Seri sez: Sweeping generalizations are bad. (Except this one, m’kay?)

July 30, 2009

It really twists my knickers when I hear people make sweeping statements about raid guilds and the people that comprise them. I recently had a discussion with Mr. Seri about some comments made by a friend of a friend on a forum we used to participate in about how their guild just couldn’t raid seriously because serious raid guilds are full of teenagers that devote 7-8 hours a day outside of raids farming consumables and doing raid prep. You know what I have to say to that?

Pbbbbbth. (Eloquent, I know.)

I’m pretty sure I made that exact sound when Mr. Seri told me about it, because he was like, “I know, right?” and proceeded to tell me about how he mentioned it to someone that knows this person and was told “Well, that’s what her old raid guild was like and that’s the only raid guild she’s ever had any experience with.”

Congratulations, random person that I don’t quite know… you win the WoS Dumbass Award™ for today.[1]

I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here, but since it’s my soapbox I’m damn well going to stand on it.

Without delving into another snowflake analogy (really, you’d be surprised just how many search engine hits we get with “snowflake” as a search term), I’ll just say that no two guilds are alike. Sure, they may share some characteristics here and there, but saying that “serious raid guilds” are full of teenagers is like saying that your refrigerator is just for vegetables. (Assuming you’re not a vegetarian, in which case your refrigerator IS probably just for vegetables… ok, bad analogy.)

Different guilds do things differently, and have different demographics. What’s more, the way that raiders function in the world of WotLK raiding is considerably different from how it used to be in years past. Farming consumables back in the Molten Core era, for example, was indeed a time-consuming activity. Blizzard has made it easier over the years, taking out some of the stuff we used to have to do (Blasted Lands buff food comes to mind, not to mention alchemy labs being required for flask crafting and located in extremely remote locations and requiring retarded amounts of herbs.)

I’m sure that somewhere out there (…beneath the paaaaale moonlight…), there is a raid guild full of teenagers with way too much time on their hands. However, it’s extremely narrow-minded to paint all raid guilds with the same brush based on a single experience. The fact that there is so much variety out there is something we would all do well to remember, and if the environment you find yourself in isn’t one where you’re having fun… look for it somewhere else. Want to raid once a week? Twice? Five nights? Three, but only between the hours of 6-10am during odd numbered months? I really do believe that there is a guild out there for everything. I wouldn’t  be surprised if there was a guild full of snorkeling enthusiasts that raid in flippers.

Okay, maybe a little surprised. But I digress.

Sweeping generalizations are bad, m’kay? Don’t do it. Stupidity angers the murloc.


[1] The WoS Dumbass Award™ is not an actual award and entitles the bearer to nothing more than mocking applause and exasperated eye-rolling.


  1. Know who you are and what you do.
    Do not doubt who you are and what you do.
    And then such stupid words shall never sway you.

    But life would be far less funny! Heck.. This is snarkcraft.. let them have it 🙂

    /t award-winner

    One point tho. I think this is a common human treat. Nerds always consider the other ITer ‘more nerdy’. Gamers always consider the other guy ‘too hardcore’ or ‘too noob’. Drivers consider slower drivers ‘too slow’ and faster drivers ‘pushy’. It seems people always take themselves and there limited observation as the pinacle of truth and proper balance in an ocean of darkness 🙂

    • It *is* human nature to consider themselves the epitome of “normal” (or of whatever they’re comparing to) just because, ideally at least, we each know ourselves better than we know anyone else.

      So we become the bar by which we measure everything.

      That doesn’t mean, however, we can’t remember to keep in mind that nothing is ever always.

      There is no such thing as “all” or “none” or “every” or “never”. It just doesn’t happen, even if it’s how it seems from our limited experience.

      And being stuck inside our own heads all the time… that’s a pretty limiting experience, considering how many other heads are out there.

  2. Cheers for an enjoyable post!

    My two cents: Our view of the game gets coloured by what we see ourselves. If you dont read much or talk much about other peoples play experience, it gets too easy to think that everyone is playing the game like you.

    Ofcourse this is far from true. Its the variety that makes WoW such an appealing game!

    As for “there is a guild for everyone”: I think it is. Just cause it isnt on your server, doesnt mean that its not out there (Thinking that every server is the same as yours is yet another falsehood).
    Just cause your low-pop-PvP-server dont have a guild dedicated to achievements, twinking or drunken raiding (or all three) etc etc doesnt mean there is no guild doing that on another server.

    I am dreading to do this, but I am actually going to go with Gevlon here: Decide what you want, and then get it. If where you are now and what you are playing now isnt what you want, then change it.


    Sharing goblinsism *shudder* see what you made me do?

    • We didn’t put the words in your mouth (though they are pretty good words, imo) so don’t try and put the blame on us.

      Goblinism is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall you.

      (is your face turning green, or is it the light? >.>)

  3. Excellent observations, Seri…but what I really wanted to mention is…Are you aware there are a couple really good footnote addons for WordPress? 🙂 I use one, and I found another the other day that is just as good (I didn’t care for the format as much). (In case you want to make real footnotes.) 😉

    • Are they availble for free accounts? We’re still hosted by WordPress, and a lot of the heavy-duty edits, I thought you needed to take off WordPress servers to run.

      Then again, I know nothing about how to set this up. I make the banners and leave all the coding to Seri.

      • Doh…I forgot about that; my bad. 😦

    • I think this is the first time I’ve ever used footnotes.

      Also, Jov is probably right. WordPress.com doesn’t let us install our own plug-ins, we can only use what they make available to us. 😦

  4. Great Post 🙂

    Categorizing guilds doesn’t really work so well. Still people insist on doing it. Generally I see guilds being called Casual, Social, or Raiding Guild, but the fact is most guilds are a mix of all of these in different amounts. Then on top of that they add on other descriptive factors. Then of course there are those guilds that can only really say that they have a tabard…avoid those! With the rest just find what suits you. Find a raid schedule that works with your life. Find Rules you can accept. Find people you enjoy being around.

  5. It’s true.

    Raid guilds are mostly full of undergraduate college students with nothing better to do!


  6. “guild just couldn’t raid seriously because serious raid guilds are full of teenagers that devote 7-8 hours a day outside of raids farming consumables and doing raid prep.”

    Sounds more like a bunch of sour grapes and rationalization for some peeps who want to raid and can’t be arsed to do anything about it. I work fulltime in a responsible job, raid in Uld, and have a non virtual life too.

  7. Our 10 man raid guild is currently #3 in the US (for 10 man pure guilds) – and even when we were doing 25s (still top 1000 in the US) – we only raided 3 days a week. Tops. We average about 12 hours of raiding a week – and that counts things like Naxx/3D fun/mount runs. We’re just working on 10 man Algalon now.

    We eliminated the need to farm by selling Orbs/BoE/Patterns on the AH. Nobody farms for repairs, flasks, enchants, etc. We zerg run heroics and Naxx 10 for badges, and then trade those in for gems so we don’t subjugate ourselves to gouging on the AH. Between the flasks/herbs from Freya, and the ore from Vezack (plus XT and FL), we’re even slowly getting all 10 raiders a chopper.

    Of course, our guild is 10 members strong, and other than our latest replacement, we’ve all known each other for years.

  8. Well, better late than never, Nimmers. Since it was my guildie and forums you mentioned, I’ll chime in. First, that person freaked out and gquit the next day. She joined our li’l friends’n’family guild to escape her hardcore raiding guild pressures. When she felt like our guild headed in that direction, she bailed.

    We miss her, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

    Did she overreact and make a bunch of sweeping generalizations? Totally. Were they unwarranted? Er… Well, she based them on her own observations, which no one can argue. Maybe her last guilds _were_ all hardcore teens; I don’t know. She simply saw a threat to her laissez faire raiding lifestyle, spoke out against the change, and moved on.

    Are there successful “hardcore” raiding guilds comprising non-teens? Sure. Was she a part of them? I guess not.

    And anyway, when something is frustrating in the game, I just blame teenagers like everyone does. *ducks* (c whut i did thar?)

  9. Boo. Stupid forgetting to first log in to WordPress before leaving a comment on said ‘press. See mah purdy Tauren?

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