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February 12, 2009

Usually a patch week brings numerous topics to the table for discussion, but since there was only one Priest-related change in 3.0.9 that makes for a kind of slim topic. (Inner Fire duration increased to 30 minutes & cannot be dispelled, in case you missed it.) So instead of talking about this week’s patch, I thought I’d take a little trip down memory lane and see what was happening about this time of year in (WoW) history.

February 2008
Blizzard wins lawsuit against Peons4hire. I remember being sooo happy about this, because those Peons4hire spammers were incredibly persistent and annoying. I’m not going to take a stand here for or against buying/selling gold but I am firmly against in-game advertisements, whether they come in whisper or mail form. I remember the days when I had to install an addon to easily report spammers… sadly, by the time Blizzard implemented built-in easy spam reporting for mail and whispers the problem was not nearly as virulent (thanks to various real-life litigations like this one and mass account banning).

Sunwell (Patch 2.4) released on PTR. It’s hard to believe that it’s been less than a year since Sunwell was introduced, but since we’re just now hitting the 1 year anniversary of the patch hitting the PTR… wow, it really has been less than a year. It seems like I spent a year in there on Kalecgos alone. I hated that damn dragon with every fiber of my being. In fact, I really wasn’t that fond of Sunwell in general, but I think a lot of it had to do with the sheer amount of trash between the front door and the first boss (and the fact that our GM felt it was important to farm said trash regularly before we even started working on Kalecgos). It seems like it was also around this time that there was a buzz in the Priest community about the possible introduction of Holy Form, because of one of the abilities of a mob or boss somewhere in Sunwell. Sadly, that never came to pass.

WotLK Bestiary unveils the Shoveltusk!!!1! Yeah, I know, I wasn’t very excited either. However, looking back at the bestiary page now I see that they never did follow through with unveiling Darkfallen, Ice Trolls or Proto-Dragons. Wait. What the hell is a “Darkfallen”? (Wowwiki to the rescue.) Oh, okay.

February 2007
blue ribbon
World first guilds began making their first forays into Serpentshrine Cavern in February 2007, merely a few weeks after TBC’s launch mid-January. As anyone who has completed the attunement chain for SSC can attest, just getting 25 people all the way through it in that time is in and of itself an accomplishment, not to mention getting from 70-80 before even being able to start. I still remember the dreaded attunement chart that someone put together for TBC, and how my eyes crossed trying to figure everything out. Heck, I got so frustrated by trying to figure out which TBC instances required keys and how to get them that I all but gave up on instances for a few weeks after hitting 70 on my Druid and leveled an alt. (Which, ironically enough, was Seri! Heehee.) For what it’s worth, the world-first Vashj kill was at the end of March.

Blizzard gives a sneak-peek into Black Temple. I guess February has just been THE month for introducing or previewing new raid content. Blood elves, demons and orcs–oh my! I wasn’t following raid development all that closely back then, but the BT patch did bring something else that I was very interested in at the time… Epic Flight Form for Druids. Oh yeah, and Nether Drakes. Also… Ogri’la and Skettis content. This was a big patch!

February 2006
February 2006 has the distinction of being the month Blizzard figured out how to disable new character creation on realms with queues. I don’t know how exciting that is, but I remember when it happened. I remember queues in general. I was happy to forget about them until they started popping up again on my server recently. Death to queues. (Yeah, I know… queues are slightly preferable to server crashes due to load issues.)

However, something very interesting (and topical) DID happen in February 2006: Priest talent changes were announced! Discipline got an overhaul back then, and Power Infusion was inroduced as the new 31-point talent. I wish I had a snapshot of the talent tree back then so I could look at it alongside the current one, just for nostalgia’s sake. Of course, I didn’t play a Priest back then but… I can still be nostalgic, damnit! It’s hard to imagine the talent trees being so short.

Blizzard previews Blackwing Lair with a gameplay trailer. Although BWL wasn’t released until Patch 1.6, they did give us a sneak peek in February 2006. Again, with the new content previews in February! If this doesn’t take you back, I don’t know what will.

Had enough yet? But wait… there’s more…balloons

February 2005

Here’s one for our International readers: World of Warcraft launches in Europe! Huzzah!

Blizzard releases information about the upcoming Honor System and Battlegrounds. It’s hard to remember battlegrounds and the honor system not being part of the game, but back in Feb ’05 it was still under development and a pretty hot topic. I remember being generally mystified by it, because I’d never really done PVP before outside of first person shooter type games. However, I do remember the insane pitched battles in Hillsbrad Foothills after the honor system was released and the server-crashing lag that resulted. Ah, those were the days. I really wish they had kept Dishonorable Kills to discourage high level characters from ganking lowbies.

…you know, I really have been playing this game too long.

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip back in time with me. In closing, I’d just like to remind you as we roll into this Valentine’s Day weekend: Buffs can be dispelled, but sockets are forever.



  1. Nice walk down memory lane… and on a day where Im traveling for work and will literally drive right by Blizzard’s office. Perhaps I’ll share it with them, and while I am there kick them in the #*lls for all the lag off the Dallas data center.

  2. If you are interested in seeing the progression of every talent tree, http://www.wowprovider.com/?talent=1124125_5 has everything since Beta.

  3. @ Derevka – Give ’em hell!

    @ Scaith – That… is awesome beyond words. Thank you!

  4. That was really cool. I have only been playing since May 2006 so I was not here for all of that, but it was a very cool read. Now I’m gonna run off and check out the link that Scaith posted! 🙂

  5. scaith beat me to it! 🙂

  6. Aw, that original talent tree is so cute. It’s like a new born pony trying to stand up!

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