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March 24, 2009

Or how I learned to stop worrying and hate T8.

Ignoring the ninja-priest look of the set at large (which I totally don’t get) has anyone actually looked at the stat allocation and bonuses and scratched their heads going wtf blizzard?

First of all, stat allocation.  364 Int, 318 Spirit, and sporting 3 red, 2 yellows and 2 blue sockets, it’s just the sort of thing designed to make my inner holy priest squeal with joy.

And then the bonuses.   2 piece increases crit chance of PoH by 10%.  To which I say “eh, okay, whatever.”  And the kicker:  4 piece gives me 250 spellpower for 5 sec after casting PW:S.

bwa?  WTF, Blizzard?

Okay, okay, at base it’s not so bad.  If I’m a Disc priest, I’m using shield on about every cooldown.  Oh wait, except for that tiiiiiny little issue that a Discipline priest is going to look at the stats on T8 and run for the hills.

And any holy priest in raid with a Disc?  Is going to be spanked for so much as thinking about using their shield button.

I’ve never been a huge collector of tier loot.  Personally, unless there’s a set bonus that’s just THAT GOOD (T2 had awesome bonuses, imo) there’s no real reason to get Tier over non-set.  Ulduar kinda drives that point home.



  1. Hey, it could be worse. You could have a weird glowing mask-type thing on top of your head.

  2. I don’t bother at the style at the moment.

    but i have the some issue, if i look at the stats. i feel more like wearing a few pieces of the shadowset and random epics. I think at a disc priest you will get more than the 250 spellpower the 4pieces bonus provides.

    (but i havent dont calculations with the new loot so far)

  3. Style doesn’t bother me that much but indeed the tier bonusses suck big time… T2 was the only set that had great a few great bonuses (reactive fade was a lifesaver for me) and renew after GH is awesome, still is (its a way for us to go back to GH as well).

  4. I will love this for both the upgrade and looks (with helm turned off ;)).

    The stats are clever IMO: int is probably a dominant stat in 3.1 for both specs. The decrease of rapture requires more regen for the disc priest and spirit is a good candidate for high int chars.

    The set bonusses aren’t powerfull but:
    – 2P: serendipity promotes PoH for Holies + it’s ‘the’ raidheal for Disc.
    – 4P: Disc priests can sustain the buff (no CD on PWS). Holies get the buff ‘when things go bad’.
    They are enough to like the set, without feeling too bad when dropping the bonus for an upgrade.

  5. I have ovaries on my shoulders, be happy.

    Set bonuses have always been a lottery, some are so good you keep them a whole tier (Mage 2xT5) and some entirely redundant (Druid 2xT8). Lets hope we see updates.

  6. I like tier sets, they match and look pretty.

    But I will be sad to lose my wings for the ninja look. I also wondered at the stat bonus, and thought it may be a cheap way to make the set look good to both specs, one for bonuses and one for stats.

    Our disc priest would shoot me if I started throwing shields on the tank!!!

    I am not super excited about this. I did really like the extra bounce on PoM. It made it easier to solo heal 10 man naxx.

  7. I believe this is a case of Blizzard wanting to make something for both types of priests. The fact of the matter is that Blizzard kind of screwed the pooch on tier sets for priests because Disc priests are almost a totally different class than Holy priests. They should have their own version of tier sets because they don’t need or want spirit. Other classes would bitch endlessly about balance if that happened though. Instead they make gear with holy stats and disc bonuses. Too much trying to please everyone, imo.

  8. *sigh* T2 set bonuses…*sniffle*

  9. […] on concerning the new tier 8 healing priest set.  The problem is not the look of it (though some people aren’t too happy about the rogue look), but more to do with the new bonuses we get from […]

  10. I think we hunters got lucky. T8 hunter bonuses are seeeeeeeeexy. (Been a while since I could say that for a tier bonus >.>)

  11. I haven’t been too impressed with the tier bonuses being Disc spec. That being said I will be happy to lose those freakin wings. It drives me nuts how they only display correctly when viewed from the front. I get annoyed seeing the back of my character and having the wings going in towards my head. they should have them stick out the way the SoR wings do. I’ll probably do like I have been and mix and match the holy and shadow sets.

  12. Blizzard should really just give in and make THREE T8 sets for Priests instead of one.

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