Jov sez: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

August 25, 2009

With the announcements of Blizzcon, I shall be officially-officially retiring Jov (as opposed to the kinda retiring I’m doing now while dabbling with the resto shammy) in order to…

gnomepresitomg omg omg omg omg omg omg

Ahem.  That is all.  Gnomepriests, how awesome is that?!

(My gnomepriest is totally gonna have better hair, though…)



  1. omg Benediction! I still have it in my bank from classic.

    • Everyone has that in their bag, from classic or not. In fact, you’re not a real priest if you havn’t Benediction. It’s over 9,000.

  2. Did you just chop someone’s head off there btw, Jov?

    • These are the sacrifices that must be made in order to appease the gnome gods of slaughter.

      Or, you know, radiation.

    • Photo of the screencap from the panel, yoinked from MMO-Champion. It’s the top-half of someone from Blizzard’s head. Dunno who. XD

  3. To quote a friend of mine: “how can gnomes be priests? They don’t HAVE souls!”


    • Ha! Classic . . . and TRUE

  4. I have tried a few times to play a gnome…I just cannot do it. Too cute…Too stubby…Too something! Anyhow I’ll stick with my Draenei. I do plan to roll a worgen though. No idea if I’ll stick with it, but I want to play with one. I plan to make it a warlock as I have not ever played one past level 15.

  5. Cute! Makes me want to go play my Gnome rogue again. What kind of hair WILL yours have?

    That head at the bottom of the photo is hilarious.

    • I’m particularly fond of the Leia-braids, though the bigtails (and exploded pigtails) are adorable as well.

  6. Damn Jov.. I was afraid of exposing myself but you cleared the path for me: I wanna have a gnome priest too!

    (that and a +10% int bonus is just crazy)

    • It’s a GNOME. PRIEST.

      What’s not to love?!

  7. Do want. Seeeriously, that was one of the best pieces of news from Blizzcon. >.>

  8. Everybody wants a gnome priest. I think they should give horde goblin priests to compensate – or all priests will re-roll alliance. Personally I’m looking at my human priest he suddenly seems inappropriately tall.

    • Priest is on the list of classes available for gobbos.

  9. No way, I will stick with my Troll priest. Sure he’s a hunched over slouching freak, but he’s tall freak.

    I’m sorry but raid armor already looks stupid on a gnome, I can’t even imagine priest raid armor on a gnome.

  10. I actually like the gnome’s hair! Also, I thought at first maybe you’d photoshopped the top of some guy’s head in and was like “..why did she do that?”

    • No, it’s from mmo-champion, a photograph they took of one of the panels.

  11. The announcement of gnome priests gave me a happy for sure.

    • You might not have to retire your original priest. I’ve been reading a lot of coverage from over the weekend, but one of the things that kind of snuck in there is that around the time they implement paid faction changes, they will implement paid race changes as well.

      So when Cataclysm comes out:

      1) Buy shiny new box.
      2) Install.
      3) Register.
      4) Pony up 10 bucks (I’m guessing).
      5) Gnome it up.

  12. …Why would you do that! I’m sorry but i can’t imagine my priest being something that is not a Blood Elf 😦

    There’s just so much synergy between the whole magical background and the elegant look of a BE that matches the way priest should be IMO anyway.

    Not to mention as a gnome the rest of your raid could easily “step on you” by mistake and it would be like “where did our healer go???” 😛

  13. There’s also the teensey weensey detail about not being Horde anymore, Jov…

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