Seri sez: Wait, it’s Thursday already?

April 9, 2009

movingOk, first of all… moving on a Tuesday is really weird. Someone remind me not to do that again. Second… wtf, it’s Thursday? Fsck. Ok, so L2WWS will have to continue next week because it’s just not fit to print yet. Sorry, folks! Instead, I give you this amusing anecdote:

We started packing for our move probably about five weeks out, but no matter how good your intentions are it always comes down to shoving things in boxes at the last minute. (I won’t go into the two car loads of misc crap that we always seem to end up with after the movers have come and gone.)

But getting things moved is only half the battle, and the first thing Mr. Seri always wants to do at the new place is unpack everything as quickly as possible… a stark contrast to what I want to do on the day after a move (as little as possible). Yesterday, I remarked to him:

“Look, I feel like you’re giving me mixed signals here. Yesterday it was ‘zomg everything must go in a box’ and today it’s ‘zomg everything must come out of the boxes’.”

There’s just no pleasing some people. 😉



  1. Ugh, you’re right. Moving does suck! Hope you like the new place!

  2. Tuesday is the best day…..it leaves you a few hours to make sure you have your computer and internet access set up…. hehe

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