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February 19, 2009

Thanks to the lovely and talented Siha over at Banana Shoulders, we’ve been tagged with that screenshot meme going around.  And for equal-opportunity, we’re tagging:  Envy @ Healer Envy, Av @ Holier Than Thou, Zaltu @ One Rogue’s Journey, Derevka @ Tales of a Priest, Tars @ Tanking for Dummies, and the lovely Vonya @ The Egotistical Priest.

Jov sez:

Wow, I’m actually one of those who’s actually got multiple folders of screenshots lying around my harddrive.  My true 6 of 6 is actually in my ‘funny conversation’ snippet folder.  But as the funny involves someone here with me, I’ve been informed in no uncertain terms that I’ll be disowned if I post it. (To which I would reply “You shouldn’t threaten to do that around people who take screenshots,” but I’m afraid she’ll beat me.)

Digging 6 after that (to stick with the theme) is actually a screenshot of my FIRST priest, way back in 2006.

trioThe Benediction on the right is my first priest.  Opposite her on the left is Mr. Jov’s first warrior, and in the center is our beloved leveling buddy.  (Come to Scarlet Crusade if you’re gonna play horde!)

But digging into my actual base screenshot folder, I come up with this:

6of6_072207My hunter, standing next to the above-mentioned leveling buddy’s mage, waiting around Sentinel Hill ready to give a Deadmines runthrough (with help of Mr. Jov’s mage, again) to our guildmaster’s gnome rogue and Seri’s draenei priest.  This was in July of 2007.

Seri sez:

There’s a reason why I don’t usually participate in these sorts of things. Heh. My 6th folder doesn’t have 6 screenshots in it! After much deliberation about how to best proceed (and considerable whining in Jov’s general direction) I decided to go with the 6th picture in the 5th folder instead. Live from Outland, I give you the Babes of Brill!

Babes of Brill

You may have heard me make mention of leveling to 70 on a PVP server… I rolled with this posse of RL friends when I did it. We called ourselves the Babes of Brill for reasons that should be mostly obvious. Sadly, the picture of us all in santa hats and wedding dresses was not #6. For what it’s worth, I’m the chunky green one in the back… Affirmative Action at its best.



  1. Nice screenshots.

    I was level 58 when TBC was released so never got to raid at 60 but one of my goals is still to get benediction.

  2. Ah the spikey shoulders from ZG. How I do not miss that instance.

    I just deleted a whole bunch of screenshots. Not sure what I am going to find.

  3. o_o are you guys Scarlet Crusaders as well?

  4. I actually did try to make my DK on ScarCru horde, but she didn’t make it to 80, primarily due to general disgust with the server. Between the lack of groups for anything, the general douchewaffleness of pretty much every person with whom I interacted, and the fact that the server economy was so terrible that I couldn’t even get glyphs that were learned from the bloody trainer and which are used by pretty well every spec of the class . . . yeah, she stalled pretty much as soon as she hit northrend.

    I just don’t like the server very much.

  5. I actually did roll a horde on Scarlet Crusade about a week ago, but I’ve only played her twice. I think she is all of level 10. Another priest because I seem to have an unhealthy obsession with the class. In fact I have lost count of how many I have played. I can say I have gotten one to 80, one to 69, one to 60, and one to mid 40s. So 4 priests to 40 or above.

  6. @Darraxus – Yep. Since March of 2005.

    @Yuki – Having rolled around on a few other servers a bit, I can say that SC doesn’t exactly have anything close to a monopoly on douchwaffles or inflation. If you ask me, it’s a prevalent problem on most servers with sufficient age and population.

  7. @ Esdras — It’s still the highlight of my WoW experience. It is an awesome quest that really makes you feel awesome to have completed it.

    @ Ayslin — If you’re on and need anything, give Joveta a poke 🙂 Or an in-game mail.

    @ Yuki and Tars — heehee. douchewaffles.

  8. On my march to level 10 I have only really interacted with 2 people. One invited me to group rather than kill a named mob without me…which is nice. The other was a mid level mage that buffed me then offered to give me free enchants…again nice. Not saying this is representative of the entire server, but seems to me there are good and bad people everywhere.

    @ Jov – will do 🙂

  9. @Tar – The problem is by no means unique to the server, nor is it something that only affects old ones; I’ve seen jerks on servers as soon as they opened. My issue with ScarCru is that it’s *endemic* there. Any random person I meet is substantially more likely to jack my node/mob/self if I happen to be flagged than to toss a random buff or just pass by. It’s something I didn’t really notice until I stopped playing there; before I’d heard Zum complain about it a bit and didn’t think it was much different than elsewhere, but coming back it was painfully obvious that the jerk-to-decent-human-being ratio over there is just perceptibly higher than on FM.

    And my issue with the economy is not inflation; my problem buying glyphs was not that they were expensive (although the one I found did cost me about twice as much as it did for Metharme), it’s that they simply didn’t exist. It’s not that the AH there was overpriced (it was), but that it was simply too anemic to supply me with anything useful. Maybe I’m just spoiled, but generally I’ve grown accustomed to being able to expect to, y’know, find things that are generally in demand on the AH *shrugs*

  10. @Yuki- The former could represent recognition for your character/guild on FM. Personally, if I had to pin a reason that it might be actually that way is that SC was the default server for a very long time if you selected “roleplaying” and “EST” from the server options. For all I know it still is.

    Economically, SC right now is probably actually rather like Zimbabwe, an economy so overinflated that the “informal” economy is actually larger than the “formal” economy. I rarely use the auction house myself because I can get what I need from someone I know. Eventually that preference trickles up and more and more “merchants” who produce things like glyphs stop using the AH. I think this reflects that there are many people who go into crafting professions for mathcraft reasons (crafter only abilities or items) and very few who actually go in to produce things for mass consumption.

  11. Actually ScarCru is underpopulated relative to FM; Queues are usually 2-3 times longer over there and more frequently encountered. And I’m actually technically unguilded there; haven’t really had the desire to join one, and while I can somewhat rely on the raid group I’m a “permasub” for, in general when I want to instance I make a pug. So probably not “name recognition”, other than from people I’ve personally interacted with, which is a tiny portion of the overall server population 🙂

    I should also note that the reason a realm shows up as default for you any time after you first make a character (logging on right after maintenance, etc when the normal “go to last realm logged into” behavior is not properly functional) anywhere is that it’s the one that you have the most characters on; personal experience is thus not a good predictor of actual state in this case. I’m pretty sure ScarCru was only the default for the time between when it and Shadow Council came out and the next RP server came out, and at any event that would only explain the relative “noobishness” of the general populace rather than their sociopathic tendencies ^_~

  12. @ Ayslin – Feel free to look me up too. My rogue’s name is Qiani. 🙂

  13. Well when I get back to playing her I will. I really just want to try out the horde quest lines and such as I’ve only ever played horde to mid 40s.

    Right now I’m trying to catch my Shammy up to my boyfriend’s DK so we can level together, but after that I’m sure I’ll get back to her. By the way my priest on SC is Kyrsa.

  14. Aw, the Babes of Brill! *sniff* Fadge and Timmah[‘s alt] still play with us from time to time. In fact, I think Fadge has gotten more Naxx action lately than I have. Heh, I didn’t know Fadge was a girl, though.

  15. Since im on Blogger… and Blogger doesnt have a trackback, I didnt even NOTICE that I was tagged in this. (Ive been falling behind on my blog reading).

    😦 Sorry ladies!

  16. […] guild(s). It started while I was going through my screenshots folder(s) the other week when we were doing the meme, but it was made all the more keen by a conversation I had last night with Ian about all the […]

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