Jov sez: I don’t care about the Coliseum

July 14, 2009

Okay, so, yeah…  I don’t.

I’ve done all the various Ring of Blood type arena fights on all my characters.  Nagrand?  Check.  Grizzly Hills?  Check check.  Zul’Drak?  Check check CHECK.

Do you hear that, Blizzard?  I’ve done them!  I’ve even done the others…  BRD?  Been there, SO over that.  BRD for the Tier .5 questchain?  UGH, yes, multiple times.  Magister’s Terrace?  I could do that place in my sleep.

I’ve even done ACTUAL arena.  I’ve done PVP against players both smarter than your AI and…  not.  And you know what?  I stopped!  I don’t do it anymore!  I never did it more than I NEEDED to!

I’ve done all this stuff.  Everyone reading has done all this stuff.

“This stuff” is the stuff I hate most about the game.

I’m not talking so much about recycling a concept over and over again.  When Blizz finds something that works, they’ve always pretty much reused it.  When something is popular, it would be pretty stupid to just drop it like a hot rock.

But, I don’t care, and it’s my blog so I’ll get up and rant if I want to.  I don’t want to have our next “progression” content be repeatedly farming the arena boss for a few months.  I don’t like arena fights.  I don’t like arena PVP, I don’t like arena PVE.

I want Old Gods, and pretty rooms, and actually running around from place to place.  Hell, I would prefer to be back in Hyjal and dealing with it’s exciting waves of dynamic trash encounters.

And what about Arthas?  Remember the guy you named the expansion after?  It’s been over 6 months, you’re already talking about wanting to get the NEXT expansion out in 09 (that’s this year) and except for a few cameo appearances, he’s been locked up safe and sound in Icecrown.

And why not?  All the people who oppose him are having a jousting fair party thing in the BFE corner of nowhere (when they’re not poking around, messing with the Titans) and are totally keeping themselves busy AND out of his hair.

Screw faction changes, I’m all for switching allegiance to the smart guy.



  1. You forgot VH HC! 🙂 The best ‘concealed’ arena instance.

    But hell yeah for allegiance change. It’s why I took Horde in the first place… to be the bad guy. So what if I’m Forsaken? I’ll still do the King’s bidding except I’ll have enough brain left to call him a wanker whenever I had a rough day at the job.

    + We get to fight and kill those traitor deathknights

    • Or little enough brain left, as the case may be. >.>

      • Well… size does not matter, it’s what you do with it that counts. Or so I am told 🙂

      • I was thinking less about size than about chunks being missing! Seems I can’t move two paces in the UC without coming across some decomposing chunk of someone or another. 😉

  2. See, I’m not really inclined to see Arthas, even Lich King-style, as a tactical genius. Take the Wrathgate, for instance:

    Human and orc armies are besieging the front door. The Forsaken set up their little catapults and anti-undead spray about 20 feet from Icecrown Citadel, which is as tall as Dalaran floats and is filled with Frost Wyrms and Gargoyles. Despite his obvious advantage, Arthas never notices the Forsaken. Furthermore, he decides to fight the giant army of Ally/Horde groundpounders with… his own groundpounders! Did he not ever play WCIII? Air units > grunts & footmen.

    And Lo! Then those catapults roll up and shoot the Lich King with the pesticides that have been chilling in the FRONT YARD for WHO KNOWS HOW LONG and Arthas is taken TOTALLY BY SURPRISE. Seriously? L2Reconaissance.

    Nah. I’m defecting to the Walrus People. They know how to fight a war (i.e. – steal the babies of your enemies).

  3. My lack of enthusiasm for the Coliseum stems less from its format than from the fact that I think the whole Argent Tournament is completely retarded.

    Fordring: “Hey guys let’s have a big party where we pretend to practice fighting! And let’s hold it right in the middle of the enemy’s stronghold of power!”

    Brindenbrad: “Uh, guys? Remember me? Hero guy, dying in agony about 20 feet from your carnival? Little help, maybe?”

    Fordring: “LOL IT IS TIEM 4 PARTIES!”

    . . . yeah. But I’d rather have the Coliseum style “here’s a bunch of bosses” style than Hyjal, which was probably the most disappointing raid instance ever. (Not worst, although it’s definitely very low on my list, but definitely the most disappointing, as it took an epic and tense battle with the fate of the world in the balance and turned it into a mind-numbing grindfest).

  4. I’m with Yuki. Argent Tournament can die a slow and painful death in a blazing fire. Stupid stupid stupid.
    That combined with arenas? Meeeeeehhhh! Not even pretty enough armor to wear for the misery of this grind.

  5. Preach it. I’ll check out the instance, but I’ve all but abandoned the Argent Tournament otherwise. Titles and rep are nice, but jousting can die in a puddle of voidpoo. Especially jousting elites with eight times your health in front of Icecrown. DIE PLOX.

    And Yuki nails it–how would you like to be poor Crusader Bridenbrad? He’s lying in the snow about to turn into a ghoul (or worse, a death nugget) and gets to listen to the sounds of the Icecrown Renaissance Faire from over the hill while he’s dying. Yo, Argents! Can’t you at least drop him off a fried turkey leg and a funnel cake or something before A’dal comes to deus ex machina him away?

    I am not a fan of Hyjal. Eight Exciting and Dynamic Waves of Trash(tm) damn near T6’d me into a repetitive stress injury while trying to tank them.

  6. I would bash the tournament too, except that it got me a chocobo much, much more pleasantly than the alternative methods would have.

    The Argent Tournament: It’s better than grinding runecloth.

  7. I COMPLETELY agree! I so completely NOT excited by this new patch content. This whole argent tournament, with it’s endless dailies is unbearable. 40 per pet and 150 for the argent squire upgrade, ugh. I can’t wait for a real DUNGEON to come… not some colosseum :\

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  9. I agree with this post. Not only the arena idea is recycled: the “memory of” boss encounter is also second hand news. Imagine diminishing amazing boss fights like M’uru to a 5 man version that takes about 120 sec to kill. That really crushed my spirit.

  10. […] and played with it yet again for the next release. Trial of the Crusader. And we all know how well this was received, right? One raid, one room, up to 4 times a week. Blech. Even though, I quite like the […]

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