Jov sez: Plague

February 10, 2009

Jov is has spent most of the past week down for the count with a plague that one of her local alliance-playing friends likens to “You look like one of what’s-his-name-at-the-Wrathgate’s experiments.” (Reply: Gee, thanks.) She also doesn’t have a Tarsus guest-post to provide in it’s wake as he’s been working on his own blog.

So, instead, a link to Tars’ blog.

Expect more Jov-content next Tuesday.


  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been so under the weather, Jov! Hope you get back to your usual not-what’s-his-name-at-the-Wrathgate’s experiment-y self.

  2. The thing is, I’m not sure if the character in question is Putress or Arthas.

    Also, if you like what you see, I’ve a content update scheduled for tomorrow. Something a little more warrior-tank specific.

  3. Awh, get better Jov! I hope Tarsus has been spoiling you and giving you chicken soup and all the other feel good stuff. And since you’re pimping out his blog, I suppose I’ll go over there and post comments at him too.

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