It’s our Birthday (and YOU get the gifts!)

September 21, 2009

1stbirthdaycakeHappy Birthday to me!  Happy birthday to me!  Happy birthday, dear Snarkcraft…  Happy Birthday to meeee!

One year ago this week, your beloved Snarkers were outed by Matticus (after much poking and prodding) and we began getting our first comments.  Since then, it’s been a rollicking trip!

Seri wins with the “most visited post” category, receiving nearly 4,000 hits to her World of Repgrind guide.  (She also steals the show with #2 (Leveling Holy/Discipline) and #3 (Lrn2WWS part 2).  Jov brings up the #4 position with her guide to Speccing Your Priest.  Y’all love you some Seri!)

Ego wins with the “Top Referrers” category (though, she’s defeated if you attribute all the World of Matticus and Spiritual Guidance referrals as coming from Matt…)

Finally, our top two search terms are “World of Snarkcraft” and “Snarkcraft” respectively.  What can we say?  You know what you want!

Now, what about my parenthetical aside in the topic of this post?  Well!  As a thank you to our readers, we’ve managed to make a deal with a couple of goblins, so we’ll be sprinkling opportunities throughout the week to win some fabulous prizes!

Just leave a comment to this post, and we’ll do a random selection.  Winner gets a fabulous (did I mention they’re fabulous?) Slashdance card!  (You too can infect your raid with a Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E.)  Comment between now and Midnight CST US for your chance to win!  (Not certain when Midnight CST lands?  Check the timezone converter!)

Also, while we don’t want you commenting leaving your email, make certain the email field you fill in to comment contains the email you want the code to go to.




  1. No need for bribes to get a well deserved congratulation from me.
    One year is an ocean of time in blogger perspective. You need to be persistent to keep it up. Passionate. You’ve showed that you’ve got what it takes to become a blogger who stays around. Well done!

  2. Congrats on 1 year!

  3. I’ve not left a comment before (shy) but i’ve used the information here to help explain all the confusing mathy stuff for mana regen and what not to friends. You’ve both done an awesome job keeping this running and hope you keep bringing out lots of awesome posts 😀 congrats

  4. Well, I’ve been following your blog with interest for the year. While I may not always agree with your posts they make great reading and that’s what I’m here for. Well done and keep up the great work.

    Oh and a gift would be nice too 🙂

  5. Congratulations. Looking forward to yet another year of snark. 😀

  6. Even though i don’t play a priest, I always enjoy an insight into how my healers think – it helps me stay on their good side.

    Love the blog and CONGRATULATIONS! You’re one year old – this allows you to start walking, talking and throwing amazing tantrums….

  7. Huzzah for Snarkcraft!

  8. congrats i loved the WWS thread!!! RAWRRRRR

  9. Yay! Congratulations! Many happy returns!

  10. Congrats ladies! 🙂 While I am no longer blogging, I still stalk… erm… follow you guys. Its almost a tradition: go to work, get my iced Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee, sip, and catch up on my blogs that aren’t blocked by my corporate firewall. This coffee’s for you! /toast /cheers

  11. I have drank of the Snark, and may I never go back.

  12. I’ve only been reading for a few months, but congrats on your first year!!

  13. Happy 1st Anniversary Snarkcraft!

    I couldn’t think of two more deserving Priestestess.

  14. Congrats on the birthday! I’ve always enjoyed stopping by to hear from other priests, and see if there are any new tidbits to pick up. Here’s hoping for another gear year!

  15. Happy Birthday!
    Been popping by since the very beginning and always enjoy your posts! Keep up the great snarking :o)

  16. Happy Birfday!!! Here’s to many more years of Snark!

  17. Congrats ladies! One of the best WoW blogs I read. Keep up the great work.


  18. Happy Birthday! Yay! Been reading since the beginning….and the snark is entertaining for me during class 🙂 thanks.

  19. […] Then I thought, fuck it, it’s Monday and my brain isn’t even nearly ready to deal with that nonsense. Plus, nothing I could write would compete with Jov and Seri’s Big Day! […]

  20. Happy Birthday! Tuesday and Thursday have become my favorite days of the week as I anticipate a new addition to my favorite website! I look forward to many more years of weekly snarkiness.

  21. Happy Blogday. Good to know you are sticking around so long. Hope to see you for you 2nd and 3rd Blogdays as well.

  22. Wow has it really been a year??!!? Grats to you both! I have enjoyed reading entries from you both and look forward toward more. I have a folder in my favorites titled favorites. They are simply the sites I go to every day…you guys are one of the sites. Long Live Snarkcraft! 🙂

  23. Yay for one year of snarks!

  24. Congratulations! I approve of snarky priests.

  25. Grats guys, Happy Birthday! (P.S. Jov… I totally liked you better. >.> *avoids flying cats*)

  26. Congratulations, ladies. Keep up the snarky snarkiness. 😉

  27. Hey awesome! Grats on a year of successful blogging.

    BTW, Jov is my hero for posts!(But Seri don’t feel left out, your Snarky-ness is tops 😀 )

  28. Wow, has it been a year already? Congratulations!

  29. Gratz! May we see much more /timeblogged filled with snarky goodness.

  30. Congrats on your blogaversary! My own gaming blog just hit its 3 year anniversary this year! I’m sure you guys will be around for a long time (you definitely have a solid and loyal reader base)!

  31. gratz!

  32. Grats! I remember when Matticus did his little SYWTBAB and I was so mad that Snarkcraft didn’t win XD Glad to see you stuck around =]

  33. WOO gratz on 1 year!! I only discovered Snarkcraft a few months ago, but your posts have been incredibly helpful! Thanks so much for the dedication and time you put into giving all us the best info out there XD

  34. Happy birthday Snarks! (and mum)

    You must a lot of stamina gems.

    Gobble gobble.

  35. Gz. And one more thing. Remember that post about how drowsy WoWinsider got? Well, they’ve a nice scoop now: they exposed a Furious Gladiator (PVErs: this is supposedly a very good PVPer, a respected member of the community and a WoW celeb) who uses a bot to farm honor in BG. The scandal is even a little bigger, since it turns out that all top PVPers do it, and they exchange botting tips on ArenaJunkies regularly.

    I know this is a bit offtopic here, but hats off to WoW.com after all.

  36. Well I don’t see my amberfailbubbles counterpart, so i’ll extend a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the fabulous snarkcraft and offer up some delicious Kickin’ Gnome Cookies (recipe and gnome flavoring courtesy arrens)!

    ♥!!! Long live snark (and snarky priests!)

  37. Just as a note, comments for this post no longer count toward the drawing.

    Stay tuned for the winner to be announced later this morning; y’all better have given us non-dummy emails!

  38. Happy anniversary and blog birthday.
    I’ve enjoyed the great reads!


  39. Most blogs don’t even make it past the 2 month mark let alone 1 year. Well done. Hope to see you still going strong in 2.

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