Seri sez: I’ve got the (holiday) blues.

June 23, 2009

With Jov out of town for the week, Seri is once again bereft of an outlet for her random musings, as well as a not insignificant source of daily entertainment. Well, when the cat’s away the mice will play… a random double-post Tuesday could be the least of your worries by the end of the week.

I’m not sure what it is about WoW holidays that doesn’t excite me anymore. I used to get super pumped for them. I’d trot out all of my alts (of which I had/have many, having two accounts to work with) daily to do whatever repetitive tasks were required to accumulate a pile of seasonal goodies. I chaperoned orphans all over the world, multiple times, for pets. I… I kissed dwarves. For mistletoe. When no one really gave a shit about Spirit. (Ok, except Jov.)

These days, I’m lucky to complete half of the available activities on a single character. I just don’t care any more. I’m sure part of it is the ‘been there, done that’ aspect of the seasonal content. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Blizzard has done a pretty good job of changing things up here and there to make it a little different each time. But… if you’ve seen one Lunar Festival you’ve seen them all, maybe. (You know, I’m not sure I have *ever* killed Omen.)

Even titles and achievements haven’t sparked my interest, probably because they’re such a pain in the ass to complete. Either you’re visiting every zone in Azeroth to talk to an NPC (or, in the case of Midsummer, get ganked) or you’re hunting for some random drop rare item from an hourly chat with an innkeeper to complete your holiday collection. It seems like the more the holidays “mature” the more of a chore they become.

What do I like about holidays? What could Blizzard do more of to make me look forward to them again?

1. Decorations.

They’ve got this one down pretty well. All the holidays have some pretty cool decorations, and I like the change of scenery when I’m wandering around.

2. Seasonal recipes. (and other craftables)

Call me crazy, but I like being able to make seasonal foodstuffs. I would like it more if I could buy holiday spices in July. Hell, it’d give me something to do with all these useless Badges of Justice. *grimace* One of the things they did right with the Lunar Festival and Winter Veil was give us something fun to do with our professions. I’d like to see more of that.

3. Seasonal food & beverages, preferably of the cheap variety.

Make it a real holiday, give us some cheap food/drinks we can buy (with coin, not stupid holiday tokens) to celebrate in style, even if they provide no additional buffs. Though, I wouldn’t turn down additional buffs…

4. Anything I can wear/use after the holiday is over.

I admit it… I still have Midsummer festival-wear from last year in my bank. It was the only reason I did any of the activities last year, and I really only did just enough of them to get the pieces I wanted. I also have a Winter Veil costume, a snowball machine, every Children’s Week pet and a Brewfest outfit/mount. That’s right.. I collect useless shit. And I love it. I hate limited-duration items… give me a broom I can use all year long, dammit! *fistshake*

5. Something to launch myself or my friends out of.

I keep meaning to write a post about my love of giant cannons, harpoons and other toon-gone-projectile devices. Really, the Alliance has the edge in this area, as they have several quest lines that involve launching themselves into the air at high velocity. Pretty much the only thing the Horde has is the Darkmoon cannon and the Demolishers in Ulduar and I’m telling you… that shit never gets old for me. The only thing that’d be better than the ability to turn myself into an elvish projectile would be the ability to load friends up, aim, and shoot. Just… wear this helmet, man. Tuck and roll, it’ll all be fine.

It could only get better if I were dressed in a hand-made costume with a free beer in one hand and a seasonal vanity pet trailing along behind.

Then again, that sounds kind of like an SCA event gone horribly awry.



  1. I’d never really paid attention to the holiday events in prior years. The only ones I ever did at all were the ones to get me either cheap off-spec epic pieces or raid buffs.

    Now I have the promise of an albino drake, and I got it in my mind to get it. So I do them all within the first 2 days, all within one sitting. I don’t enjoy them though. In fact, I despised the midsummer tasks, and bitched the whole 5+ hours flying from zone to zone. I basically flew, afk, run, piss on fire, fly, afk, run, piss on fire, (repeat 100x).

    I blew off a Naxx alt run, even though they needed me, and I felt horribly guilty about it, but there was no way in hell I was extending the duration of my involvement in Midsummer. I’m done!

    … not to say that I don’t enjoy repetitive tasks. There are several daily areas that I enjoyed doing: skyguard, netherdrake, hodir. I think my favorite dailies though are for the argent tournament. It’s a great way to earn rep, it’s unique, you can do multiple dailes at a time, and I’m only like 2 days away from being exalted with my last alliance city (gnomeran exiles).

    Once I get my albino drake though, you can start calling me Ebenezer.

  2. lol! Point 5 would have me addicted to the game for months.. and then some.

  3. I absolutely have the holiday blues, especially where the Midsummer Festival is concerned. This time last year, Anea was 70 and had been my main for a while, but it didn’t seem like something she would do. Sin, my Blood Elf rogue, on the other hand… I decided absolutely must have all the Midsummer things, including the pet. I poured all my energy into Sin getting all the stupid blooms and I did manage to get her all the things. (What a pain!)

    And since I’ve schlepped all over the world (multiple times! For multiple holidays!) this is just not something I care about for Anea. Or even to complete the achievements to get the title for Sin.

    Certainly a “been there, done that” scenario.

    (Also, I wholeheartedly agree with items three and four!)

  4. I got up yesterday 3 hours before I normally would. I did this for one reason….I needed to get the stupid fire out of Org! I tried a couple times the day before, but apparently there are a lot of people with nothing better to do than protect that damn fire!

    Anyhow I’m not too fond of a lot of the things these damn holidays make me do, but I do like the nifty clothes, and the cute pets, and mostly the mounts! I love mounts! I desperately want that Blue Dragonhawk and will do anything to attain it. On that note I was able to get the remaining money I needed to buy my expensive mammoth off of all this holiday stuff! 🙂

  5. Yep. I am so there. How come I can’t get that stupid torch thing done? I did it last year. What a pain.

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