Seri sez: Things I love about WoW.

July 16, 2009

World of Warcraft players as a whole seem like a pretty discontented bunch a lot of the time. If you don’t believe me, visit the official forums sometime… everyone has something to say about the game and/or Blizzard and it’s usually negative. As a blogger I find myself ranting fairly frequently, whether it’s about the game itself or the people (a term sometimes used loosely) that I encounter in my ongoing quest for pixelated wealth and acclaim. Today I’m going to prove that I’m not a complete curmudgeon by turning the tables and talking about things that I love about WoW.

Limited load screens.

I love it that I can ride my pony from Tirisfal Glades to Strangelthorn Vale without encountering a single damn load screen. Sure, they’re still necessary for instances, hearthing, zoning between continents and expansions… but being able to cross over from one zone to another without having to wait for a load screen is something I think a lot of WoW players take for granted. I know I never will.

Quest icons on the mini-map.

Adding little question marks and exclamation points to the mini-map for quest-givers was an awesome move. It’s so easy now to see if you missed picking up the quest from that guy you always forget hangs out on the second floor of the inn. I’ll roll into this the move they made at the same time to put exclamation points over wanted ads and other objects that might trigger quests. So easy to miss! Also, unlearned flight points on the mini-map. Really, I just like having lots of things on my mini-map. Who actually uses it for navigation anyway? (Except, of course, navigating between gathering nodes.)

Leashing mobs.

Did you know that in some games mobs will chase you until you kill them or they kill you? It sucks. I love being able to ride past something and not worry about it (as long as it doesn’t daze me), and occasionally being able to flee when I’m in over my head.

Human/elven/trollish/orcish/tauren/draenei/dwarven/gnomish cannonballs.

I believe I’ve touched on my love of launching myself (and others) out of things at high velocity previously. Please allow me to reiterate: I freaking love launching myself (and others) out of things at high velocity. Whether it’s the Darkmoon canon, the harpoon launcher in Howling Fjord or those delightful little siege engines in Ulduar… I could do that shit all day. Alllllll day. I hear there is another self-projectile machine in the new 3.2 battleground. That might be enough to actually get me into a battleground, but I’m not sure how much my team will appreciate me just launching myself over and over. I’m probably supposed to DO something when I land besides cackle and run back to the catapult.

Guild banks.

Remember when the “guild bank” consisted of some officer’s alt and no one was really sure what was in it or how to request an item? And how that officer would complain that no one was using the bank, and eventually just sold stuff or mailed it randomly to people? Ever had that officer gquit and take the “guild bank” with them? Yeah. The guild bank of today may not save us from unscrupulous officers that want to take stuff with them when they go, but it’s a whole lot easier to use/manage. I love the guild bank.

The barber shop.

The first WoW topic I ever blogged about was my favorite thing coming in Wrath. Although I don’t think that post ever saw the light of day, back when we were slogging through Sunwell trash and looking to the future there was one thing that excited me more than anything else: The barber shop. (*squee*) I love being able to change my hair style/color as the mood strikes me, and I do it pretty regularly. (Though Qi has been sporting the red ponytail for quite a while.) This is one of the most awesome features ever implemented IMO, even though it has no effect whatsoever on game play. Hrm. Now that I think about it, a lot the things I love about WoW don’t affect the game play. >.<

Hawgs & Roflcoptors.

Blizzard took a lot of flak for including motorcycles in the game, but I love them. I think the mats are a little steep, but I have to admit that it has kept them less common. I mean, you still see them everywhere but it’s not like everyone has one. The sidecar is just genius. One of these days I *will* make myself one. I also love the flying machines (aka ‘roflcoptors’), complete with dancing hula doll. Sure, I *could* fly some epic drake… but who can deny the lure of a rickety-looking flying machine belching a trail of grey smoke? Not me. I just wish it had a passenger seat, or perhaps a catapult attachment. Maybe next expansion. >.>

Passenger mounts.

While I’m at it… I love passenger mounts. Mammoths, Mecha-Hogs, it’s all good. I don’t own one, but I love to ride in them. That’s probably because I’m lazy and I like to web surf and/or blog while someone else is driving. No, I don’t actually OWN a passenger mount. What’s the fun in that? However… WTB flying passenger mounts! Give me one of those bombers with bench seats in back. And, hey, if the bomber’s a-rockin’…

Questing with a friend.

Over time I’ve developed an aversion to soloing the quest grind. Whether I’m leveling, doing dailies or just grinding quests for cash, I always prefer to do it with a friend. It’s not about the difficulty of the task, I just enjoy the company. I like hanging out on vent and chatting while we go through the motions of stuff we’ve probably done dozens of times before. Then again, I’ve also been feeling very nostalgic lately. I think Jov is probably tired of hearing me say ‘remember when…’ while we’re out and about on alts.

Bunny ears.

Ok, so there was a lot of feminist QQ about the bunny ears from Noblegarden this year, but I just have to say… they’re adorable. I find them a pleasant alternative to my T8 helm, and still carry around my little bouquet of flowers to put them on guildies. I especially like to put them on the oh-so-macho guys (and one particular not-so-macho guy) during raids. It’s funny to see how quickly they notice and click them off. I’ve actually timed a few, I think the record so far is 3 seconds. Pretty impressive.

Torment of the Worgen.

If there is one thing I could be said to miss from Kara, it is Torment of the Worgen. I’ll never forget hearing Yuki’s excited “I’m a worgen!” periodically during our raids. When I eventually got my rogue into Kara, I couldn’t help but exclaim it myself a few times. Even now, I love going back to Kara just so I can run rampant as a little furry ninja. There need to be more of these types of buffs in the game, things that randomly change you into something else and give you a brief damage boost, kind of like the fist weapons from ZG… Wait. Oh my. Jov… saddle up, we’re going to ZG!!

What do you love about WoW? Tell us about it!



  1. Those worgen books were the absolute best part of the whole instance. The happy squeal every time it proc’d was not at all feigned 😀 The “them’s ma bitches!” books were good too.

  2. Did you notice how they changed mob leashing in instances?

    Used to be you could pull every mob in the place and run to the end and kill them all in one hit. Now they path back to their spots if you don’t hit them enough. Makes doing SM Armory in one pull impossible now.

    I found out when my Pally tried to 1 pull the Armory, and the mobs leashed back to their spots, then aggro’ed and slaughtered the lowbie shaman I was grandfathering through it. I lol’ed.

    • I’ve seen that happen to a few mobs in SM, but not consistently enough to register it as a change rather than just a mob evade-bugging. Interesting.

  3. The music. OH MY GOD, THE MUSIC. Specifically: there’s this theme that plays in Hellfire Peninsula up near the ruins of the Alliance armory/the Horde outpost on Spinebreaker Ridge that’s the audio equivalent of watching a plucky kitten being run over by a speeding semi — standing on the ridge there, looking out over the blasted vista of the Hellfire valleys, the shattered wreckage of the Alliance outpost in the distance with its tattered banner still flying…Well, it’s kinda heartbreaking. I confess to having a fairly strong reaction to the Horde-side questline that results in that song playing over a battalion of Alliance ghosts kneeling down in thanks to you for avenging their deaths. Similarly: the music that plays over the Bleeding Vale battle scene just outside Vengeance Landing — it’s this sad, minor key air that really punches home the stupid, pointless tragedy of the Horde and the Alliance slaughtering one another on the beaches of Howling Fjord while Arthas sits chuckling happily to himself in Icecrown.

  4. Harpoon Launcher? Bwha?

  5. On the same note as Torment of the Worgen, the healing one Redemption of the Fallen (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=23862) is pretty nifty too. Give me a ghostly posse any day! 🙂

  6. My love of the Barber Shop gets me laughed at by guildies! I have spent over 300 gold in the Barber Shop on my main and over 200 gold on my Druid alt. I’m insane 😛

    Seriously though I love the silly stuff. It is fun! In fact I think we need more hairstyles….not nearly enough! 😀

  7. Pygmy Oil, Savory Deviate Delight, Orb of Sin’dorei, Orb of Deception, Iron Boot Flask, and of course Noggenfogger. Its so much fun to morph into someone else even for a few minutes!

  8. Trolls.

    … What.

  9. If we couldn’t run away from mobs I don’t think I would’ve made it past level 3. I don’t know how many times I ran away from those Defias outside Northshire Abbey!

  10. Great list! Let’s see… what would I add…

    I love the little touches… things you’ll find throughout the world that give a nod to lore and/or pop culture.

    And I love mini-pets. I loved ’em before when they took up half my bank, and love ’em even more now that they don’t take up any room.

    Oh and the scenery. There is a lot of beautiful detail to be enjoyed throughout the game.

  11. To see our lead Warrior (Dwarf) with his Bunny ears, flowers and Pink dress getting ready to run Ulduar riding his turtle is one of the great moments in the game. Sometimes he puts away the flowers to Don Thunderfury.

  12. Really? would you like a list of the stupid things I love about wow :3
    To add to your list -which incidently is fabulous and I would of never thought of half of them until you mentioned them, and now that you have .. I’ll never take advantage of again.
    I giggle to myself and remember everything about the little things … and then forget not to take ‘showers’ in the naxx poison.

    1) I love all the little film and/or TV
    such as: Haris Pilton and her massive bag
    I also found the hatch from lost .. I forget where, but it had those allusive numbers everyone was going on about.
    2) Officer Chat Funsies
    Probably the best invention Blizz ever thought of. Double the fun when adding ‘hilarious’ footnotes to all those lower rank’s chit chat 😉
    3) I must admit.
    My name is Reselia, and I am barber shop addict. I’m currently sporting a white blonde curled look on my human.
    4) Non-Combat pets that took hours of useless grinding to get! Then using on of those hilarious red leashes from the Dalaran pet store to run around with.
    Ghostly Skull on a leash – funniest thing I’ve ever print screened.
    5) Cheery fiddle music that appeared in WotLK, flying over Grizzly Hills makes me happy inside
    6) Those greetings that NPCs have when you click on them.
    “What can I do for you?” etc….
    my favorite being Lady Jania Proudmooore “Shush, I’m trying to think”
    What a woman.
    I suppose only alliance are polite though
    I’ve found hordey npcs say things like “YES WHAT IS IT?!”
    and “FOR THE HORDE” alot
    but cool
    6) and finally the slash command /e
    making up new emotes never EVER gets old.

    I think I type too much, I wish there was some sort of word limit on this, I could possibly go on allll day.

    anyway, I better put a stop to my ramblings, before I bore you all to death with my ‘little things’ ramble

  13. Late to the party – but I just had a minute to read your blog. Great place! to add… I love the rain in WoW. First time it happened to me, I just stood there and watched it. I’d love for it to snow in the snow covered lands.

  14. The proto-drake, or rather, Proto-flap model.
    Played for 10 months now, and from day 1 a proto mount was my #1 dream.

    After having 5 Timelosts nabbed away in front of my eyes, I decided to get the red one.. only to have the Green hatch on me 4 achievemnts away =D

    \o/ PROTO-FLAP!

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