The Top 10 Rumors Why Seri Didn’t Write A Post This Week

June 18, 2009

Top 10!#10. Alien abduction.

#9. Got distracted by—ooo, shiny!



#6. Er, where was I? Oh, right…

#5. Completely engrossed in Iran election coverage.

#4. Potion sickness.

#3. Busy thwarting zombie apocalypse.

#2. Brokenspacebar.

…and the #1 rumor why Seri didn’t write a post this week:

Guild destroyed by Matticus. (rimshot)

Thank you, please tip your waiter.



  1. No “Mind shattered by unspeakable horrors from beyond time”?


    • Hey, feel free to start your own!

  2. Win!

  3. “Cannot do that while stunned.”

  4. #1 is win, lol. Poor matticus.

  5. You stop thwart zombies. we only want eat brain.


    • We’re not unreasonable. I mean, no one’s gonna eat your eyes.

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