Seri sez: Life with Jov – It’s not all rainbows and kittens. Except when it is.

February 26, 2009

Disclaimer: The following has nothing to do with World of Warcraft, Priests, Healing, Leadership, Raiding or really anything of particular importance/value. Read at your own risk.

I’m pretty sure there was a time in my life when I wasn’t friends with Jov, but it’s kind of weird to look back on it now. It’s even weirder when you consider the fact that we’ve never actually met in real life. Sure, I’ve seen pictures of her but in my mind’s eye she is usually an anorexic blood elf… except when she’s a lolcat.

good mornin!

Jov is usually the first person I talk to in the morning (after Mr. Seri) and we’re usually in touch throughout the day. We always seem to have plenty to talk about, whether it’s guild foo, Snarkcraft foo, Priest foo, or… any number of other suitably random things. If I printed out our chat logs and laid them end to end they would probably stretch to the moon. We’re wordy bitches.


Sure, sometimes we don’t see eye to eye but that’s part of what makes us a good team. There’s something to said for having a friend that will tell you when you’re being stupid, emo and/or brilliant. In fact, I think behind every good blogger is someone willing to give them a swift kick in the ass.


Hint: I'm the one on the right.

Sometimes being the brains of this outfit gets a bit tiresome, but hey… we all have sacrifices to make.


Nonetheless, at the end of the day it’s good to have (pixelated) friends like Jov. That is, assuming she doesn’t put me on Ignore for this little caper. E-hearts, Jov, e-hearts!



  1. Forward-Slash snicker.

  2. You’ve never caught me with my head in a pillsbury tube, thankyouverymuch.

  3. made me lol. I especially liked how you guard the gates of hell.

  4. @Jov it’s ok, I get my face stuck in things all the time

  5. Is nice being able to have such “pixelated” friends nowadays, and specially amazing how important they can be in your life even when you haven’t met each other IRL.

    Also Cuddlez ftw 😀

  6. Awwww! Too sweet! And the gates of hell one cracked me up!

    As far as the online friends thing….In some ways I think you can get to know people better online than you do in real life. Online all we can really do is talk. We do not form opinions based on appearance only on the words.

    In real life I think we often focus too much on the outside. Even if we do not mean to judge off of what we see, we still do judge off of just that. Here, so long as we are being honest, there is none of that. Just words. With just words we are able to truly get to know a person, starting from the inside.

    Hope that made sense. And just a little background on me….I met my boyfriend online and we have now been together for 8 years. So maybe my perspective on this is skewed.

  7. @ Jov – Given a long enough period of time..

  8. Awe. Super cute. You guys are adorable. 😀

  9. Some of my closest friends don’t even know what I look like.

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