Jov sez: Resolutions for 09

January 13, 2009

Normally, I don’t make resolutions.  There’s nothing like saying “this needs to be done” to make my inner 4-year old dig in it’s figurative heels and scream “NO NO NO NO YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!”  (Especially since usually resolutions are things which are hard or unpleasant.)  I think instead, I’m going to make a list of the things I need to do anyway so I can take double-credit for doing them.


1.  Since Seri’s defection to the stabbity side of the force, I’ve been promoted to priest lead (which I feel capable of) and co-heal lead (which I totally don’t.)  I rely entirely too much on Crutch’s encyclopaedic knowledge of all healing classes (lol cure disease) and boss mechanics.  I can spot when things are going wrong, but he can spot WHAT is going wrong and make the proper moves to fix it.  I need to make more of an effort to really learn the other classes, so when Crutch isn’t there my directions to the paladins aren’t just “You and you…  do that bacon thing” without really knowing what that means.


1.  The normal Jov-style of blog posting is procrastination until mid-Monday, then a frantic panic when I realize I don’t have a topic, followed by a rush to get SOMETHING posted (including shamelessly emailing Tars screaming “HALP!”)  Seri’s teased me several times for never having a plan, and even back when I was doing SYTYCB, Matt witnessed my last-minute turn-ins and procrastination.  I need to do better at that… starting tomorrow.  (Because even though I’ve known what I was going to do for this post since Thursday, I’m writing it at 10am Monday.)

2.  I’m such a bad commenter.  I have all these great blogs I follow, but lurk on.  And as much as I know I love comments, I know y’all must love them as well.  So…  I’ll do better at that one.

3.  More snark.  Knowledge posts are good, but they take for-friggin’-ever.  Also, snark is more fun.  In fact, I’m gonna share some with you right now!

wtfspecNo, that’s not me playing with the talent calculator trying to see how wtf I can get, that’s the genuine article.  Screenshot off Armory of the spec of someone I ran into outside Naxx last week.  I love TipTac, not only does it show me the spec, but it also shows me the guild rank of my target.  This gem is an applicant to a raid guild.  Now personally, I LOVE specs like this; nothing quite like them to set off the warning flags in advance.  Obviously this other guild is not so lucky.


There’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t involve WoW out there, but it sometimes falls by the wayside.  Right now, I’ve got seeds that need to be planted, yarn that needs to be used, books that need to be read, and a cat collar to find.  Any of the above may take precedence over getting a level on an alt, or finishing a daily.  I need to work on maintaining a better balance.



  1. Good for you! I need to do my resolutions for 09 too. Mainly try to ratchet up the blog a little… it seems like its MISSING something. (oh right, regular commenters and more readers). Real Life… I gotta get that promotion ive been vying for.

    As a semi-related aside… wtf @ the spec.

    /hug Jov

  2. Jov said: “need to make more of an effort to really learn the other classes, so when Crutch isn’t there my directions to the paladins aren’t just “You and you… do that bacon thing” without really knowing what that means.”

    Tars says: By which Jov means this week. /cough /cough

  3. … “that bacon thing” ?

  4. @Seri – Beacon of Light, aka the “Bacon”.

    Saving Melee DPS since 3.x

  5. That spec makes me want to punch a nun… or a baby… or a baby nun, those tiny habits make me so mad!

  6. For my RL resolutions I decided to start with something simple: quit smoking. I don’t smoke, so I assume this will be an easy task to accomplish. I figure it would be best to start the New Year off with something under my belt. ^_^

  7. Oh god…that spec….oh god…oh god….my eyes…why?! OH GOD WHY?!

  8. @ Derevka — more commenters and readers. I’ll do my best XD And yeah, the spec’s pretty wtf-worthy. I saw it and whispered Seri “zomg wtf spec” “huh?” “wtfspec! 30-41 and NONE of the must-haves!” “oookay”

    @ Tars — And yes, I mean THIS WEEK. 😛 Thank you.

    @ Dueg — “Don’t spec dumb” (a public service announcement brought to you by baby nuns, inc.)

    @ Myssidia — HA! I need to remember that for next year!

  9. @ Vigil — Sorry, man… I got nothin’

  10. Droods = boomchickin? >.>

    But, as for real life resolutions… I vote Yarn first. Yarn into projects that you share with the class. 😀

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