Jov sez: The World is Ending!

January 27, 2009

Oh god!  Oh woe!  The Nerf has killed priests forever!


In other news, bananas will be extinct within 10 years, and 28/43 is the future.

28-43Where can you go wrong?

(Also, I’ve some nice beachfront property in Kansas to sell you.)

In more serious news, the cooldown sucks.  I’ve gotten into some baaaad bad habits over the past couple months, and it’s biting me in the ass now.  I remember reading somewhere something I really agreed with:  It’s not the bosses that get you (even Maly, OS+ and Sapphiron are easily doable without touching CoH at all) it’s the trash.

Or is Spider and DK wing trash supposed to kill half the DPS every pull?  hrm…

My biggest complaint about this week isn’t even so much the cooldown as it is the cooldown + breaking bad habits/relearning to raid heal + trial by fire of being the only heal lead available this past week.

I’m also nervous about the rotation that Blizzard is talking about.  The specific example they mentioned as being the “kind of thing” they’re looking at, was a “each time you cast Flash Heal, you get reduced cast time of Greater” to encourage spell variety and weaving.  But, they’ve done that.  It was called Incarnate Raiment.  The set bonuses were crap.

The cooldown makes me look really hard at Divine Providence, and remember old Prayer of Mending.  (Remember when they first implemented it and it didn’t have a cooldown?  But it was being abused, so they added one.)  Divine Providence is our “improve all multi-target heals” talent.  One of the spells included is a reduced cooldown on Prayer of Mending.  After a couple years, Blizzard gave priests the opportunity to tweak their cooldowns (a bit) and I really wonder if CoH will be added to that.

I don’t really have much in the way of statements this post, more suppositions and wonderings.

eta: Folks, I’m apparently failing at sarcasm in this post, beyond me tagging it “snark” and offering to sell beachfront Kansas property.  😛


  1. I’m trying to think of something insightful to add to this particular article, but unfortunately, I’m more interested in following the CoH changes + intelligent comments and discussions regarding the change as well as an ‘new’ way to raidheal.

  2. You could always try Penance and see if that fits your bill, Jov.

    I’m very much looking forward to the 3.1 priest changes. Until then, though, holy will be … well, fair enough, but nothing fancy.

  3. @ Ayeba — I couldn’t raid with it, though. We’ve a bunch of pallies and one of our druids wants to tank heal as well, so in our guild, priests are very much still raid healers. And 6 seconds does not make CoH a crap spell by any means. Now it’s just a spell in the arsenal, as opposed to the best tool for every job, which I think was what was intended. 🙂

    @ Char — So participate in some 😉

  4. I used to be 100% holy priest back in BC, and stayed so even at 80 for a while, but when i heard about the CD they were implementing on CoH i decided it was time to try out disc, for the same “breaking habits” situation you’re mentioning, and it worked wonders because you actually start making the best use of all our arsenal of healing spells.
    Of course minor detail is that i love disc ever since and never went back to holy, but i’m pretty sure the CoH CD is just to remind us that we have more than just that, so just give it some time to adjust, after all that’s what us healers are best at 😉

  5. Special off topic side note. Congrats to Jov and Seri on the Sarth + 3 Drakes kill last night!

  6. 3/3 Silent Reslove
    2/5 Enlightenment

    Silent Resolve? I know this is a raid healing spec, you really shouldn’t be having aggro or mobs dispelling your buffs/dots.

    Englightenment 2/5 is 2% stam and 2% haste right? is it +2% haste or * 1.02 haste rating (stupid work firewalls). This isn’t gonna scale as usefully as another 2% int imho.

    I’d rather take 2/2 Surge of Light (flash heal is always 2nd or 3rd for my heals in raids) and either finish Mental Strength or Improved Holy Concentration.

    And if you’re in the niche of healers that likes Healing Focus, then put that last talent point in Desperate Prayer… you neva know…

  7. @ pzar — This is a snark post, and the spec is one I pulled from my “It came from the meeting stone” pile. If you take that spec seriously, you need serious mental help. ><

  8. @ Jov – Yikes! I got made fun of. You guys make random jokes all the time! Selling beachfront property… I just emailed you asking for details, and for gold to respec 😦

  9. Psst! Take your points out of Silent Resolve and put them into Reflective Shield. Then you can do your hair in between pulls.


  10. WTB Shadowguard and Chastise back…and what they did with Symbol of Hope is worthy of a kick in the pants.

    That said…even if the banana thing were true, I would not miss the Cavendish banana, as its popularity has more to do with shelf life than quality.  The Manzana and the red cultivars are far superior.

  11. Feh… Good riddance, bananas. What did your large amounts of potassium ever do for me?

  12. BTW kudos on the three drake Sarth kill. =X I’m jealous. I haven’t even seen Sarth yet. Real life keeps getting in my way.

  13. I know how you feel. I keep getting “this spell is not ready yet” all over my screen, it’s really starting to bugger me. On the other hand I waste a lot less mana now that I’ve not much to spend it on, and a lot of my flash heals are free.

    I feel like a frakkin’ paladin.

  14. @ BobTurkey — You mean I’m not supposed to do my nails during trash? SAY IT AIN’T SO!

    @ all the banana haters — y’all can diaf.

    @ Myssidia — It was a loooong trip. Thank you 🙂

    @ Darra — *wince*

  15. I think I’ll run around on Dandash with that spec just to see if anyone notices. She needs a new spec anyway. Mwa ha ahaaa


    The CoH CD change did effect some of our priests, but I think for some it was a crutch for bad healing. But I agree, it makes health bar limbo a little more precarious in the DK wing because CoH can’t be spammed. Something I definitely pay attention to after one ill-timed SW:D too many.

    And bananas – only if with chocolate plz kkthx.

  16. I actually once ran with a priest that had a spec like that. She also made fun of the fact that mine 14/57/0 spec had 3/3 improved inner fire. “Lolz you must be a n00b!”

  17. You know, as bad as this might make me seem… After this whole cooldown fiasco, I’m considered speccing IN to CoH right now. I had only had it as I was testing a deep holy build, and it seemed like “the right thing to do” but since I wasn’t used to it, I never used it. However – since it clearly is handy, perhaps if I spec in and work it into my rotation with the use as I would normally use any other spell, it could do me some good.

    Not that I’ve looked any farther into it talent-wise than thinking, “Hey, this might work. It might not though!”

    Or maybe I just like to go against the grain.

  18. @Jov – “y’all” ❤

  19. @ Blee — Ill-timed SW:D are an intrinsic part of priesting. *nodnod* (*doesn’t mention the time she was shadow for raid comp back in Kara, was “tanking” the blue beam, and didn’t make the “extra damage” connection, and gibbed herself*)

    @ Knaz — lawlz. Just link the spell. Anyone pisses you off, or aggravates you, or annoys you for any reason, link the spell. (This may or may not have been the discussion immediately after getting 3drakes when someone beat my GL to the jug of wine spawn for the cooking daily. Just link the achievement.)

    @ Anea — That’s actually a really interesting way of looking at it. Though your theoretical Holy spec sounds a lot like my theoretical Disc spec. In the “eventually” pile.

    @ Myssidia — I may not be from Virginia originally, but I’m here now and embrace the southern heritage. At least as far as cooking and colloquialisms go.

  20. The talent tree pictured makes my eyes bleed.

    What is the point of taking a bit of everything? You never gain a talents full potential.

    I can understand spliting up points between two talents. But you have five talents not maxed.

    Silent Resolve fair enough (it’s still useful) but Healing Focus, why? At least you didn’t take Desperate Prayer…

  21. Don’t worry! I’m on the border of Texas/Louisiana. =] It was a true ❤ and not a sarcastic ❤

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