Intermission: A Day In The Life of Jov

April 7, 2009

8:30 — See Seri’s name pop up on the “currently reading” list on the guild forum, struggling with blog post so eagerly await arrival on IM.

9am — Finish coffee and muffin, continue outlining blog post, get distracted by google images.

9:45 — Remember that Monday means Dollhouse on Hulu.  Set aside post, watch it.

10:45 — Make effort to stop procrastinating.  Re-open blog post.  Open new tab, snark on guild forum.  Stare at IM wondering why Seri isn’t on yet.

11am — Remember Seri is in the process of packing/moving and she’s on her own.  Emo fit of depression.

11:05 — Realize ep 2 of Higurashi Rei is FINALLY subbed on Youtube.  Rejoice!  Watch!  (note: WoS neither advocates nor condones watching fansubs of anime on Youtube. Jov is just an addict.)

11:30 — Squee to Tars via email about Higurashi.

11:35 — Re-open blog post, get distracted by cats.

12pm — Lunch

12:30 — Check Facebook, Google Reader, LiveJournal, webcomics, PlusHeal and guild forum yet again.

1:15 — Decide blog post isn’t going to happen by sitting and not-doing it.  Resolve to just do it.

1:17 — Decide that’s not working and to not-do-it elsewhere and do away from computer things.

1:35 — Return to check web things again.

2:15 — Return to check web things again.

3:45 — Return to check web things again.

4:30 — Start cooking dinner

5:30 — Dinner

6:15 — Realize raid invites start in ~15 minutes, log in to try and sneak some dailies before raid.

7p — Raid starts.

11p — Raid and post-raid game stuff is finished.  Bedtime

11:05 — Remember partially-completed blog post.  Panic.

11:15 — Decide fukit and give silly timeline instead.



  1. Damn you wake up early! =/ I usually only wake up at 12 and stop playing around 1am 😛 (Unless I have classes). Ps: I like the silly timeline.

  2. She really is a Higarashi addict. I blame Yuki.

  3. 😀

  4. Can’t leave you alone for a minute, can I? 🙂

  5. @ Suicidal — Cats, much like small children, don’t always believe in sleeping in.


    @ Yuki — It is your fault. /passes back the crackpipe

    @ Seri — NO YOU CAN’T *cling*

  6. I get that a lot 🙂

  7. Hmmm. . . that is like a whole day committed to WoW, anime, and interweb. How do you fund your addictions? Is it Tarsus?

  8. @ Syrii — Since I’m one of those not-so-happily unemployed; yes, thanks. 😛

  9. *Pats Jov on the*


  10. […] not filled with raiding is probably the time I spend moderating at PlusHeal.  Also, as has been established in an earlier post, I have no life.  (Also known as “Jov’s brain isn’t working, so she’s […]

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