Jov sez: How2Priest (part 3)

April 21, 2009

Alrighty, to recap…  You’ve picked your race, you’ve picked your spec, and you’ve got a good idea of what spells are useful when.  This is probably going to be the last post of this series (unless y’all poke me in comments with something blindingly obvious that I’ve missed.  Cause, hey, contrary to popular belief, I’m not perfect) and I’m just going to take a few minutes to quickly go over Glyphs.

First off, the ones that really don’t matter:

Minor Glyphs

There are currently 6 minor glyphs in the game, and 3 minor glyph slots.  Which glyphs you choose is almost entirely personal preference.  4 have debatably more “raid utility” than the other two (Fading, Fortitude, and Shadow Protection reducing the mana cost of raid buffs, and Shadow Fiend giving you mana back anyway if your puppy does something stupid), one is purely to cater to the lazy (Levitate, which you’ll pry out of my cold, dead spellbook), and one was useful once, but is kinda meh with current content (Shackle Undead).  Pick three that aren’t Shackle and have fun.

And here’s where things start getting a wee bit more complicated, since Disc and Holy don’t really care about the same things, and don’t necessarily want the same glyphs.  But moving on to a shortlist:

Major Glyphs: Discipline

Penance : The reason every Disc priest should be humping the leg of your guild inscriptors.  This is the first choice for any bubblepriest worth their salt.

Flash Heal : The number two choice, and should be in every healing priest’s arsenal.

Shield : You do everything else to boost your shield, why not add a healing component as well.

Major Glyphs: Holy

Flash Heal : What I said above is true; there are no glyphs good enough to prevent this from being used regardless of (healing) spec.

Circle of Healing : A strong glyph, one extra hit on a instant-cast smart group heal is nothing to sneeze at; roughly equal to…

Prayer of Healing : This is an either/or.  Prayer of Healing is going to be a better choice now that it’s targetable in any situation you don’t need the instant.

Glyph of Guardian Spirit : Personally, this is the one I’m most excited about; I just don’t know anyone yet who can make it.   Sadness.


Holy Nova : My issue with this isn’t so much the lawlnova aspect as it is the fact that it’s STILL party-limited.  Useful for 5-mans, however, especially as Discipline (as they have no other instant aoe heal).

Spirit of Redemption : After the (justifiably needed) nerf, this glyph lost most of it’s oomph.  Not bad, but there are better choices out there.

Renew : I know I’m gonna attract a lot of disagreement here, but I don’t like it.  I don’t want to be forced to sacrifice a glyph slot and 8 talent points to Renew to make it a useful heal.
So there ya have it.  Quick and dirty, certainly, but I only promised a quick overview for this one.  Renew argument opening in the comments in 3, 2…


  1. Nice read and I quite agree with the choices made for the holy priest. Holy Nova was one of my favorite glyphs in 3.0 since holy nova worked so well in tandem with CoH. However, PoH has taken a big step forward and reduces the need for holy nova considerably. It is still a good glyph, but I believe the PoH glyph will provide more healing in most fights which is what the choice is all about.

    As for the renew glyph: I know it may be unpopular, but I agree. I dislike the glyph. Despite the higher ticks (which are awesome), the reduced duration bothers me. Perhaps the Empowered Renew works better with this glyph, but so far my healing done increased when I didn’t equip the glyph of Renew.

    For the minor glyphs, Levitate is a luxury choice but the spell should not be minimized. It saved 2 players at maly from the Vortex-fall-to-your-death-haha-attack. Statistically speaking, it rivals guardian spirit on Maly for me 🙂

    PS: nice skin change to the blog: upgrade to Tier 7 eh? 🙂 But why did Jovietta get the Valorous and Seri the Heroic version? Hmm, then again, a blonde in a red dress.. nvm.
    Can we expect an upgrade to Tier 8?

  2. Guardian Spirit glyph is nice! Now I’m throwing Guardian spirits around like crazy to help the MT healers when it gets heavy. I did get PoH instead of shield in my disc spec to be able to AoE heal a little with that spec, which has proven to be useful (Auriaya). My minor glyphs are: fiend, fade and levitate. Levitate might not be very useful in raids but it sure is a life saver for me. ^^

  3. @ Zusterke — as to why the difference between heroic and valorous, because Jov is wearing 7.5 and Seri is wearing 7. 😉 As for when the change to 8, 8 was the original intent, but the skins aren’t in my copy of WMV and last time I tried to import (granted on the previous version of model viewer) I ended up breaking it and needing to uninstall/reinstall.

    @ Suicidal — yeah, I love Levitate. I can’t imagine anything making me switch (I just need to remember to get another when I finally get around to dual-speccing).

  4. Guardian Spirit is simply amazing. I cast it 4-5 times in any given boss fight as soon as a tank gets low. When paired with a hasted greater heal, my tank is quickly out of danger and I have time for raid heals.
    I agree with you about renew. I use the spell mostly when its hps isn’t important, like slow steady damage on Hodir or Saph, or when I know damage is incoming. I’ve tried the glyph and it actually weakens the spell in my opinion.

  5. Since no-one else wants to disagree on the renew glyph, I will start that dissenting ball rolling.

    If you add together the benefits from the glyph, twin disciplines,improved renew and empowered renew – it makes each tick of the renew pretty powerful. The only downside being that it needs to be refreshed slightly sooner, but this is so worth it for the additional heal per tick. As the talents points would be used in Twin Disciplines regardless, I don’t think there is anywhere better to use the 6 additional talent points required.

    I would take this before the Guardian Spirit glyph, although this is a very nifty glyph I think renew has more utility overall and I can cope with the longer cooldown on GS as I don’t get the urge to use it much more than I do already.

    Also, I love being able to throw levitates around like confetti.

  6. Yay for Renew fights!

    I disagree with Salome about not finding places to put all of those Renew-centric talent points. The six points can be put in any combination of Blessed Resilience, Test of Faith, Healing Prayers, Holy Reach, Desperate Prayer, Lightwell, or moving further in the Disc tree to Mental Agility.

  7. @ Zusterke – Seri is wearing the 10-man version because she has yet to step foot in a WotLK 25-man. I raid mostly on my Rogue (pictured on the left) these days. 🙂

  8. Hey Juzaba,

    Somehow in addition to my 6 renew points, I seem to have managed to take all of the holy talents you have mentionned except Healing Prayers which I decided against as I am not having many mana issues. Perhaps I am missing something else important!!

    Actually from looking at the holy tree again I think the 3 points in Improved Renew are the best option to get down as far as tier 4 talents so it is really only the 3 points in Empowered Renew that could be used elsewhere.

    I haven’t really considered whether they would be better spent going further down the discipline tree, maybe I will look into that a bit more.

  9. I agree with all of the above! I did use the renew Glyph for a little bit, but found I preferred renew without the glyph. I also tried out the Emp. Renew talent and decided I had better places to put some of those points. I still have 3 points in Imp. Renew, but removed 2 points from Emp. Renew in favor of Healing Prayers.

    As for Glyph of Guardian Spirit….I am sooooo in love with this glyph! I bought it off the AH for 155 gold and it is very much worth it.

  10. … Not that I’ve actually tried it out, but it seems like the renew glyph would increase the throughput of renew significantly if you have emp. renew. If you have emp renew you’re refreshing more often, therefore getting that front-side insta heal more often. In the span of an unglyphed renew, you get a full glyphed renew + an extra renew instaheal + 1 renew tick. >_> Now… I wouldn’t take it because I’m super bad at remembering to refresh things, which is the only problem (besides having other really good glyphs to choose from) that I see with this glyph

  11. I got to use my guardian spirit glyph for flame leviation and half a naxx run, then as soon as we hit ignis….go disc go disc….i miss it. IT was hands down teh best glyph, 20% heal every 60 sec???? wooooooo! As holy I loved empowered renew, but not enough to use the glyph. Levitate is just so nice. =). In fact, the GS glyph helped me immensely with tank healing on our first attempts at ignis and the trash preceding him. 20% increased healing on the tank, by any healer, is worth so so much. Used well, i was able to use that spell every 60 seconds, and you could see it in every healers numbers.

  12. I recently swapped out my Flash Heal glyph with the Prayer of Healing Glyph. 😡 After they made it targettable on any party (which I am abusing the hell out of), I figured it was worthwhile.

    Rolling with Penance/PoH/PW:S glyphs now as Disc- we previously Flash Heal/Holy Nova/PW:S.

    Also, I’m with you- they will never be able to convince me to remove Glyph of Levitate from either of my specs! D:

  13. I have yet to get the GS glyph or the Penance glyph, haven’t been able to track one down yet. I plan to replace my Renew glyph with those soon as I get my hands on them! And I completely agree that the Flash Heal glyph is a must. Not sure why anyone would not want that one.

  14. What does blizzard mean by triggering GS? The actual death or somebody healing the GS recipient during the 10 seconds…

  15. As much as I love Renew, in contrast to the writer of the post, I still think that the Guardian Spirit glyph looks a lot more promising. I don’t like having my renews reduced to 12 sec, the whole point of using hots is having a long-lasting healing spell on the target.

  16. Thunder: when a killing blow is prevented by Guardian Spirit. The increased healing bonus doesn’t count as triggering GS.

  17. I like it a lot. However, this glyphs section covers the “end-game” spectrum. What about leveling glyphs? Am referring only to majors here. Healing instances whilst still leveling doesn’t require healing glyphs, let alone a healing spec. Some may want a more damage oriented set of glyphs and what to use first as you progress through the levels and gain access to more slots.

    All in all, you’ve covered everything really well I think.

  18. I dont want to argue with you about the renew-glyph. i use i atm because i can refresh the new on the (up to) 3 tanks much earlier.

    but the point is, that i think it is a really good hot and all 6 talent points worth. i use it a lot. the tanks have it the most time and if someone gets a dot (like light bomb or so) the get the renew as well.

    dont justice this powerfull spell and look at the HPS, he can provide 😉

  19. I would argue for disc PoH major is better than FH. I find the better I get at disc the less I use FH and the more I rely on hasted Gheals for my thoroughput. My argument for PoH instead of FH is that in fights where I am using PoH (hodir, mimiron p2, deconstructor, ignis, this list goes on and on) the extra 20% is mostly used quite well. On quite a few fights PoH ends up being my largest source of healing and even if half the glyph is overhealing, I would not trade 10% PoH healing for 10% more flash healing.

  20. […] wotlk leveling as disc – Perfectly viable, though doing it as holy is better.  Check out my How2Priest series for more detailed information.  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. […]

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