Jov sez: Favorite Boss Abilities

July 7, 2009

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve actually had to come up with and write my own content in this place, so I’m really feeling quite rusty.  I’ve done some editing, some formatting, but I’m still behind the times on 3.2 (I’m finishing Ulduar, damnit, Yogg>all!  I don’t care about the Coliseum yet!)  So I’m trying to get myself back in the groove by looking back.  Back at bosses, that is.  Most people I’ve had these conversations with don’t really want to think about what would happen if Blizzard took the stuff I like in fights and strung them all together into one big uberboss.  I’d call it “Jov’s Boss of Death, Madness and Pain” or “Loss of Character Control with Infinite Mana, oh boy!”  They just call it “NO!”

Essence of the Red (Vaelastrasz the Corrupt — Blackwing Lair) :  Cast by Vael at the beginning of the encounter, this debuff gives essentially infinite mana, energy, rage, and runic power for 3 minutes.  Poor boy’s conflicted, he wants to be defeated, even when forced to fight.  It just leaves me with one question: Why does Alexstrasza hold out on us when we’re fighting Malygos, huh?

Incite Chaos (Blackheart the Inciter — Shadow Labyrinth) : Party-wide mind control?  Smiting the tank to the face (sorry, Tars)?  Standing in Volley and spam healing myself?  Wacky hijinks remind me of some pugs I’ve been in.

Insanity (Herald Volazj — Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom) : This is Incite Chaos plus plus.  Not only are you fighting your buddies, you need to KILL them as well.  And what can be better than encounter designed around the pwning of your friends?  Plus, you get to hear them complain about how hard YOU are to kill as a healer.

Gravity Lapse (Kael’thas Sunstrider — The Eye/Magister’s Terrace) : Flying is fun, and it’s a nice change when you actually have control over your character while doing it.

Shadow Whip (Omor the Unscarred — Hellfire Ramparts) : Being flung around in the air is fun.  Cause for many a squee’d “Wheee!” in vent.

Shadow Portal (Hatmaster Darkmaster Gandling —  Scholomance) : I had no idea this was coming the first time I did this fight.  The “wtf” that followed (coupled with “You want me to KILL THINGS?!”) was apparently quite amusing for everyone else in the group.

Massive Geyser (Gahz’ranka — Zul’Gurub) : Shooting up in the air is for fun.  Especially once we learned to make certain we were in deep enough water we wouldn’t die when we landed.

Soul Steal (Exarch Maladaar — Auchenai Crypts) : I always loved seeing my darkside mindflay the crap out of the DPS.  Even when I was attacking myself, I was like “Go me!”

Little Red Riding Hood (The Big Bad Wolf — Karazhan) : Watching the giant Tauren in plate being turned into a cute little gnome in a dress is so totally worth it.

Slag Pot (Ignis the Furnace Master — Ulduar) : This is on the list just because it’s so awesome to call out “<name> in the crotch-pot” in vent.



  1. Insidious Whisper (http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=37676 — Serpentshrine Cavern) : Prior to the +healing converting to +spell power, being able to kill my inner demon long before the dps players did.

  2. And boss abilities can teach you something if it turns out that the boss is smarter than you are. The first couple of times I did Blackheart the Inciter as a resto shaman one of the first abilities he popped was watershield which always confused me.

    The reason this was happening was that Blackheart knew something I didn’t – I could actually have watershield on me *and* earthshield on the tank at the same time. Up to that stage I had assumed (without bothering to check) that you could only have one shield up at a time.

  3. oh and
    Barreled! (Ilsa Direbrew — BRD during Brewfest) : Watching people run around with a big honking barrel on their heads while the rest of the group wipes for any reason is just fun. Until the mobs start smacking you.

  4. I have little to add to that list 🙂

    We once labeled Grobulus clouds as farts while explaining the fight to new comers. We never found raidmembers more eager to coordinate. It costed us coordination for 2 more bossfights. So, this one scores a point for me.

    Personally I quite like Sapphiron’s frost tomb or anything that will freeze me without risk of death. It always makes me wanna yell “Strike a pose!”. Being an undead corpse in decaying cloth it is important to work on my pose. And ice becomes me!
    It also buys me time to provide valuable assistance to my healing team like “heal me asap you maggots!” and “omg, try to keep everyone alive till I’m back!”.

    One of my favorite abilities will remain Heigan’s flames though. I can’t stop dancing.

  5. Cock pot, ball sack, “in his drawers”, “down his pants”. I feel sad when we skip Ignis just for the fun names people come up with. Ah, gutter humor!

  6. I bugged one time in Shadow Labs and it looked like poor Blackheart was my pet. On my pet bar I had the Incite Chaos button…range…50,000 yards.

    It didn’t work. I was distraught. Mass mind controlling my party would have made my day.

  7. @ Blee — Oh hell yeah. So disappointing it didn’t work!!

  8. This post has so much win in it, lots of nostalgic moments. I loved reading it! Thanks you!

  9. Oh! Oh! I have something to add – class calls! Loads of fun.

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