Jov sez: Breaking News!

September 15, 2009

This just in!  We at the SNN (that’s Snarkcraft News Network) have just learned that one of the preeminent Bubbling Bloggers (that’s right, Ambrosyne of I Like Bubbles) is secretly not a bubble-blogger at all!  She’s HOLY!

amberbubblesNot only does she think she can snark, but she thinks she can fool you, the public, with her angely-holy ways.

But don’t be fooled!  We here at SNN have your best interests at heart, and will keep you up to date as new details develop.

Jov out.



  1. dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  2. Oh boy… 🙂

  3. Lol, you my friend have a suicidal wish 🙂

  4. Oh my god how could you!? WON’T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!???


  6. WTF!


  7. /snerksnerk =D

  8. Hehe… my new favorite priest…

    ILU JOV!!


  10. /leans back and watches

    You know, if you weren’t so… defensive, Amber, darling, you wouldn’t prove you had something to hide quite so neatly.

    But it’s okay, you can embrace your inner holy. We’ll support you.

    I mean, I know it’s difficult to come out after living a lie for all this time, but you really shouldn’t let that fear stop you. You’ll totally keep your readers.

  11. Hehe…

    If you really wanna push her buttons, tell her she’s a better Holy priest than she is a Shadow priest.


    (I’m so going to die now.)

    • But that’s so EASY.

      We all know she’s an excellent holy priest. And she admits regularly that she’s a fail!shadow priest.

      It’s only fun when they aren’t willing to admit it themselves, and can therefore be ‘outed’. ❤

      • Haha, man… after today, this is going to give her enough incentive to beat me senseless when I move across the street from her. I’m going to have to arrive wearing football pads and a helmet to keep from breaking a bone or receiving a concussion.

  12. @ Mikata — Aw, it’s okay, I’ll protect you.

    And by protect you, I mean totally not, because I’m nowhere near you.

    But I’ll totally be thinking “Protecting you” thoughts in your general direction.

    And by “thinking protective thoughts in your direciton” I mean I’ll be watching avidly.

  13. =o

    oh my… Jov… that’s SO considerate of you. It makes me feel so… important that you would take two minutes from your day to watch Amber beat me to a pulp. =)

    I’m so glad that my pain is your amusement. It almost… make me want to join Team Amber and send those oh so lovely “QQDieJov” thoughts your way…

    … almost. xD

    • Oh I’m always willing to take time out of my day to enjoy the handiwork of others.

      I’m very giving like that.

      • And to think… I was begining to wonder if snark was mearly a rumor around this blog.

  14. Alas, we are the masters of Snark. Amber has her moments, I’ll give her that… But she’s really just a copy-cat… Or would that be padawan?

    • You know what I think it is…

      I think Amber idolized you and Seri, Jov… and one day wants to be just like you, but is afraid that if she does go Holy, she wouldn’t come close to amounting to your greatness. So she tries to compensate her lack of awesome by trying to mimic your snarkiness, and covers her fail with her bubbles.

      But… that’s just my opinion. =)

      • hmm… That could be it!

        *peers at Amber*

        It’s okay, dearie. If you want to be like us, you just have to ask. I’ll happily mentor you in the ways of both snark and holy greatness.

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    • I have to admit that the fail angel in her screenshot is probably me, but she has died with a fail angel before and it was the funniest ass thing. It only lasted one week though. 😛

  16. o(_)o /popcorn

    So, if anybody dies… can I have your stuff?

  17. /popcorn

    *om nom nom*

    I loves me some ZOMG DRAMAZ first thing in the morning.

    • Happy to oblige, dear.

  18. I see it now…Clash of the Bloggers.

  19. This blogger duel needs more hot pix.

    • Pix is on usericons and banners, I thinks.

  20. Note to self: Switch alt-priest before SNN notices. Headlines read “Priest Self-Tortures: Levels as Holy”.

    I freely admit, no bubbles.

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