Jov sez: I’m such a bad role lead.

July 7, 2009

ooooooooops.  This one was supposed to still be in the drafts pile as it was deemed too random and not polished enough to go live.  It was essentially me going off before I was fully awake trying to get back in the blogging groove.  But!  Since it’s already sparked some discussion/disagreement on my /mouseover healing macro, I’m gonna leave it up.

Y’all might be surprised, but I’m actually in a Position of Authority ™ in my guild.  I oversee half the healing roster (in theory) and only occasionally go mad with power.

I mean, I’m totally full of useful information.  Especially on fora.

I’m gonna useful information y’all now, too.  Because after nearly a month since actually writing a post of my own, I’m kinda rusty.  (Yes, I’m copy/pasting.  Shut up, I wrote it originally.)

I’ve given a breakdown of my mouseover macro (as well as the warnings, when I admitted to accidentally spam-healing one of our mages instead of my intended (tank) target while getting used to healing with mouseover):

/cast [target=mouseover, help][help][target=targettarget, help][target=player] Spellname

The conditionals pick the following possibilities, in order:
1. Mouseover target. Enables hover-casting, best used when you use raid frames (though also works for just mousing-over units). Bind the macro to a key, move your mouse over the unit you wish to heal’s frame, press your hotkey and your spell will start casting.
2. Your selected target, provided it’s a friendly unit.
3. Your target’s target, if your target is hostile and it’s target is friendly. Particularly recommended for healers acting in a DPS or CC role, follow that stun / fear / earth shock up with a heal on whatever your foe had been pounding on before.
4. If no suitable target is selected or hovered over, heal yourself.

I’ve also given the “use this or else” Guardian Spirit macro for Sarth 3D (Spell name can be switched, making this useful for PS or Fear Ward if you need to ensure it goes off on a specific person (and not your mouseover target, see above)):

#show Guardian Spirit
/cast [target=<tank name>] Guardian Spirit
/# Guardian Spirit Used!
/ra Guardian Spirit up!
/s Guardian Spirit up!
/t <next in line> GS up!  You’re next!

1) This prevents it from casting on anyone other than the tank. If the tank isn’t in range, it doesn’t go off, you’ll know you need to move closer.
2) Announce it in heal chat (and priest as well if you want)
3) Announce it in raid and say
4) Send a tell to the next person in line, letting them know they’re next.

I’ve given my opinion on the current state of blue gems:

If I see any of you with blue gems, I’ll cry. Seriously. And then I’ll take a crowbar to your gears and pry them out.

(Seriously, if you want a socket bonus/meta requirement, go green (seer’s) or purple (purified))

But I can’t be good advice all the time:

So we can ensure <DPS’er> gets the love he deserves:  http://www.wowace.com/projects/gridstatusignored/

*cough cough*

(and then our co-GM totally trumped me.  Lesson learned: don’t piss off the trees.)GridIgnored



  1. I laughed at the gridstatusignore. I posted it on my guild’s forum to ignore one of our dps. It’s already endorsed by 3 officers, 4 healers and some tanks/dps 😀

    I’m a bit startled by your mouseover target logic though. Do you still trust a macro that choses his own targets like that? It only heals you if you have no target and nobody under your mouseover. Since you tend to target any mob that attacked you, you risk still healing yourself when the tank has long taunted it. You could have a mouseover target by accident.
    TBH to heal the target of my target, a simple mouseover works. Just apply it on the target of target frame 🙂 That effectively makes all those targets available with just ‘[target=mouseover]’.

  2. This post wasn’t actually supposed to go live, it was one of my drafts trying to get myself going and back in the groove. >.< Fail blogger is fail.

    Oh well, since it's been up for several hours now and has a comment.

    @ Zusterke — I keep one of the tanks targeted 100% because Earth Shield and ProM are intentionally set to target and not any mouseover, and keep my mouse pretty active otherwise. Since it's set to heal me only if I'm not mousing over or targeting, it's what's worked best for me. I originally tried just a /mouseover [heal], but I actually had a worse time with that because my brain would try to heal myself with no target, or whoever I had targeted with no mouseover. So I guess you could say I've tried both, and this way just caused fewer accidents (for me) and less frustration.

  3. Haha, glad it did go live, I like the idea of Gridstatusignored, and I had never heard of it before. Nice one ^_^

  4. Interesting point Jov but (while I fear this is slightly getting out of context) if you keep a fixed tank targetted, why not focus him?

    Generally the focus target is less flexible than your target. If you wish to use macro’s for a fixed target, perhaps use focus and keep your target flexible?
    OK ok! I admit I’m nut picking… that’s just me and my computer-human-interaction nerd-talk… nevermind it 🙂
    But if you do have an answer, I would love to hear it. If there is a reason why people prefer blue over red, I want to know why so I can use/consider/apply it myself.

  5. @ Shyraia — It’s got the potential to be pretty awesome 😉

    @ Zusterke — I keep boss focus-targeted, and have my focus castbar directly above my grid frames. I got into that habit during Felmyst (needed to see casts to know when to start a mass dispel cast) and haven’t been able to really break it. I’ve TRIED focusing tanks but I find the very lack of flexibility frustrating (what if my focus tank dies and I want to target someone else? Much faster to just click than click+reset focus.) Also, I don’t tend to LOOK at my focus window terribly often. I don’t ignore it completely, but it’s primarily there to give me the castbar (which I do pay attention to). I don’t want to do that with my target. 😉

  6. Both target and focus frame are perfectly capable of doing that and yet, I do exactly the same thing for said castbar. So basically you consider your tank target more flexible than the boss?
    I do expect you to have a bit more trouble at multiboss fights like Iron Council but other than that it makes perfect sense.

    The reason, I think, that I don’t use focus for a boss all the time is because most bosstimers or emotes are sufficient or acurate at helping me act on the required events. However, there is one refinement here: cooldown based spells from the bosses. In those cases you want that castbar from the boss to precisely time your counteraction, like Sarth’s breath or IC’s Detonate. Do I guess correctly that at IC you keep the small dude in focus for the detonate timer? (and if I’m on a roll, you’ll probably keep the big boss as target to see his charged attack)

  7. @ Zusterke — Pretty much. Though I don’t usually set baby-bear as my focus for the entire fight just for detonate, simply because the way we handle that fight, I’m never in-range of him (or, rather, I make certain I’m staying at max-range to him). I tend to keep the focused target as my focus (har!) so I swap it throughout. Though, on IC it’s also less important that I get my focus switched NOW NOW NOW, too. All their abilites happen on pretty regular timers, so it gives me enough wiggle room.

  8. Then one more question. Do you (or did you consider) use a mod to have a player/target/target’starget frame near your raidframe?

  9. @Zusterke — Gah, I was gonna post a link to my UI, in-raid, but I don’t seem to have a copy handy that’s actually current. Yes, I use unitframe mods, my grid is bottom-center, my player/target are just above that, and my focus is a bit above player/target.

  10. Lol at gridignore! Going to download that one now ^^

  11. I personally like your Co-GM’s method of grid ignoring. Hehe!

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