested interest in keeping him alive so that I don’t have to hear his bitchin’. Our other MT? Lives across the street. Again, vested interest.


    • I lives with my MT as well; and can heal him perfectly well when needed.

      However, I’m in a guild with healers who Do Not Suck ™ so they can do the job in raids.

      Or if they can’t, I’m their CL so can do something about THEM.

      It’s karma, bebe.

    • I have no complaints. Most of my problems originate with people not me dying anyway.

  7. *yawn*

    • Hey, screw you hippie.

      • nou

  8. I love you and would like to give you a cactus. Thank you for being a Champion of all that is Holy (Priest). I can always point people in your direction when they ask me why I’m not Disc. Holy is where it’s at! IT’S AT HOLY!

    • er, thanks.

      btw — I’ve killed every succulent/cactus I’ve tried to own. That or mah cats have.


  9. Tank healing may be boring to some, but Disc really shines at keeping tanks up, while also shielding raid members, saving those at low health so that Holy priests and others can top them off. The synergy works very well, and I find it very fun.

    That said, a well-played Holy priest provides an amazing amount of raid healing, and there really is a place for both in a raid.

    • Not saying there isn’t a place for both. I love my disc priests; when they’re in raid, things tend to just go smoother.

      They’re awesome, as long as it’s THEM doing it and not me. I’m a baaad tank healer, it just puts me to sleep.

  10. <—holy at heart forever 🙂

    It is so much fun, and I also love the yellow number splashies….raid healing is awesome.

  11. I used to be very anti-disc. I swore I’d hate it. I loved raid healing…why would I go disc? Then along came dual specs and my hatred of shadow drove me to disc. I tried it…I fell in love.

    Now however we have a new priest in the guild….that only has disc for healing and has never played holy…*sob*. So I am back to using holy part of the time. I have found that I still enjoy it and going between the 2 will suit me just fine.

    My favorite role in a raid is as support. I see Disc as the ultimate support role. I can heal my tank and toss out bubbles on the raid to buy our raid healers a little time. I almost exclusively raid in 10 mans and much of that is with a druid or 2 tossing around hots. The druids love my bubbles! 🙂

  12. Re: Not being a paladin.

    I’d like to point out that I raid focus almost as much as holy priests do now. So, uh, neener? 😉

    • Hey Crutch?


      • Psh. You never get off mine. =(

  13. I love holy too. I went disc cause I was told to for some raids and it’s so boooooring. The bubbles are pretty and all, but I love to see the little spinning circles when I cast CoH. So yeah… holy is the roxx for me, too! Share the holy luvin!

  14. Sorry Jov, Holy is totally BC for me, WotLK showed me that bubbles = win 😛 i do love raiding with my fellow Holy priest of course ❤ but they get enough time for using their pretty CoH after i covered the raid with BUBBLES! 😀

  15. Jov –

    Thanks for rounding up all the remaining non-Disc healing priests in one spot. Now the Discipline Collective can focus our efforts on assimilating you stubborn hold-outs. 😉



  16. I leveled Disc. I raided Disc in early Wrath when everyone was still OMG LOLDISC IZ PVP SPEC, and I LOVE tossing some bubbles around.

    I’ve also raided as Holy, both before and after the 6 second CD.

    Currently? I’m Holy (and Shadow), because that is what my guilds wants and needs. Shadow is a scary spec, but the numbers I see with Holy, and being able to pop the Death Wings (so nameth the guild tanks) and then gHeal for 15k+ is… fucking AMAZING. And that’s the sort of crits I get with just Fort/Spirit/Inner Fire… so I get a little woozy thinking about what they would look like fully raid buffed.

    I am enjoying my Holy spec. Do I miss my hamster bubbles? Sometimes. Do I love how much my guildies appreciate the amazing raid heals? Absolutely. Am I still trying to train the monkeys to CLICK THE DAMN LIGHTWELL? You’d better believe it!

    …Besides you love me regardless of spec, and Failbubbles disowned me…

    *waves Team Jov banner* ♥

  17. Mmm i love me some holy healins ❤ cant live without it, been holy forever =)

  18. Word! Holy4Life!And what not else. Disc is cool and all, but: Holy still rocks for me!
    *Jumps on the barricades to stand beside Jov*

  19. *Attempts to call an intervention to server with L2Disc guide*

  20. Pft. I like all three flavors. Neopolitan priesting…ok, yeah, amongst two priests….but still.

  21. Rule nr 1 – Jov is right about Holy priests.
    Rule nr 2 – Jov is right about Holy priests.
    Rule nr 3 – In case of doubt, check rules nr 1 and 2.

  22. Played holy and disc quite a bit in wrath.

    Disc gets 6% haste from talents. Holy gets 0%.
    It’s much easier to pop a bubble on someone and cast PoH then it is to keep a 3 stack of serendipity.
    Disc can limit a lot of the damage before it happens, and react faster when it does happen. Disc is also more mana friendly at low levels of gear.

    As it is disc is more forgiving on a new priest that is wearing quest blues and wants to heal a heroic.

    I’m gonna jump to conclusion and say that may have something to do with disc being a more common spec for new priests.

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