Jov sez: A Very Happy WoW-versary to me.

March 3, 2009

To celebrate, I’m gonna be a slacker.

March 2005, Tars and I got a trial copy of WoW from a friend of ours, and quickly determined that one trial was not nearly enough (we needed our own accounts pronto) and my first priest was born.

March 2008, I decided to go horde and rolled Jov.  She became my main, and the rest is history.

Happy WoW-versary to me. 🙂




  1. If i could go back to when i starte dot play wow i would reroll a Orc Rogue and a Tauren druid but as it is i am dwarf priest and dwarf paladin as my friends played alliance.

  2. Happy Wow-versary!

    When I have my next wow=versary, I’ll have to celebrate in style with a Fiesta Tauren like you did. That’s sure a way to celebrate!

  3. I had to go look it up as this post made me wonder what day I did start. I started with a 10 day trial on 4/23/06.

    My first character was a Night Elf Priest that I made to play with a group of real life friends. We each had a character (mostly NE’s) that we played together twice a week. I quickly found that twice a week was not nearly enough and created a hunter to play. Then decided that I needed another priest to play whenever I wanted and my very first Ayslin was born. She was a human priest and I player her to 60…then deleted her as I got bored being one of the only 60s in my guild. I quit the game and eventually came back after BC came out….now here i am 🙂

  4. A very merry WoW Birthday to you! It’s good to have hobbies (read: time devouring video games.

  5. Hmm. *logs in to account management*

    Account Created: November 24, 2004 2:21:04 PM

    Please don’t ask me to tabulate my /played. *wince*

  6. @ Anea – Tauren are very festive. It’s the Year of the Tauren, after all.

    @ Seri – Alt-itis does that to a body. I hear there is a cream for that now.

  7. Happy Wow-versary!

  8. When you left your old server, and presumably all your old friends behind. How hard was the adjustment? And have you ever deleted your old preists? Or do you just never log in on them any more?

  9. To everyone — Thank you for the congrats. 🙂

    @ Freyal — I rerolled, but remained on the same server. My alliance priest is still sitting pretty at lv 70 in Ironforge, untouched except a trip to the barbershop.

    But no, I could never delete her. But that has less to do with her being a priest than her having a large time investment. Once a character crests mount level, they don’t get deleted, just free-server-transferred. 😉

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