Jov sez: My guild has too many healers omg

August 11, 2009

Okay, so my guild only occasionally has too many healers…  Like when you’re trying to run that new 5-man.

I mean, it’s only been out a week, and I’ve only run it a couple-dozen times on normal, and a couple times on heroic.

And I only have TWO healing main-specced characters.

And it’s supposed to be really challenging to heal.

I wouldn’t know, though.  Shammy?  We needs you to lawl-dps.  Priest?  Go shadow, prz.

Well, at least I’m not the only one…

ToC-shadows(And no, before anyone asks…  I’m not annoyed, I’m not really complaining.  I’m more amused than anything, as it always seems to go this way.  Back when Wrath first released, before the advent of dual-specs, Jov was lawl-holy-dps’ing her way through most of the instances out there.  Seems when the content is new, it’s what always seems to happen.)


  1. This is one instance that I get to gleefully say over vent, OMG use the fricken lightwell i put out or your’e going to die!!!

    My disp priest just couldn’t keep up aoe so I went into my secondary raid healing spec which has lolwell in it. I’m starting to love the light well.

    But to be fair, we did have for the 2nd fight, the undead guy with his poison pools, the belf mage with her sheeping and other things that annoyed the dps, and the orc with his whirlwinds. OMG talk about the worst combo ever for a disorganized group.

    • Whatchoo talkin’bout?

      That’s an ugly, obnoxious HOOMAN with whirlwind. An ugly little male gnome with his sheeping. And, to show the impossible a dorf rogue chick with the poison bubbles.

      • The human model is ugly. I’m so glad “the boy” keeps his tank’s helm showing on his human warrior. My horde toon hasn’t made it out of dragonblight yet, and her only attempt at a Wrath instance so far has been…..interesting to say the least.

        A “tank” (and i use that VERY loosely) who wouldn’t tank in frost presence cause it was too “slow and boring”

        needless to say she didn’t even get to the first boss before dropping group.

  2. As much as I love the loot that drops out of ToC…


    I hate the black knight. He can die in a fire for all I give two shits about. Or maybe it’s just the stupid DPS who don’t know how to run away from ghouls when they explode that make me hate it so much… either way, I hate that guy.

    I love being a healer and a tank in my guild because since DPS are a dime a dozen, I just have to spam once that I’m LFG and it’s like “OMFG NOM NOM TANK/HEALER!!”

    • Haha! I think everyone in my guild has a tank/healer geared-alt or offspec. It’s crazy.

  3. Last night was my fourth time through on heroic, and the first time I didn’t have any dps face down in the heather. (The Black Knight’s army normally roflstomps our aggro-grabbing elemental shammy.)

    If you go disc, I strongly recommend keeping everyone bubbled. Healing ToC got alot easier for me when I started thinking of my 3 dps as off-tanks.

    And those snobolds can seriously die in a fire. Why the healer hate Blizz???


  4. /stares at her underused shadow spec

    /cries with jealousy

    • Aw… Ambro…. we make you heal because you only a little less terrible at healing than DPS. =D

  5. I cheated….see I have 2 healing specs so I get the heal spot by default! 🙂

    I have yet to even try healing this as holy though, Disc bubbles are just so nice for this fight I never even thought to switch to holy.

    • I’m spec’ed disp/holy and holy/disp on my priest. I’m sort of at a crossroads with discipline right now. I **love** the healing style but I don’t know if its my gear, my tree, or what, its just not keeping up since I went back from tanking to healing.

  6. I offered to go Ret! ;.;

    • You going ret deprives me of a post topic, however. 😉

  7. Heh, this sounds familiar. Though in my case it’s that Totem of Wrath is more popular than the shaman behind it. Argh!

  8. <_< I've had the same problem… Except that… I haven't really DPSed since dinging 80. I mean, I know HOW to, and I've picked up quite a bit of DPS gear on my way to now. I just assumed I wasn't very good at it. Turns out… I'm not horrible. Who'd a thunk it?

  9. Same with my guild — we’re dripping with mainspec healers. We’re finally starting to arrange 25-mans and 8 healers sign up, sometimes more.
    Oh, and: go-go-gadget disc bubbles for ToC!

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