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August 18, 2009

I’m certain everyone’s seem the leaks up on MMO-Champion.  (Or, at least everyone who didn’t see “spoiler” and ran to cover their eyes.)

Well, like everyone else out there, those leaks are on the forefront of my mind.  But…  I’m not going to talk about them now, simply because Blizzcon is this week and I don’t want to have to worry about retractions.  (Not that I ever do anyway.)

So, suffice it to say, MMO-Champion’s posted a “just because our sources are reliable doesn’t mean this is 100% guaranteed true” post and I’m going to follow the example I kinda wish they’d set and just keep my mouth shut on the topic until after Blizzcon.

So, needless to say, if the leaks prove true, I’ve got a post all set and ready to go off next Tuesday.  If not, I’ve got different stuff to say.

None of it is fit to be said now.



  1. >_> If they are true… I may just cry. So much lore being destroyed. Of course, the game really hasn’t evolved *that* much since it’s beginning, so maybe it’s time for something massive to happen like MMO-Champion is predicting. The state of the Horde as predicted has me upset though.

    • The thing that makes me most skeptical: Tauren remain horde because WHY?!

  2. *Sigh*

    Personally, with all they’re ‘predicting’, these upcoming changes seem that Blizz is no longer worried about sticking to the lore they’ve so carefully weaved, and they’re desperately reaching to the bottom of the barrel to keep players playing or bring old players back by giving new race options, giving new class/race combo options, possible faction changes.

    It’s like they see the game is starting to dwindle and they’re more worried about pleasing the masses than sticking to the core that we know true from all the previous games. It’s a very disheartening thing to see something so beautifully sewn together fall apart.

    • The only parts of the predictions that really strikes me as against the lore are many of the race/class combos (srsly… Troll Druids?), and the idea of the Worgen (tbh, though, I don’t really know the story behind the Worgen). The rest just seems to be the result of a game that is evolving. Look at the differences between the WC games… then the differences between the expansions. Characters die (Varimathras, not like anyone really cared too much), leaders return (Varian), etc. I’m sure everyone realized that sooner or later, that knuckle-head Garrosh would take over, and no one thought it would be a good thing. If they “stuck to the core,” then the game wouldn’t evolve in any meaningful way.

      • It was the race/class combos that I was talking about. Some of them make absolutely no sense… Nelf mages, Troll Druids, Dwarf Shaman… seriously, wtf dwarf shaman. >_<

        Averna on 'Nerf this Druid' mentioned something along the lines of "I just can't imagine some grizzled, bearded, stocky old dude fling up his hands and drop four totems. SHAZAM! And then start to do the dwarf dance. 'Aye, bring meh some ale and wenches! And then I'll summon my…. spirit wolves!'"

        If it happens, it happens, but I just hope Blizz has a really really good explination behind everyone's favorite question, "Why??".

      • I can kinda “get” dwarf shaman. Since 3.0 has been about discovering the titans, dealing with Earthen and dwarf pre-history… Anyone who’s run Uldaman/HoS/HoL knows those proto-dwarves have a mean chain lightning. Makes sense that they’re getting in touch with their roots.

  3. Does anyone else think that patch 3.2 might be where WoW jumped the shark? I have been pretty under whelmed with the Argent Crusade/ToC, and rerunning heroics for emblems/gear reset. And a lot of the rumors about new features and content just make me cringe. I can’t shake the feeling that Blizz has lost the magic.

    Since 3.2 hit, my guild has seen a pretty dramatic drop off in time played. And much of the time played since then has been on alts, not mains. Maybe people will be back in force when the summer boss despawns, but I am starting to have some serious doubts about that.


    • Hard to judge that, though, since 3.2 hit at the height of the summer vacation boss battle.

      You could argue the same about Sunwell, it hit and everyone stopped playing, raids became hard to fill, etc…

      It’s one of those combination factor things.

    • This is pretty much exactly what I said when Wrath was announced.

      My being wrong doesn’t mean that you’re wrong, of course, but the “this is the decline of western civilization” thing does happen pretty much every time major changes are announced.

  4. Yeah, there’s a lot I wanna say, too, but I’d rather wait ’til I hear what’s actually going on. It’s all gonna be reeeal interesting, though.

  5. WoW NGE?
    /runs for the hills

  6. Yeah I’m waiting til things are official before I get upset/happy about them lol.

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