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June 24, 2009

With Jov out of town for the week, Seri is once again bereft of an outlet for her random musings, as well as a not insignificant source of daily entertainment. Well, when the cat’s away the mice will play…

I’ve been noticing a growing trend on the Guild Recruitment Forum. See if this sounds familiar to you:

“Hi, I’m an awesome <insert spec here> <insert class here> and I’m totally looking for a raid guild. Leave me a message, but if it’s a canned response you can die in a fire.”

Ok, so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but if you spend a little time browsing the Guild Recruitment Forum you’ll see a lot of anti-canned-response sentiment. People make disparaging remarks about it all the damn time and I just don’t get it. Obviously, they’ve never had to recruit for a raid guild before. If I had to sit down and write a custom-tailored reply to everyone I was even remotely interested in, I’d be eating shaving cream on public transport in a matter of hours.

It’s not that I am blind to the plight of the guild-seeking raider. Looking for a guild is kind of like walking blindfolded through a minefield with magnets strapped to your shoes. But what is about canned responses that these people find so offensive? I can’t imagine that they all think they’re just too good for them, so there must be something else. Why not state what that something is? Don’t, as they say, throw the baby out with the bath water.

As tempting as it is to ignore these posters, I still end up replying in their threads because let’s face it… I’m recruiting because I need people and as prevalent as these requests have become I’d be missing out on a lot of opportunities. (Not to mention that it’s hard enough to find people with decent gear and a compatible schedule.) If I’m feeling spunky I’ll add a customized sentence or two at the beginning, just to give their request a nod. Sometimes it’s not even snarky.

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  1. I don’t really understand that mindset. If I’m looking for a guild, I want the guild to know as much about me as possible (bubblepriest with shadow dual-spec and a good set of Holy gear, timezone I’m in, when I can raid, etc.) to minimize the amount of time-wasting that goes on at each end. After that, I don’t really care about canned responses. You’re looking for my class and your raid times fall into when I can raid… GREAT! Give me a link to your website so I can poke around, and we can continue talking from there if –I– decide you’re a good fit for me.

  2. Hah! I also enjoy the posts that are like, “I have done the first two bosses in Ulduar. I am looking for a guild with Yogg down, no scrubs.”

    Anyway, don’t tell anyone, but I have started actually faking my non-canned responses. Usually my replies have a couple of pre-written paragraphs at the top with filled in details (we are looking for X class and working on Y boss) and then I say, “Well I don’t want to waste your time, so here’s my copy & pasted ad below the line.”

    It’s all copy and paste! I hand write “mage” and “Vezax” and slap it in there. I almost feel bad, but not quite.

    • Your secret is safe with me… can’t speak for the rest of my readers, though. 😉

      • I’m confused about one thing… what’s so wrong with eating shaving cream on public transport?

      • Very funny, Bob. 🙂

  3. Perhaps they’re looking for guild which is so desperate for a [build][class] that they’ll write a passionate sales-pitch to them about how they’ll get a triple share of everything? I suppose it also has the benefit of discouraging guilds disinclined to put up with bad temper.

  4. Our guild’s best response to such a message ever:
    “We want to attract ppl we can play and raid with in a fun environment but we also want ppl to be motivated. As far as your application goes, that doesn’t show at all and I will be closing down this topic with as much effort as you took making it.

    We are not a hardcore raiding guild but do have a strict recruitment policy. Better luck next time.

    I wish I had the balls to have been the author of that. Typically I try to ask a question or two. If it’s a priest, the applicant can expect a few class/build questions. Depending on what and how they answer you can learn a lot about the player.

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