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April 28, 2009

We don’t usually do a lot of links here on WoS, but I wanted to take a few moments, not so much to point you at our blogroll (it’s right over there) but to point at a couple of specific posts (blog and forum) I’ve found particularly interesting over the past week or two.

First off, Elenaltarien @ Healer’s Haven wrote up an AWESOMELY detailed post on base spell efficiency at 80.  She’s promised an upcoming part 2 with the same breakdowns adjusted for Holy spec and a part 3 for Discipline soon.  (She also gets mad props for including Holy first, since it is the better spec.Extra bonus points for including the results at the bottom, so if you’re like me, you can skip most of the math stuff and just get the bottom line.  Consider this required reading for all priests.

Next, Ariedan @ Wordy Warrior (a newer blogger, though all of her posts have been both entertaining and informative) gives a very honest look at female leadership.  Seri and I have both been in leadership positions (I know, they must be crazy to give us power!) and have faced many of the potential problems she outlines.  She both gives good advice for dealing with them, and more general “you’re not the only one, I’ve been there” kinda support.

Finally, Larisa @ Pink Pigtail Inn wrote a VERY good post on wow blogging.  In all honesty, I’ve never thought of myself much as a writer, and the act of coming up with a new post each week is pretty wearing, sometimes.  Unfortunately, that also means that posts ABOUT blogging usually make me groan and hit “next” on my reader (Sorry, Matt :P) but I’ve a soft-spot for gnomes, and always enjoy Larisa’s posts, so I gave this one a read.  I’m glad I did (especially on her last point– which is the part I often forget.)

And as an extra-bonus…  Over on PlusHeal, Matt gives an analysis on what Val’anyr’s proc actually does, and it’s pretty eye-opening.  Everyone who’s been disappointed since seeing the stats should go take a look-see.



  1. At least someone liked the female leadership post. I knew it was a controversial subject, but I didn’t think it would be that negatively received. =/

    Thanks for the linkback, though- it means a lot! Long-time reader.. I just rarely comment, ha. 😛

  2. @ariedan — One thing I had drilled into my head about blogging, the fastest way to get comments is to say something people disagree with. Taking a stand on an issue, particularly if it’s in any way controversial, will boost your hit and comment count (since people are usually happy to be quiet when they agree). So don’t worry about people disagreeing, just think of it as buffing your comment count 😉

  3. I started to read the Healer’s Haven post yesterday, but got lost in the math and ran away. I know I’m way too easily frightened. Anyhow went back and read the end and the part I understood was very interesting. TY for pointing me back there.

  4. Wow, I’m really glad you guys liked the info. The pingback means a lot to me, being an avid fan of your work.

    Thanks for pointing out Ariedan’s post as well. As a female and long time guild officer, I’m really looking forward to reading it.

  5. “She also gets mad props for including Holy first, since it is the better spec.”

    Awww, no love for disc… that’s it!

  6. Snort, that’s okay. I don’t expect to appeal to everyone :P.

    So long as you help me keep da spam off da forums, I am a happy dorf!

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