Seri sez: When a picture is worth 1k words…

March 5, 2009

…and over half of them are profane:


(Yes, this is an actual spec from the Armory. I couldn’t make this shit up.)



  1. You totally stole that from me! I’m trying that spec out for 3D!

  2. @ Jov – /gkick

  3. That’s rich. I did do a 10-man PuG for Naxx with a holy priest who had all but 3 points in the holy tree. OK, I didn’t actually “do” the raid as we wiped on trash and I bailed, but still…

    But I’ll take your armory screenshot and raise you a WWS report with priests at level 80 regularly using Lesser Heal.

  4. I’m running this spec as we speak and having totally no problems healing with it. The spellpower lost with not putting more points in improved inner fire is retained by taking improved divine spirit.Taking divinie spirit also gives a nice buff, and what’s wrong with buffs?

  5. @ Khaeli – Screenshot or it didn’t happen.

    @ Jov, Re: Neverdown – The Snark is strong with this one.

  6. urge to kill… rising…

  7. I know, right? 0 points in shadow, what a noob spec.

  8. Ouch! My brain hurts! πŸ˜₯

  9. >_> There was a warrior in a guild I was in that suddenly switched his main to his priest because he told me that I “inspired him.” Then he specced like that… like… almost down to the one point in IDS. I soon transferred off of that server wearing a large trenchcoat and huge sunglasses while ducking my head.

    P.S. Deep Holy with IDS is still win, right?

  10. @Seri http://bit.ly/zlx7

  11. @ Dueg – Why fight it?

    @ Yuki – GET OFF MY LAWN!

    @ Ayslin – Sorry chica. πŸ™‚

    @ Myssidia – Deep Holy with IDS is like… green beans liberally doused with lighter fluid, and just as flammable as far as I’m concerned. Burn baby, burn!

    @ Khaeli – Ok, you win.

  12. Disclaimer: World of Snarkcraftβ„’ does not recommend or condone setting stupid people on fire.

  13. Shut up, yes we do.

  14. One of my guildies runs with this one… it makes me make this face: (>.o)


  15. @Seri – But, but, then where am I supposed to burn the effigies? ^_~

  16. The only question left unanswered is “Does he get the job done with this spec?”

  17. @ Nihonga – No one likes a smartass. Except when that smartass is me.

  18. That looks suspiciously like an extrapolation of the top holy priest raiding build from the EJ forums…as of this time last year. That’s okay, though; nothing much has changed in the last twelve months, right?


  19. Some people have really messed up trees, tend to find they the ones at bottom of the meters.

  20. @ Etain : That spec made me make the exact same face. It’s too early for that kind of facial exercise… I was scared it was gonna get stuck that way!

    @ Yuki : You gonna listen to Kat or you gonna listen to me? >.> (edit: I’m more fun.)

    @ Nihonga : The current content can be “got done” by healing as shadow. Not exactly relevant to anything other than the current content being easy.

    @ Seri : no ME

    @ Myri : No no no, of course not! *koff koff* It’s, like, why we have this blog! So everyone knows that nothing has changed and they’re all delicate and wonderful little snow flakes who are all doing it right!

  21. @Neverdown

    I’m gonna assume your comment was sincere, so here goes.
    Silent Resolve is pointless for PvE because your tank’s threat is higher than yours (if not, you need to get an actual tank).
    Those 3 points if put in Improved Inner Fire will give you
    45% of 120 = 54 extra spellpower.
    The disc tree above gives you only 40 extra SP (yet author spent 22 points in there).
    While doing that author decided to forgo empowered healing in the holy tree, inspiration, IHC, guardian spirit… I just realized that I would need a blog post to explain why is that bad.

    @rest of you guys
    Why all the hate? Maybe the author of that spec is 8 and just needs our helping hand.
    Or is this somebody that ticked you off? If so give us the full story (perhaps add some snark).

  22. @ Knaz — WoS only spec-snarks (or posts specs for mockery) if the possessor of said spec is either in a raid (or wanna be raid) guild. The owner of that spec may in fact be 8, but they’re also in a guild that runs Naxx.

    We post this stuff anyway because it falls in two potential categories: 1. that current content is easy, and if a puppy could get together with 9 or 24 friends, it could kill bosses in Naxx (no reading required); or 2. dear god, why are you raiding and not doing your homework?

  23. @ Knaz – I’m sorry, were you under the mistaken impression that this was ‘World of Hugcraft’? It’s not our job to embrace every random hybrid (read: bad) spec as a unique and delicate snowflake. If we did, we’d soon find ourselves (as a dear friend once put it) eating shaving cream on public transport while begging for death.

    With that said, you’re correct that I didn’t provide a complete picture of where I came across the spec, and it’s kind of you to give the person who crafted this monstrosity the benefit of the doubt. Please accept my assurances that we are not in the habit of mocking eight year olds… unless they make targets of themselves by hanging around outside a raid portal with a raiding guild tag. πŸ™‚

  24. Mocking 8 year olds is a pretty fun pass-time, though, you have to admit.

  25. Wait. Is it a shock that some people don’t know how to spec or play their toon?

    Is it really worth posting?

  26. If we posted it, assumably we thought it was worth posting. (go go logic!) Nothing to do with it being a shock or not. Though I do admit, some of the things people think to do is pretty shocking.

  27. I can see somebody building this spec up as they level to 80 (wanting Imp DS and then changing their mind to go farther into Holy ). Then they hit 80 and have it for a couple of days before realizing “Hey! I’m in a raiding guild. I should probably have a real spec.”

    But consciously speccing this way? Heh, I’d hope not.

  28. /cry.

    Oh, btw.. Hey Jov? I was thinking of raid healing as a 21/15/34 build with Maya….. I can still has MT healing jobs, yus?!

  29. I ran into a holy priest today who didn’t put any points in Spiritual Healing, Circle of Healing or Serendipity but did spec Guardian Spirit. I spluttered indignantly at the screen for a few minutes then ninja afk’d out of the group. These are the people who makes priests look bad.

    The best bit was that he was wearing two pieces of level 70 pvp gear that was bad back then (belt and bracers). Oh, and he was using Timbal’s Focusing Crystal. From Heroic MGT.

  30. @ ptitza – Their blog, their rules, their decision on content.

    That spec made my inner priest keel over and die. y u do dis. 😦

  31. It isn’t the first time I’ve seen such fubar specs. It hurtz to see it… but not as much as seeing players with such specs in better gear than me 😦
    They get invites to decent pugs because they have the stats, they don’t pull their weight at all and run off with the loot.
    They don’t even wonder or question how that lesser geared holy mofo trippled their healing done in a single fight while working on the same assignment.

    But that’s the world (of warcraft) we live in these days.

  32. Just one thought. I can look at that spec you posted, and instantly in my mind begin reloccating points to places I think might better serve that priest. However, other then stapling a ‘cookie cutter’ build all over the web for priests to follow (which many priests/wowwiki have)there isn’t ALWAYS an explanation of why certian builds are bad. While loling at this priest’s build in this post is fine. Maybe saying — this is what ur doing right, this is what could be changed — and why I think so– might be helpful.

    Especially when, priests looking for information on a good healy spec, stumble on wow-wiki and find THIS http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=bVIb0hLtbZfxxcsMqV0Vh linked as a suggested build.

  33. @ Freyal — You mean like my breakdown and discussion of how to spec a couple weeks ago? https://snarkcraft.wordpress.com/2009/02/03/jov-sez-how-to-spec-your-priest/

  34. OMG. this priest in a guild I help out runs with has this EXACT spec.

    Not to mention I out heal her as disc.

  35. Correction: I HAVE outhealed her as disc.
    Luckily a guildie of hers helped her out with rotation and what not.

  36. I remember that post. Just thought it was an oversight, you didn’t link to that post, from THIS post. πŸ™‚

    And I thought you might find it interesting to know that wowwiki links to an equally aweful build, I linked above as a suggestion for a valid way to spec your healing priest…

  37. My guild’s first Maly attempt was tonight, and we had to pug one spot. We decided to pick up a third healer who had this gem of a spec: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/priest/talents.html?tal=053020113050410030000000000013505102030005253005030000000000000000000000000000000

    Needless to say, things didn’t go so well. After we ditched him, we picked up another dps instead of a third healer and did much better.

  38. Hey… It could’ve been worse, like putting points into shadow! Improved fade anyone? πŸ˜›

  39. […] on the back burner yet again due to the veritable shit storm of commentary from Seri’s post a couple weeks ago, the simple post screenshotting a spec which we’re STILL getting responses […]

  40. I take your ss and raise you a http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/9905/priestfacepalm.jpg

  41. Um… that’s um… o.O

    I’m not sure what that is. Are you certain you weren’t just trying to wtf us with the talent calc?

  42. Yeah I’m sure, had the unpleasant opportunity of running with him. My alt, enhance shammy, ended up healing more than him, not quite sure of what he was doing… It was bad.. and painful heh. Why I included the Bloodhoof – Ruin at the top to show I wasn’t making it up…
    it’s not even a pvp talent spec.. just.. /facepalm

  43. A priest in my guild has a build similar to this, but it gets even better, she has Spirit Tap in the Shadow Line. I can see this being viable for a leveling spec, but she’s been 80 for months. She raids like that too. I have just come to the conclusion that because there are two healing trees and so many healing talents, the priest class is the easiest one for folks to screw up. Too many options for folks to muck up.

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