Jov sez: No post today

September 1, 2009

Sorry, guys.  It’s been a long series of “one of those days” so I’ve just not had the energy or focus to sit down and get a post out.

Hopefully things are settling down, so expect a post from me next week.


  1. Going into end of the Fiscal Year here at my work… I totally can relate. It’s like a long string of Mondays!

    Oh well… I have an excuse to hit Happy Hour a lot more often though! 🙂

  2. Awwwwww. . . shucks. And here I was waiting patiently all day.

    I know how it feels. You could always have me right a post! 😀

    I could write on . . . uhm. . . priesting in. . . uhm. . . . BGs. Yeah, that. Sure why not?

  3. Where’s the unsubscribe button?

    .. kidding ofc 😉 TBH I prefer one snark post less than one post that isn’t really a … snarkpost. It’s what seperates the people with a new story to tell from (see Seri’s post) Wow.com 🙂

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