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June 16, 2009

A few weeks ago, we got an email requesting we update/continue Dwarfpriest’s lovely gear list.  Well, this post is to say sorry, but we’re not going to be doing that.

Why no gear lists?

Short answer: I’m lazy.  More accurate answer: lists are somewhat misleading.  Contrary to the implications of some, I don’t feel that there’s a universal stat measurement that holds true to every individual of the same class/spec in every situation. I’m not really talking the difference between the needs of a Holy and Disc priest when it comes to gearing (because I think everyone here can agree that they’re not gonna be using the same priorities) but more the difference in the needs between Boo and Sarahbutt (shut up, I’m using my cats.  You know you’ve done it, too…), two Holy Priests with very different priorities and needs.


Boo is in a guild just starting on Mimiron in Ulduar 25.  She finds herself placed almost exclusively on raid healing.  Her primary heals in a given night tend to be CoH, ProM, and Flash-hasted PoH.  She’s worked hard on getting her haste up because she’s in a very competitive raid healing team, but now is finding herself hurting a bit in the crit and regen departments.  She’d like to work on that, but is completely unwilling to sacrifice haste to do so.

Sarahbutt is in a smaller guild and duo-healing the pants out of Naxx-10 with her buddy the resto druid.  She’s thought about going Disc, but can’t bring herself to give up the fun toys in deep holy.  Even still, she finds herself healing tanks pretty often, so has worked on upping her crit and regen as much as possible to take advantage of SoL and HC procs for her, Inspiration for her tank.  Her primary spells are Flash, Flash-hasted Greaters, ProM and CoH.  She feels she’s currently pretty good where she’s at, but loves the big numbers more crit grants her, so is always keeping an eye out for more of it.

Okay, so?

If you’re going by best in slot gear lists, certain values have been assigned to certain stats to hold true for everyone of that spec/class.  Dwarfpriest used the following:

Here are the stat weights used:

0.74 Intellect
0.54 Spirit
0.35 Haste
0.15 Crit
1.00 MP5
0.60 Spellpower

To translate, mp5 is valued approx twice as much as spirit and spellpower, three times as much as haste, and six times as much as crit.  Haste is valued twice as much as crit.  Her Int:Spirit ratio is 1.3:1.  I’m not going to get into my opinions of her weights, I’m just using them as an example.  That is a best in slot list for Dwarfpriest, her weights worked for her.

What works for Dwarfpriest doesn’t necessarily work for Sarahbutt or Boo.  Or you.  Or me.  Likewise, any list I come up with will work for me, but not necessarily anyone else, either.  There is no universal stat weight list that works best for everyone.

So what’s the tl;dr?

In short, it’s this:  Stat weights vary based not just on class and spec, but based on task, content, raid group, current gear/stats, and healing style. In short, they’re always changing.

In the above example, Boo‘s current gear weighs Haste and Spellpower higher than Crit and Regen.  For upgrades, she would like to give Crit and Regen more import (increasing their weight) without losing her high focus on Haste (maintaining it’s weight).

Sarahbutt, on the other hand, gives higher weights to Crit and RegenSpellpower is middling, and Haste is barely a blip on her radar.  Her future gear plan follows this trend.

It would be impossible for me to make a post outlining BiS gear when weights are so very subjective.  I admire the people who attempt to do it, but… it’s not for me.

And fear not, gentle readers.  Next week, there will be a guest post outlining exactly how to determine stat weights, for those of you who want an actual answer. 🙂



  1. Hear hear! I agree 100%. Even if you take into consideration the different needs of players, their environment and assignments, the value of stats also evolve. Just look at the evolution of intellect and spirit. The same happens with haste, crit and spellpower 🙂

  2. Here’s what I certainly don’t want: a post that simply states the best weights, with no explanation of how the poster got there, or what the assumptions are, etc. However, posts like Zusterke’s do influence my gear weights, sometimes quite dramatically – because they make me think, and realise that the assumptions I previously held (“stack mp5, because spirit doesn’t help me as I’m hardly ever outside 5SR”) are wrong.

    So I guess it’s not as simple as “give us a post with stat weights”. What I would like is a GOOD post, that helps us figuring out how each stat helps, and then we can decide how to fit that into our personal gear choices.

    A concrete example: the role of haste vs crit is a big debate, especially for Disc priests. More crit is good (Divine Aegis), but more haste means we may end up critting more often, which may result in Aegis that keep refreshing and topping up, given the new Aegis stacking mechanics. I’m sure there’s a way to model the problem mathematically, but I don’t have the tools (or the time) to do just that. It would be awesome if someone who is more mathematically minded than me could do that (hint, hint!)

    Sorry for the looooong comment….

    • Haste and crit are, in fact, balanced in terms of throughput 🙂

      The problem is that neither stat can modeled 100% accurately as we are not dps. A crit may just be overheal in which case only its shield value contributes. If there is no need to cast more spells or faster.. then haste is lost.

      That is why you can never say X > Y.
      But you could investigate:
      – how crit behaves
      – how haste measures up
      – how to assess your situation, level and style to estimate what stat is most valuable to you.

  3. I also very much agree. I always tell other healers my opinion (as I’m most opinionated!), but I also always tell them not to just follow me blindly. Everyone needs to find what works best for them.

    I find BiS lists to be somewhat interesting, but they never work for me. Even if I agree with their stat weights it still doesn’t work for me. If I end up only getting crit pieces, I’ll need to go after haste even if my BiS is a crit piece. Also….I’m not the sort to hold out for the absolute best piece. If something drops that is a substantial upgrade I take it, and if it ends up being close to my BiS I just stick with it, rather than chasing after a couple stat points difference.

  4. I agree with the commenters above.

    I spent a lot of time working on updating the stat weights you mention in this article, I produced long posts about it and finally gear lists. Then it hit me.

    The gear lists were pretty similar no matter how you weighted the stats. it basically boiled down to the goldern rule of, “Higher healer item ilvl is better”, with a bit of tinkering around the edges for crit or haste.

    Another important point that many don’t realise is that stat weights change depending on your gearing level. For example fresh 80’s are wasting their time getting haste and need stats like mana regen > spell power > crit > haste. But by the time you at T7.5 or higher your needs are more like spell power > haste > crit > mana regen or similar.

    Gobble gobble.

  5. Certain stats are a matter of personal taste, I agree. I don’t really play my priest anymore, but when I used to, I couldn’t understand the fuss about haste really. As a raid healer, who relied so much on instacasts, the only significant benefit of haste was the somewhat lower GCD – not much, if you ask me.

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