Seri sez: This is neither the time nor the place.

September 10, 2009

I was going to chat about my initial impressions of Trial of the Grand Crusader this week, but since I have yet to see the darn thing I really don’t have anything in the way of personal experience to offer. (Monday is the day, I swear!) Maybe I’ll throw some stuff out on Twitter during the raid for your entertainment. In the meantime….

Most raid nights are pretty peaceful for me. Maybe it’s my cool snarky exterior, or the (extremely rational) fear of becoming an anecdote for the blog that keeps the inquiries at bay. My Co-GM is not so fortunate. She often laments the constant deluge of whispers during raids, especially when it’s her turn to play raid leader. Sometimes it’s just folks being chatty. More often, it’s folks with questions, problems or concerns that really could be covered at another time. I mean, seriously, it’s not like we vanish ninja-like between raids. I like to think we’re pretty accessible, and yet many current and aspiring guildies don’t seem to understand what is and isn’t appropriate mid-raid conversation.

How about some examples?

Good: Telling us about the new kitten you adopted that afternoon.

We like you, and we like kittens. We may not be able to drop everything to look at your photo album, but we’ll ‘aww’ in all the appropriate places when you tell us about the omg-cute-things-they-are-doing-right-now.

Bad: Complaining about guild policies/structure/officers/relations.

Or, really, complaining about anything (or anyone) that you want the officer to do something more than sympathize about. It’s not that we don’t care. It’s because we DO care… because we would much rather give you our undivided attention. Also, because we are more likely to respond with annoyance than empathy if you ambush us mid-raid. πŸ˜‰

Good: Letting us know that you have to step afk briefly.

Of course, we’d prefer that you didn’t step afk between breaks at all… but if you have to, that is an excellent thing to whisper a raid leader/GM/officer about. Don’t try to sneak away and hope to be back before someone notices. Someone will notice.

Bad: Asking about recruitment openings and/or pending applications.

Seriously, if you have applied or are preparing to apply to a guild one of the worst things you can possibly do is whisper the GM during a raid. Don’t do it! Wait for them to be done, try another night, or send them an in-game mail.

Good: Letting us know you might have to leave early.

Is something going on around you that might call you away? A fire alarm? A shrieking parent/child/sibling? Gun shots? Tornado siren? We’d appreciate the warning.

Bad: Notifying us that you have to miss an upcoming raid.

Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely want to know if you’re going to miss a raid. However, if you tell us during a raid we’re likely to forget. Assuming we don’t miss the whisper entirely amidst everything that’s going on.


Hmm, maybe it would have been easier to say “Don’t whisper your officers during a raid with shit that isn’t relevant to the current raid.” but that would have precluded the kittens. What can I say, I ❀ kittens.

Jov sez: OMG SERI IS SO PICKY WHEN I NINJA EDIT HER POSTS ASDFASDFASDF (seriously, center this, uncenter that…Β  what the hell am I, your secretary?!)



    …I totally had something else to say and don’t remember. Um.

    Oh! Oh! I’ve had recruits wipe raids by whispering me at the wrong time. Go go 4horseman deaths!

    • Our old GM once wiped us on Mimiron just by logging into Ventrilo. True story.

      • OMG I remember that. Best wipe ever.

        (I’m not late to the party, really)


    I said I was sorry!!


  3. It’s guild tradition (in our guild at least) to whisper Maya (our tree-GM) with “Penis” when she’s running across the frogger boss on the way to Mimiron.

    90% chance of killing her. 100% chance of getting a /gkick.

    Totally worth it, imo.

    • Hahahaha… I wonder if whispering boobs to Amber would work just as efficiently??


      • We should really try that πŸ™‚

    • I hate you a little bit right now, Jov. I can’t believe I missed this comment. πŸ˜›

  4. I cannot tell you how many times I have been whispered about stupid crap while leading raids. Mostly though it wound up being new people though, who weren’t reading posts like this one, or the death threats on our guild forums.

    Forums posts and blogs will never reach the people stupid enough to spam you with a wall of purple during raids.

  5. Belated:

    I love this post. I believe that we need to make it required reading for everyone in Axiom. I can’t begin to explain how many inappropriate whispers I get during a single raid. And that *isn’t* including the Penis, P-nis, Peanis, PENIS, P, E, N, I, S whispers I receive. Those are just funny. And they have the added bonus of relocating many members of Axiom to this little leveling guild called “Hobopotomous.”


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